2005 called. They want their car back…

March 5th, 2010

Blast from the past! I’ve been working with Drift Emporium over the past few months, well they’ve been doing more work than I have, on getting this car back on the track. I was so stoked when I found out this car was now in Georgia, and even more excited to drive it. Most of you should recognize it, and for those that don’t, this is the DRFT CWest Silvia!
This car was originially built in Japan by one of my favorite teams, Night-Zone, and driven by Uchi Utsumi. It was later shipped to the US and driven by Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo.

First phase of the car:

Next phase, from Drift Tengoku:

Then the car was shipped to the States, Tony Angelo and Chris Forsberg drove it. Chris jumped into it at FD Sonoma 2004 and qualified 2nd.

Then it was switched to Sil-front, and painted:

The car arrived in Georgia, as a roller. DE put the SR from the S15 in it. It has some Tomei goodies along with an ARMS turbo, mated to a Nismo 6 Speed gearbox and an ATS Deftforce Diff.

How it sits now:

Pics from an event here in Atlanta last Saturday:

In-car video:

Found this on the Youtubes:

The car did very well for it’s first event in a long time. We had a few issues that you’d expect to have pulling a car right out of a shop, but we ran the whole day, and drove the car back on the rig. The front tires rubbed a little a full-lock, and the car could be a little lower all around. I’d like to thank everyone at Drift Emporium for letting me drive another piece of drifting history!

Got to drive another awesome car… Kenji Yamanaka’s S15! And got another board!

September 16th, 2009

This past weekend, SouthEastDrift had a two day event at Turner Field here in Atlanta. The first day consisted of practice, and a Team Drift competition in the afternoon. Each team consisted of three cars. FD Drivers Ron Ewerth and Jodin LeJeune of Drift Emporium were out there along with Nick Thomas, a Tennessee driver. Halfway through practice, Nick blows his transmission and tears up his clutch and flywheel. He was done for the day. About thirty minutes later, John Vick from DE asks if I brought my helemt, and to take a few laps in Kenji’s car (his car was on the rig and not being used.) I sprinted to the car, grabbed my helmet, and ran back to the rig. I had enough time to take three runs before the competition started. HOLY CRAP that car is intense!! BFG 285′s out back, and the car had no problem spinning them. The torque and throttle response were spectacular. It was a very well balanced car. The guys at DE were happy, so on to the competition it was. I led, because I was terribly scared of running into someone, and long story short, we won! A VERY special thanks to Drift Emporium for letting me drive this car!

The car:

Titan V8 Power!!

The Team:

Practice Lap In action:


Team Tandem Kings of Atlanta!


Because I am getting yelled at too.

June 16th, 2009

[12:25] HaterDan: I just yelled at petty now I’m yelling at you
[12:25] Me: ?
[12:25] HaterDan: Update your fucking blog
[12:25] Me: on wrecked?
[12:25] HaterDan: http://wreckedmagazine.com/mattpetty/
[12:25] HaterDan: Si

I know I’ve been lacking in the blog department over here, but all of my travels, etc have been over on http://www.teamrowdy.net/blog

I’ll be sure to start blogging over here as well.

So, with that being said…………… GO TO THIS EVENT!!!!!!

Check out www.clubloose.com for more info!

Get hyped for Anaheim!

March 30th, 2009

New York New York

February 4th, 2009

I’m in New York all week. That’s all I have to say about that.

Here’s some pics. Link to all of them on my Facebook is at the bottom. Add me on Facebook. Buy Stickers!! Believe……..



As seen at my local sushi bar

January 26th, 2009

January 20th, 2009

Admit It, You’re Lazy: A Cup Noodle Machine

Weekend Update

January 20th, 2009

Well it was another packed house at Marty’s McMansion all weekend. Good food, good beer, lots of laughs, and some work even got done.

Onto the pics!

We now have stickers for sale! More info at the bottom of this post!


Test run of black

Then it was off to our favorite Korean BBQ place Hae Woon Dae for some food and lots of beer

Kalbi bitch!

Sunday was shop day. We headed over to R-Speed and then to Tiger Racing. I mounted and balanced some fresh Maxxis MAV1′s on Struka’s Volks, balanced Ray’s RDX wheels, and changed the oil in my xB. Ray changed the oil in his Element and checked out a new car for a friend of ours, and Patrick cut more stickers and just sat around looking pretty.


SexyPants Dave of VirjinJorj stopped by to help

Struka keepin ‘em clean!

Over at Tiger

A couple of SR20′s pull a premium right before race wars

Missle cars

Sammy and Patty

So, now for the stickers!

We are currently selling Team Rowdy stickers in “rowdy blue.” They are approximately 10″ long and are made with durable, 5-year Avery vinyl, and clear transfer tape for easy application. All that for $5 Shipped to your door! Get them now and show off for the 2009 season!

Click Below and we’ll get one out to ya right now!

Saw NOTORIOUS tonight.

January 17th, 2009

Good movie, it made me remember how much I hate the West Coast. Half the people in theater were probably like 8 years old when he got shot though. But anyway if you’re a Bad Boy fan you should check it out.

Drifting, SEMA, America, Money, Bathrooms: My random American Dad run-on sentence blog

September 28th, 2008

So SEMA’s coming up, my badge was delivered yesterday, so now it’s to time figure out “what I am doing next season?” which brings me to my next topic, American Drifting.  What’s going on with American Drifting for 2009?  I’ve heard a few murmurs out there, but it looks like the only Professional American Drifting out there is FormulaD.  Now I have no problem with FormulaD or American Drifting, unlike some people these days, but I would like some place to compete in 2009. I just don’t “fit” into FormulaD, I don’t have the backing yet.  I have been reading up on the Canadian Drift Series, Drift Mania, and I think I will fit in there.  Ryan T-U-E-R-C-K (Thanks Tony) did VERY well up there a few seasons ago, and a few of my friends went up there this seasons for a few events and had a blast.  So, it  looks like I’ll be pushing DMCC while I’m at SEMA which brings me to my next point, Money.  I have none.  I like money.  So does drifting.  So does my car that’s not done yet.  So does Las Vegas.  Without money, I can’t go to SEMA to try to GET money to compete in DMCC.  My house likes money too.  They TV broke two weeks ago, and if you have to get a new TV you might as well upgrade soooooo, 52″ LCD it was.  There’s some SEMA money right there.  Speaking of my house, we’re remodeling the bathroom.  It’s going to be awesome, but awesome costs money.  And guess what?  The first payment to the contractor is due the day before SEMA starts.  doesn’t look too good.  Alright, alright enough of the sob story, I’ll figure something out.  You know how it is, everything is last minute.

Back to drifting.  GTLive & FormulaD Pro-Am is next weekend.  I’m running up there to check it out, I’ll post pics!

Here’s the TV: (Amercian Dad finished while I was writing this, so Family Guy is on)


House Stuff:  The bathroom sink and vanity


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