2008 welcome to 1973

September 21st, 2008

Clearly it’s not important to learn anything from history…….so 1973 Oil Embargo welcome to the 2008 let’s all go buy gas for no reason and get rid of all the gas in the metro Atlanta area! Oh well…….after hours of exploring I finally found a place to get gasoline tonight. +10.

Formula 1 Singapore Preview

September 20th, 2008

Sorry for you non F1 fanatics out there but I am victim of being a huge one! This is a great little video for the F1 Singapore race this weekend. This weekend in Singapore will not only be the first street circuit ever run in Asia it is the first night race in F1 history! Check out this simulator drive through with Mark Webber.

Zeitgeist – Dive Bar – Mission – San Fransico, CA

September 20th, 2008

While trolling around Mission after a day of work up north we needed some food and our friend recommend Zeitgeist….how that made sense I have no idea but we went anyway. Grilled cheese sandwiches baby at a great price with some home fries that were a tad spicy but still delicious for a dive bar by all means. The one funny thing about the food system is I watched a girl in front of us take someone’s food that wasn’t hers, then I stole the girls food which I figured out later…..very confusing delivery process I guess? Luckily they have two things on the menu so just steal your food early.

Drinks very good and fairly priced for SF and I loved the outdoor patio. I definitly had plenty of SXSW flashbacks while inside this place. Although much of my SXSW experience can be written off a a blur I want to say the place has a vibe very similar to Emo’s which hosts some of the biggest bands all week in Austin, Texas.

Parking wasn’t even that horrible as we found a place right under the 101 next to Black Heart Tattoo which is right next door.
Yelp Review
Style: Drink/Random Food/Eat Outside
Type: Dive Bar
Neighborhood: Mission
199 Valencia St (at Duboce Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-7505

Las Vegas Ferrari Drifting

September 20th, 2008

Oh dear! This is a photograph I shot back in 2005 when we went on a cross country venture from Atlanta to Sonoma and back. We did happen to make one small stop in Las Vegas and I shot this photograph in an exclusive location. Andy just posted this on his blog and made me relive a great time, good call A Sapp!

Source: Andysapp.com

Microsoft Wakes Up

September 20th, 2008

While I realize I was very quick to say that Jerry Seinfeld was the worst idea ever when it came to making Microsoft look cool it appears after flushing all of that money down the toilet someone learned a lesson in Redmond, Washington. This is a new Microsoft commercial posted on the BBC/Ice Cream American blog mentioned it because Pharrell was in it. So finally Microsoft seems to be on the right direction to success, congrats guys.

My review featured at G37driver.com

September 15th, 2008

If you read my blog frequently you read my comparison of my old G35 coupe to the G37S coupe I now drive. NICO contacted me and asked if they could feature it on the main page of G37driver.com! The piece came out together looking great so make sure you swing by G37Driver.com if you have any interest in the Infiniti coupe. I just got home from San Francisco and will provide some updates as soon as I get some free time!

Kennedy Brothers NOS Energy Drink Ad

September 10th, 2008

This ad was actually shot by Gene Tjin but I was able to setup the lightning for the shot. We were on site doing a video shoot and Gene asked us to help him out to nail a perfect shot. This was the end result! The only thing that I wish we could of done differently was we tried running an ARRI constant light that was hidden inside the car to give it some back light but we could never really get it to work. I was able to do it for the video we put together at their shop so it ended up working out.

Comparison: My Infiniti G35 to the G37

September 10th, 2008

My old Infiniti G35

My old Infiniti G37

I definitly like the G37 more as an overall package. I will give you a rundown of my review between the two. I just made a post at G35club.org reviewing my thoughts between the G35 and G37, below is what I had to say:

