Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium

Although I have been a resident of Los Angeles, California for almost a year I have not attended a baseball game in Los Angeles since my arrival in November. In the honor of celebrating America I decided what better weekend than Labor Day to head out to Dodger Stadium to eat a Dodger Dog, drink some beer, and enjoy America’s past time.

An interesting fact that most of you might not know about me is that for two baseball seasons I operated the Publix Friday Night Fireworks at Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves with Jason Small. Here are some photos of a Friday Night Firework Show at Turner Field. So I may not be the die hard baseball fan I once was growing up hoarding Topps Rooke Cards but I still have a pretty jaded view of professional baseball you can enjoy below.

Manny Wood

I have to admit that I haven’t been a huge fan of baseball in sometime but when I did follow baseball back in the 1990′s I was a huge Cleveland Indians fan. Back in the Cleveland Indians glory days we had two stars that now play for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the likes of recently acquired Jim Thome and of course Manny Ramirez. So getting a chance to see those guys in person was pretty exciting.

While the game I attended saw the Los Angeles Dodgers fall just short with a 4-3 loss to the San Diego Padres I have to admit that I like the ballgame culture around the Dodgers more than I do about most teams in the MLB. Sure, most fans show up in the 2nd inning and cheer louder/more about the beach balls flying around the stands than the actual baseball game unless Manny is up but the stadium is old and built for baseball and you have to respect that.

For those of you that don’t know Dodger Stadium is the third oldest baseball stadium still in use. The oldest stadium being Fenway Park (Boston RedSox) and second oldest field is Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs). I’ve been to baseball games in roughly 6-10 MLB stadiums and the first thing that strikes you about Dodger Stadium is the seating capacity. They fill up at 56,000 making it the largest stadium seating wise in Major League Baseball. This title was handed to them recently with the retirement this year of Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium.

Some other notes on why I like the Los Angeles Dodgers:

-The stadium is named after the team which is a true rarity these days in pro sports period.
-The whole place is BLUE. Anywhere you look in this place screams it’s love and support for the home team.
-It’s a stadium built for baseball and only that unlike all these new modern “multi purpose stadiums” that suck
-People in Los Angeles actually take Manny Ramirez serious and don’t seem to wonder why he plays in the outfield.
- They play fundamentally perfect baseball which I never saw growing up National League East.