Our rush to the finish line continues – bodykits are in!

May 17th, 2010

Last few weeks have been insanely busy and a rush to the finish line as we continue to prep the cars for our first event. The engine assembly will be done this week and the bodykits are in as of Saturday. Both cars have been in the bodyshop waiting for the kits; hopefully we can get the car back this weekend.

Big Thanks to Bay Speed Aero for partnering with us this year – we’re looking forward to a successful year. Quick snap of the kit:

The next 2 weeks will be insanely busy!

New Partner: S-MAX

April 25th, 2010

Hi guys. I’m excited to introduce one of our new partners for 2010. S-Max will be supporting both our S13′s this season with some of their innovative and quality parts for sport compacts. We had a chance to visit their warehouse facility this weekend and put together a short video.

We’re very excited to be partnering with S-Max for 2010 and the years to come – check em’ out:

Hello Wrecked Magazine!

March 25th, 2010

Hi wrecked magazine! Hope everyone is well and excited to be the newest addition to the always awesome Wrecked Magazine drivers lounge! My name is Rod Campos and my partner Joe Duarte and I are the drivers and team owners of JD Motorsports Racing. Joey and i have been good friends for many years and our shared interest and passion for racing and drifting led us to start JD Motorsports Racing back in 2008. Going into our 3rd racing season, we hope to be able to share with you our experiences, travels, event news, and random goodness. Joey and JD Motorsports, Inc have been in business for over 15 years supporting and serving the performance automotive industry and we hope to share with you guys some quality tech stuff too.

Last 2 seasons, I drove the white Nissan S13 hatchback while Joey drove the burgundy Nissan S13 coupe. For 2010, we’ll both be campaigning identical white S13 hatchbacks! The only difference will be seen on the track with Joeys balls-to-the-wall “No Fear” driving style and my smooth yet aggressive driving lines (and our names on the rear-quarter glass ha!)

We wish everyone an awesome and prosperous 2010 season and hope you check out our blog and website often for updates!

All the best,
JD Motorsports Racing Family

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