Forza 3: Nov 17th DLC Car Pack

November 3rd, 2009

Just picked up some info that 3 new cars will be released for Forza 3 on Nov. 17th via a free DLC car pack.

2010 Genesis Coupe ‘SPECIAL’ [Hyundai Genesis Coupe Pack/FREE/Nov.17th'09]

2010 HKS Genesis Coupe [Hyundai Genesis Coupe Pack/FREE/Nov.17th'09]

Forza 3 - Downloadable content

2010 Rhys Millen Racing Red Bull Genesis Coupe [Hyundai Genesis Coupe Pack/FREE/Nov.17th'09]

Rhys Millen - Forza 3

So now we have some official drift cars in the game, not just liveries.


October 21st, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, is live.  Just watching the usual monday night lineup on BBC.  Check it out, there’s some great content including a free itunes downloadable episode of the show.

Gas…[Lack of]

September 29th, 2008


So my story begins with my search for premium last wed night, the 24th.  I had searched most of the usual fill ups around town and began heading farther south.  While driving, I saw station after station with bags over their pump handles and no pricing on their marquee’s.  Then I saw it, hope.  A lone shell station with a full list of prices brilliantly illuminated for all to see.  Upon pulling in, along with another driver, I discovered they to were out of gas…handles bagged…and had merely lazily and disconcertingly left their signage up.  I began to drive off when I heard shouting from the other driver whose hopes had been mislead.  I looked back to see an angry fist shaking in fury out the window of the galant and a barrage of curses and racial slurs being directed at the station’s attendant.


I continued south, pulling into a QT that seemed to have some regular.  I went ahead and put in a gallon or two of 87 in order to prolong my quest to quench my car’s thirst for 93.  I saw a BP tanker a few lights ahead of me.  I followed him into his next stop a few miles ahead.  I asked the clerk if he could find out if he was going to be dropping any premium tonight.  It was my last lucky night.  I filled all the way up and topped off.  This would be the last time in the near foreseeable future that I would be able to find any premium fuel.


The gas availability is only the latest struggle that we are now faced with in regards to our dependency on fossil fuels.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next.  The media’s coverage of the issue only seems to add fuel to the fire.  The result, driver’s rushing out and hoarding all the fuel they can get their hands on.


Prices are still on the rise and lines are only getting longer.  We need a solution quickly and I can only hope that refineries in Houston will be able to get up and running to quell this pandemic.


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