So this weekend I’m gearing up for a ripping time at the E-town road course. Running events here at E-town for the past 6 years we have dreamed of using this road course more often. This is the first local event for the local drivers here at this AMAZING facility. We have run it tons of times before but this is the first real deal event for the normal Joe. So anyway we are gonna get this event underway sometime around ten-ish Saturday Morning.. It would mean a lot to me if you came out and supported grassroots drifting here at “The Gauntlet” (thats what Formula D called it..Yeah i don’t get it either). I have a sweet flyer we made in like 5 minutes. Post it around and tell people to come like your mom and dad.. If they are divorced this might be a good time to try and get them back together (i know you are still hoping it will happen).

Like i said spread the word. This event will feature the best drivers from Clubloose and we will have fun stuff to do besides drifting.. (its a secret come and find out.)

Hope to see you there…


Matt Petty

july_12_flyer.jpg = more information = Address and stuff so you can mapquest or whatever!