Formula D Atlanta

May 16th, 2009

Last weekend was Formula D Atlanta. The event was one of the best drift events that I’ve attended. The crowd was insane and the drifing was just as good.
Wrecked Magazine Interviews Chris Forsberg
Joey Redmond and Will Roegge Interview Vaughn Gitten Jr

Joey Redmond and Will Roegge interview Vaughn Gitten Jr.
Wrecked Magazine Break

Custom Wrecked Magazine Break Pedal
Vaughn Gitten Car Fire Formula D Atlanta

Vaughn Gitten’s Car has a small fire durring driver introductions.

Jayke rests at the track

Some times the only place to get some rest is at the track.

SEMA 08: Mayhem

November 10th, 2008

Its really had for one describe what actually goes on during SEMA. Its wears people down, drives them mad and it also drives them to sleep in random locations on the show floor.


and for some reason when people are sleeping on the floor, people like to sit on them.


Some times you just have to crash on the floor. Even though there are chairs to sit in:

james sleeping

Other people, like Will SEMA has a different effect on: will-jumping

and then some people just lose their minds:


Well, thats about it for my SEMA coverage. I’m now back in the ATL and back in the grind. It was fun.. It was crazy, it made me go crazy…

To every one that was there, its was crazy and wild as usual. Theory team, fun workin with you as always. James glad you finally made it and you rocked it hardcore. (I’m assuming you finally made it back to Atlanta. Stupid Airlines). Kelly thanks for putting up with us and rockin some sweet interviews. Jayke you killed it.. Will awesome hangin with you at the hostel.  Another crazy SEMA done.

SEMA 08: The Work

November 10th, 2008

This SEMA the crew kept quite busy. We had several tasks that we had accomplish. Most of these involved filming the show for one reason or another. filming naughty nos girls video

Waiting for the Naughty NOS Girls to finish their autograph session so we could film their interview for NOS TV.

We also filmed with with some of the formula D Drivers including Sam Hubinette who was unveiling his new 2008 Drift ride: :

Vaughn also put down a solid interview as well.

An interview with Chris Forsberg for NOS TV:

Unless you were at SEMA  you would not believe that crazy things that happen there while you are trying to get work done. While we were filming an interview for NOS TV with Norris, some random man thought that it would be a great idea to take a picure with  Kelly.  Never mind that Norris is talking to the camera giving the interview, the man asks him to to take a picture of him with Kelly. I have only one way to describe this “Amazing”:
norris taking photo of kelly

Any way you should check out the Wrecked Magazine SEMA video coverage as well as the videos for NOS TV. We will have more NOS TV interviews up in the next couple of days.

Photos stolen from Joey Redmond’s flickr page

Crashing Sucks

October 17th, 2008

I tend to fly a lot. It come with the business. I was flying to Irwindale when I noticed a sticker one my road case (I travel with my camera gear as carry on luggage).crashing-sucks

Here is a close up:


That’s right that sticker says “Crashin’ Sucks”. I totally forgot about it. Phil pointed out that I should probably not put that case facing that way so I don’t freak people out. I think its kind of funny .. Its the truth. Crashing does suck.

My Life…

August 15th, 2008

My life has come to energy drinks and video editing….

NOS Energy Drink Working Late

and iChat…

Formula D Seattle

August 14th, 2008

My blog over here at wrecked would not be complete if I didn’t talk about the latest Formula D event that I attended.. Its been 2 years since I’ve been to Seattle. Not a lot has changed, its still a pretty sick track and event.

We did get hit by some crazy rain storm during Saturday Qualifying and Top 16, but what can you expect, its Seattle. If its not raining something has gone terribly wrong. Anyway, this is how I spent top 16:

Jason Small Formula D Seattle

Yep thats me covering my camera with my media vest.. I knew that thing would come in handy, and beside who really has rain gear for their cameras???

I must say this is my first drift event in the rain. It might not have the big smoke that I’m used to but it was still crazy. I would not dare do what these guys did in the rain. Even the crowd stuck it out in the rain.

Thing did get a little crazy as Jayke found out while filming from what would prove to the be best spot to see people spin out in the rain. (Jayke is the dude in the yellow vest)

Pretty sick event. Check out the whole gallery of photos over in the Gallery

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