I’ve been contacted a good bit about my editorial in Issue 15 and most people seem to be puzzled if I am serious. I am dead serious on the fact because I feel it’s a true tragedy going on right now in American Drifting. I have never been one to ruse people with “Buy American” catch phrases or anything in my life just because you know “American is better,” or anything of that nature. I am quite the supporter politically of the dieing “free market” where things are purchased based on quality and merit…..not just from where it is made.

The big issue I am trying to bring up here is not trying to call some people in the series out or point any really fingers at people in the sport. I just want my voice to be heard that so many talented young American kids all over the United States exist and are being looked over with no logical reasoning other than laziness. If your a team owner…..go visit a local grassroots event in your area (where you are stationed they have events close by, I promise) and see what the scene has to offer. I just think at the end of the day I am verbalizing something that everyone else notices but won’t say outside closed doors.

Let’s look for example at the 2009 Formula D Pro Am finals at Irwindale Speedway to finish off my rant. The top three guys at that event were Mike Pollard, Ian Fournier, and Nikolay Konstantinov. Of those three guys none of them have run both Formula Drift events in 2010 and between all three drivers just one of them has been to a Formula Drift event period, Ian Fournier at Long Beach. Of those same three guys one of them has run both rounds of the D1GP Japan series making the event attendance double in D1GP Japan compared to Formula D in the states. Just some things to think about before the 2011 season gets here.