Factory Options: This is the big winner between the G35 and the G37. Each car I have owned came with every factory option and the G37 takes the cake in the fun toys department.
For audio/visual fiends the G37 winds hand over fist. The navigation screen is finally touch screen and Infiniti manged to integrate the radio into the screen display. The G37 will allow you to rip CD’s to your Music Box Hard Drive and you can also load music in from a Compact Flash slot on the dash. I have to admit I don’t use either of these but they seem like cool options. My big winner is the iPod plug-in that let’s you browse your iPod on the screen and control your iPod with the steering wheel controls. This was a huge plus for me as it allows me to play my iPod and keep it charged with clear music. In my G35 I used a FM modulator which was horrible sounding with that great Bose system. I live in a downtown area and my condo is in a tight parking complex so I love the back up camera they added for the G37. Wrapping up the factory options section the auto tilt headlights are cool and the laser guided cruise control works upon testing in my area but I haven’t taken it on a decent road trip yet to really put it up to the true test. I do live in Atlanta which means traffic is horrible and the NavTraffic is a pretty cool feature but it seems to fail me 80% of the time. It will tell me traffic is in the area when it isn’t or it won’t warn me of traffic ahead, in the systems defense Atlanta traffic is ridiculous!

Power: The G37 has some decent pep to it over the G35 but it’s nothing that is going to blow you away by any means. The powerbands between the two cars seem to act differently however. The G35 seemed to have this strong low end almost like a V8 in the way that you could drive it and it pulled. The G37 has much more of an across the board pull with a strong finish in the RPM’s (similar to dare I say a VTEC motor) which I tend to enjoy since I am a former Honda owner ten times over. The G37 wins this section as well.

Suspension/Braking: This by far is where the G series will win any automotive fan over. The G37 added the 4 wheel active steering which the first time I really did some spirited driving it kind of freaked me out as it is adjusting your steering angle, ratio also your rear wheel angle which sometimes you can feel. It almost gives a simulated feeling that your car is starting to slide out deep into a turn and then just get this feeling that the turn isn’t being over driven at all. Kind of a creepy feeling but you can easily disable the 4 wheel steering with a button next to the VDC if you must. I love it but I would say the cars are equal in this point. Regardless of tweaks that the G37 made over the G35 both cars are equipped with overkill for street performance and I just love it!

Trunk Space: No more hope in the G37. They both lose in this category.

Overall Review: With all this being said the car is generally the same, especially for an “average” driver. I am a huge sucker for cool electronic options and horsepower so the G37 heavily wins my heart on that note. If you just want the basic mid range luxury ride then the G35 should fit your own needs just fine. The extra money for the G37 really comes down to the little add-ons and cool features and if you think they are worth it.

Formula 1 Belgium at SPA

September 9th, 2008

I finally am getting caught up on my TIVO and I just watched the Formula 1 Belgium race at SPA and it has to be the most amazing motorsport races I have seen in my lifetime! Even dismissing my favorite team out of the factor I was truly blown away at how much action this race has. I won’t provide any spoilers for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure at watching it but wow.

The rain kicked in with two laps left and really put a mix up in everyone’s plans. Tons of lead changes, cars spinning on the track, slamming into the walls, people not switching to wet tires as the rain comes pouring down! Wow this was an amazing race let me tell you! I probably watch a good 40 hours of motorspots a week between NASCAR Craftsman/Nationwide/Sprint Cup practice, qualifying, race and the other organizations I tune into like IRL, LeMans, and WRC. With that being said this race got me more excited than I have been in a long time. So excited that at 6:08am I decided to hop out of bed and make this blog post instead of closing my eyes.
I have never seen that many lead changes in the last three laps of a F1 race since I have been following F1 in a very hardcore matter. Spa always seems to entertain the crowd and wow this really put a crazy mix up in the Ferrari x McLaren show down. I cannot wait to see how the championship plays out this year.

The 1998 Spa race was a crazy one too, check out this track layout they run in Belgium. It is so large than when weather becomes a factor it only effects certain parts of the track resulting in confusion in tires and how the track will wind up.

Atlanta Braves Fireworks Photography

September 8th, 2008

I got a call to do some firework photography at the Atlanta Braves games on Friday night and I couldn’t turn down a chance to get out and do some work over the weekend. For those of you not from Atlanta or if you have never been to a Friday night game the fireworks setup is very unique. Every Friday night home game the Braves pick a theme like 80′s night or James Bond and they play music for 6-10 minutes accordingly. Then they sync the fireworks show to the music selected to meet that theme giving the fans a great production after a game.

You can click on any of my fireworks images to get a larger 1024x version.

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