June 9th, 2010


East Coast Bash from Jersey Streets on Vimeo.

The BALLS on these guys!

June 7th, 2010

Air Racinng is seriously the most insane motorsport on the planet. These guys are legit. DEAL WITH IT!

East Coast Bash Happened !

June 1st, 2010

I am still alive.,,,Barely.

More to come!

Check out this puppy!

April 22nd, 2010

So i been working at the shelter the last couple weekends. Two weekends ago i got to handle this little puppy named Spidey. This little pitbull mix was amazing. Susan and I have been saying that we always get the hard dogs that misbehave and make us look like its our first day walking dogs. But this little guy was so well behaved.

He had this bully stick in his mouth for four hours. When i walked him around the Petco Parking lot that was hosting the adoption day not once did he drop his chew toy.

If  you are looking to adopt a dog let me know. I know a guy thats available!!!!

If not look at the PETFINDER for my local shelter!

East Coast Sunsets!

April 22nd, 2010

Even our sunsets are tough as nails.

Dstroyr Comes in small packages!

April 16th, 2010

So here is a little anecdote. When i was in Irwindale i saw Wrecked Staffer Jason Small rocking one of the COOLEST shirts i have ever seen. I was so into this shirt that i spent most of the day talking about how rad it was. During one of my ramblings my buddy Josh Herron was like “talk to J-Rod, He is way down with those dudes”.

I begged Jarod to get me into one of these sweet babies. Next thing i know, I opened the mail box today and lurking inside was this amazing care package from Jon Chase over at DSTROYR . I opened it up like a rabid animal and inside was the shirt of my dreams. Like a sword of destiny it was mine. Thank god its friday and i can wear it out to the bar.


Now Look at this shirt… Look how bad ass it is! Just to clarify its a skeleton riding a flatrack…… I told you it was amazing.

So i just wanted to thank DSTROYR and the others who led me on this path to glory.

Everyone buy their stuff ,but call me before wearing this shirt so we aren’t wearing the same shit. That is real embarrassing! I will probably be wearing it till it falls off of me.

Notes From the Underground

April 5th, 2010

Check this un released UNDERGROUND SUPER RARE NEVER BEFORE SEEN NOS Energy Drink Footage… If you remember i told you to watch the CF NOS commercial that was supposed to air with Nascar…. But that never happened… or maybe it did… i cant watch Nascar for more than 3 minutes without it resulting in severe nappiness setting in, then i start drooling…no one wins.

So here check these moves out!

Also, if you see Forsberg at the streets of LB.. Tell him i love him.


I interupt this regularly scheduled XDC coverage!

March 27th, 2010

To tell you that my DA brother as well as one of my fellow XDC Judges, Chris Forsberg will have his recently shot NOS Energy Drink commercial Airing tommorow during the Sunday Nascar race in Martinsville. So support my buddy and watch this shit.. Here is the teaser!

XDC Round 1

March 27th, 2010

Nothing like some California sun to get me in the mood to start off the drifting season. If you didnt know, I was lucky enough to be asked to judge the new Pro-Am Traveling series XDC. The first stop on this traveling series was Irwindale Speedway aka “the home of drifting” or something along those lines. Irwindale speedway has some of the nicest facilities in our United States (sorry canada,at least you got the moose).

Anyway after a full day of work, Tim and I made our way to the city of brotherly love to catch an evening flight to the west coast. Somehow, we made it to the airport early and had some time to kill at … you guessed it, to the bar!

Happy Hour!

Stacey and Andre 5000
These are some friends we met from Houston Texas Man! They were on the  East Coast fixing all the downed high voltage lines our area had from a rough patch of weather a week before. They were showing us some pics of them on top of towers and some other crazy shit. Im afraid of heights so these dudes were pretty tough.. Stacey also had been tazed by the Houston PD… These are some rad dudes who bought us a round and gave me some sweet BBQ tips!

So blah blah we got on a plane and made it to california.

Apparently you cant use lighters or matches on the plane.. Gone are the good old days of smoking on the plane.

Tim hates waiting.

The LookOut Drift guys Brian, Mike and Mike met us at the airport and we went to fellow wrecked blogger T.Angelo’s house in the HOOD for a few drinks.

There we met Randall his adopted Doberman. This dog rules.


Next day was practice at Irwindale. But first there’s that news van again.

Forrest Wang and Chelsea Denofa throw down for the morning news.

LookOut Drifts Mike Schnieder and I set up the clips.. Thats the judges job! Huckin cones in the infield.

Mike is a crazy Toyota fan.. Loves those corollas..what a dummy!

Snow capped Mountains

Forsberg explains what he wants to see

Drivers MEETING!

Standing front and center is Briggs, This Canadian killed it all weekend and won XDC Rd 1 ..Congrats buddy!
NY Native Baby Kors takin care of  his BIZ! (love this guy)

Jarod Deanda was brought in to announce the on track mayhem and to hang out with me. Seen here either blogging,twittering or sleeping… You be the judge!

The eye in the sky! The drivers line up for afternoon practice.

Formula D’s Own Andy Luk.. fellow star wars fan!

So thats it with the on track stuff stay tuned for XDC RD 1 Weekend Pt 2

Yo, I saw my favorite band, and they killed it!

March 11th, 2010

Im jealous of the sea-tac drift guys. They frolic around the majestic pines and climb the hills of downtown Seattle probably without knowing that my favorite band ever lives in their home town.

Well a little while ago Seattle Natives The Murder City Devils came to my closest City Philadelphia.There was no way we were going to miss this. You see, MCD has been “broken up” since as long as i can remember.. They sometimes play a festival or show here or there, but havent put out and album since i dont know like 2000. I have seen them like 38237894 times and they NEVER disappoint.

We had 16 Tickets bought the minute they went on sale and assembled a Rowdy gang to hit the town on a friday night. We took the car and we drove to the city, arriving at the Theater of Living Arts (not before a few happy hour drinks down the road) and prepared to have our whole bodies rocked!

It was a great time with friends i havent seen in some time (us oldsters threw down though) and MCD played one hell of a set.

Here is a wicked video i found, you can pretend you didnt miss this. We were standing just to the right, Look for us!

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