WOW so I found the worst Mexican food in Atlanta hands down. Living within a mile of Atlantic Station I have been eager to actually find a place that serves good food inside Atlantic Station but that has yet to happen. I kind of ignored some negative reviews I read on Yelp and we ventured to Rosa Mexicano anyway.

So our dining experience started off around a 5 star rating and then everything went horribly wrong. I ordered a side of plantains and they were terrific. Then I ordered some strange chicken enchilada item that had some stupid name that no one could ever pronounce and didn’t even seem very Mexican but who am I to say being I was in Monterrey, Mexicolast month but hey, I am pumped on the dish before it comes so far.
I get it and it tastes like some strange lemon chicken thing that is far from perfect. So I bail on my dinner plate and move towards the tortilla’s which are DISGUSTING. How do you call yourself a Mexican place with bad tortilla’s, bad beans, AND bad rice. I think we are still okay and they have salvaged around 2 stars at this point until I have a conversation with our waitress.

So I kindly ask her where the bathroom is and she cannot tell me in an around the corner fashion. She is like well it’s behind the flying man waterfall blah blah but be careful because their are pictures on the door and the girl one is a woman but she kinda looks like a man so it could be confusing. Just when your walking straight make sure you walk into the door to the left. So I am feeling pretty intimidated here waiting to experience the horrible feeling of walking into the women’s bathroom but it never happened. For starters they have letters on the door that are M and W but clearly letter recognition was a little over my head? And the female picture is the famous Frida Kahlo, like come on!? All in all the food sucked but it wasn’t the worst stuff I have ever had. Where they manage to lose the last star was this stupid experience cost $64 (for 2 people)! I am going to stick with La Fonda. Sorry for the drawn out description here but yea, Atlantic Station is clearly good for movies and not food. I give up!