So I got an RROD the other day, right when I wanted to drift on Forza 2.  I turned it on and off a few times, still there.  I take off the hard drive and start it up, still there.  I un-plug the power supply for a few minutes then try it again, still there.  It was starting to become discouraging.  So my friend calls me and I tell him what’s up, he told me to wrap it up in a blanket and leave it on.  So I look up the technique online and it seems to have worked for a few people.

I ended up wrapping two towels around it and playing a DVD in the drive to keep it running.  I left it running for about 5-10 min and checked it, it was really cooking.  I decided to turn it off and then turn it on again…and behold, it actually was back to normal.  After that I shut it down again and stuck it in the fridge to cool down whatever got hot and technically “fixed”.  I then took it out about 20 min later and let it acclimate to room temperature again.  That’s it…it’s still running fine so far, which I’m pretty pleased about.  Who would have thought that cooking and then refrigerating would fix an Xbox 360.