Racing Simulator Build Time Lapse

January 29th, 2010

A few weekends ago it was time to build some racing simulators. My friend Bill came into town to help out. It was a task that took the whole weekend. Most of the time was spent outside, measuring and cutting. When it came time to assemble the simulator the actual unit was assembled inside. I shot a time lapses of the unit going together. This was about a 4hr process condensed down to 30 seconds.

Home Page Update

November 1st, 2009

Based on some feedback we made a small update to the home page today. The recent blog posts are now displayed on the home page. Also as a added bonus, the posts from the Drivers Lounge are now published on the home page. If for some reason you reached this page with out going to the home page and go and check it out. Let me know what you think.

Formula D Atlanta

May 16th, 2009

Last weekend was Formula D Atlanta. The event was one of the best drift events that I’ve attended. The crowd was insane and the drifing was just as good.
Wrecked Magazine Interviews Chris Forsberg
Joey Redmond and Will Roegge Interview Vaughn Gitten Jr

Joey Redmond and Will Roegge interview Vaughn Gitten Jr.
Wrecked Magazine Break

Custom Wrecked Magazine Break Pedal
Vaughn Gitten Car Fire Formula D Atlanta

Vaughn Gitten’s Car has a small fire durring driver introductions.

Jayke rests at the track

Some times the only place to get some rest is at the track.

Atlanta to LA in 30hrs

February 28th, 2009

Well it was time. The Wrecked Magazine office has relocated from our home in Atlanta to one on the West Coast. It was time for me to make the hike our there as well. Basically the trip took about 30hrs and was a non stop trek across the country.

A view looking back..

Rear View Mirror


A view out the front:

Route 40 Road Block

I think we drove 40 forever:

Route 40 Sign

Since we were in a rush, there was no time for stopping.  You were either sleeping or you were driving:

After a while looking at the clock became annoying. That was easily fixed with the help of a simple gummy bear:

After about 30hrs we made it to LA. There was no time to rest. The next day we had to be out in the desert to filming with Kyle Busch.

Wrecked Code Update!!!

January 27th, 2009

You might notice that yesterday some of the way wrecked looked changed slightly. You might ask why we took the time to make some small changes when there are other things to, well infact the change was a ton bigger than it appears, the whole site has been changed to be entirely CSS based. There are no more tables used for layout purposes and that reduced the code used to display pages by about half. This also means that the site is now about 95% xhtml and css validated. Why all this valitdation and CSS stuff? We are planning some really cool stuff to be implemented in the near future and CSS is a big part of that. CSS is way more friendly to dynamic pages and there is a lot of things you can do with it that our old layout would not have allowed to happen. If you notice any weird layout issues please let me know. I already know that there are a few out there and I’m trying to fix them. If you find anything leave me a comment. Look for cool things in the future….

Working on Wrecked Magazine

January 13th, 2009

Well, Issue 8 of Wrecked Magazine is up. I took this screen shot as I was putting together the files the Kevin sent over and preping them to gone online.

Ya, thats alot of windows.

Vader Spotted at MSC, Rumors Fly

November 30th, 2008

You know how you know that you have thrown a great drifting event?? Its not the amount on tickets you sell, its not the amount of people that come or even the the amount of drivers that show up,   its when Darth Vader takes the time out to busy schedule of hunting down the Rebel Alliance and comes and watches some insane drifting action.

Darth Vader at MSC

Darth Vader and Storm troopers at drift event

That’s right. Darth Vader along with some storm troopers attended the MSC Drift at Obaiba event. I think that I smell a real story here. I think that Vader is going to start drifting… Think about it, when he was younger he was an excellent podracer, he took first place on the Tatooine circuit and won his freedom at the age of like 10. Compared to podracing, drifting should be easy. Plus he can use the force. He can forget the e-brake, and just use the force to make the car go sideways And if he loses he’ll just choke out the person that beat him or  blow up the planet with the Death Star. The real question is going to be what series is he going to run? Will he stay in Japan and rock the MSC or D1 Series? or will he jump over the pond and take Tanner off of the FD throne and be the next  FD Champion.  I’ll keep my ear to the street. When Vader starts drifting, Wrecked Magazine will be the first to let you know.

For now, you’ll have to settle with the spy shots of Vader taking in the MSC drifting action over in our MSC gallery.

Wrecked Magazine Video RSS (BETA)

November 20th, 2008

Over here at Wrecked we’ve gotten a lot of requests for a video rss feed so that people know the moment we post new videos. For the last few days I’ve been working on the Wrecked Magazine Video RSS functions. I thought that I would post a few of the rss links here before rolling them out live on the site. You can subscribe to the feed using a client.

The main video rss feed:

The video feed for the Formula D Channel:

International Channel:

Drift Alliance Channel:

We’ll see how these work out and if there are no problems they should roll over to the site in a few days… Please let me know if you run into any problems with the feeds so I can make sure that are working properly.

SEMA Twitter is closed…

November 10th, 2008

I just closed the SEMA 08 twitter feed. In case you missed what happened you can still check out the feed at:

We had over 67 pages of tweets regarding SEMA, thats over 1,300 twitter posts. Now thats a lot of information about SEMA. Check it…

SEMA 08: Mayhem

November 10th, 2008

Its really had for one describe what actually goes on during SEMA. Its wears people down, drives them mad and it also drives them to sleep in random locations on the show floor.


and for some reason when people are sleeping on the floor, people like to sit on them.


Some times you just have to crash on the floor. Even though there are chairs to sit in:

james sleeping

Other people, like Will SEMA has a different effect on: will-jumping

and then some people just lose their minds:


Well, thats about it for my SEMA coverage. I’m now back in the ATL and back in the grind. It was fun.. It was crazy, it made me go crazy…

To every one that was there, its was crazy and wild as usual. Theory team, fun workin with you as always. James glad you finally made it and you rocked it hardcore. (I’m assuming you finally made it back to Atlanta. Stupid Airlines). Kelly thanks for putting up with us and rockin some sweet interviews. Jayke you killed it.. Will awesome hangin with you at the hostel.  Another crazy SEMA done.

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