Racing Simulator Build Time Lapse

January 29th, 2010

A few weekends ago it was time to build some racing simulators. My friend Bill came into town to help out. It was a task that took the whole weekend. Most of the time was spent outside, measuring and cutting. When it came time to assemble the simulator the actual unit was assembled inside. I shot a time lapses of the unit going together. This was about a 4hr process condensed down to 30 seconds.

Pink IROC Spotted at Taco Bell

January 27th, 2010

Jayke snapped a quick shot of this IROC chillen at Taco Bell. Since the Wrecked Staff is obsessed with IROC’s this pink IROC is blog worthy and a great addition to my pink car collection.

Websites that make the life easier.

January 20th, 2010

This is a different blog post then I typically do, usually it some pictures of a recent event or some new updates to the site. This is simply put a list. Its a list of Websites/Web-based Apps that I use on a daily basis that make my life easier.

Gmail – Simple. The best email out there. No to mention the fact that it keeps out 99% of the spam that I receive.

Twitter – I’ve been using twitter for 565 Days now and while I am not most active at posting content to twitter I do read the tweets of those that I follow on a constant basis. Twitter is a vital for knowing what is happening in the real time. I’ve used it many time to find what what is happening around me. If you have never tried you should. There is so much information out there its crazy

Delicious – I’ve had several computers over the years and with each new one I’ve lost all of the bookmarks that I make in a browser. I don’t know about you but I bookmark a ton of stuff, whether is be important coding tips, funny website, or what every. I bookmark it all. With delicious all of my bookmarks are kept online and are synced to each browser that I use. Now there is no need to worry about loosing my book marks.

Google Reader – I pretty much get all my news from google reader. I subscribe to a bunch of different blogs and its nice to but its nice to have all the information aggregated into one place.

Google Wave – The ship is still out on this one, but I’ve been using it more and more a lately. Most people seem to have a tough time describing what google wave is. Simply put, its a collaboration tool. The staff at Wrecked Started using it last issue and it seemed to help the process along. Google Wave still has a way to go, its got some weird bugs, but all in all its pretty sick. I’m looking forward to using it in the future.

Facebook – It seems like everyone is using facebook now. I think that it has finally overshadowed Myspace. I’m on Facebook a couple time of day seems what everyone is up to. Its amazing how it draws you in.

Dropbox – I wasn’t sure whether or not to put dropbox on my list. Its technically not a website, its more of a tool. Dropbox allows me to sync all my files across multiple computers and have a version online (Thats my justification for putting it in this list) that I can always access. There is no thinking involved. I edit a file, its uploaded automatically to the web and sent to my other computers. I don’t have to think about it. I love it.

Chartbeat - Chartbeat is a another great web based  tool to monitor web-traffic to a site in realtime. I use this constantly with Wrecked. This is almost always open so I can see what is happening on Wrecked. It allow to me to see what people are looking at, how many people, where they came from, and all the other good information that a person running a website wants to know. It also sends me alerts to spikes in traffic so that I know what content is becoming popular and how people are finding it on the internet.

Hulu – I don’t know what I would do without Hulu. I watch probably 90% off all my TV on Hulu.

Thats it thats my list. Its not really that big, but its all web based stuff that I use everyday. I might add to this list as I add sites that I use everyday.. I’m not sure yet.

After writing this I find that I’m using more and more google apps then before, first just gmail, then last year I started using google reader, now this year google wave. (Google is also the voice mail client on my phone). I think they are taking over the world.

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