Down in Irvine I attended a Mazda event down at HQ in Irvine, California. It was a motorsports luncheon with free In N’ Out Burger which was amazing. Dean Case invited me down and I had a fun time learning about some Mazda information.

They had on display the 700,000th Miata built. I didn’t realize they had produced that many Mazda Miata’s since the inception of the product. I think I am going to hold out and score 987,654 when that comes off the assembly line.

This ProParts USA Mazda 6 is gorgeous and was my favorite car on display for the Mazda event. I love the paint scheme and the cage work was just gorgeous on this car. Part of my love for this Mazda 6 falls under the fact that I secertly really want to own one as well I think.

The event closed with an unveiling of Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle star) will be running in the Mazda Atlantic Championshi series. His title sponsor is a new video game Stargate Worlds and his teamate is Simona De Silvestro. That about wrapped up the day at Mazda!