I bought a ton of new toys for my shelf recently and had to rearrange everything yesterday. With that being said I decided to document/blog about the upgrades to my living room shelf. I am going to add a new shelf soon to expand the collection. Soon, I am going to pick up all my old toy cars from when I was a little kid to add onto the shelf as well.

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Maisto Model Car
I bought a Assembly Line Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR from Maisto which was a blast to build. This is my favorite Mercedes made in history so it was great to add to the shelf with gold wheels.

Kyle Busch - Cup Garage - Toy Shelf

Here is my Kyle Busch cup garage collection. My three large die cast cars are his #18 M&M car, Snickers Car (First Toyota to win NASCAR cup race), and the Vote M&M car. I am working on getting some more #18 car stuff for this section.

Kyle Busch - Toy Shelf

This is my other Kyle Busch garage for non cup die cast cars. The Doosan #20 Nationwide car won the Corona, Mexico event back in April 2008 with Kyle Busch behind the wheel. The #51 Electric Sunglasses car is Kyle Busch’s Prelude of a Dream car. The #30 NOS Energy Drink car in the middle is actually Stanton Barrett’s old Nationwide car from 2008 signed by him on the roof.

Falken Tire - Drifting Pits

Here is my Falken Tire Pit that I mocked up with some products I have collected over the years. I just got this sweet Falken Tire rig thanks to my friends over at Falken Tire recently! You can actually buy the Calvin Wan Infiniti G35 or Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang die cast in our store.

Hot Wheels Cars

Here are some small Hot Wheels cars I have including a Nissan GT-R, Flat Black Lamborghini Gallardo, Tesla Roadster, a Hummer H2 that Toyo Tires gave us at MPMC, and Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Charger you can score in our Wrecked Magazine store as well.

Mazda 787B

The 1991 Le Mans winner was the Mazda 787B seen here that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1991. This was the last Japanese car to win the 24 Hour Le Mans race to this date in history. Bob Hernandez actually gave me this car at my Photo Gallery back in March and I jut love it.

Automotive Magazines

Here are some of my car magazines including some Super Street issues back from 2002. A full collection of C-16 Magazine, and a bunch of random Japanese magazines like StyleWagon and VIP Style.

Living Room - Toy Shekf

Here is the first shelf all together and complete for now. I am going to get a second shelf going soon and I need some more magazines! Let me know what you think.