< 24 hours in Las Vegas

September 28th, 2009

This time it was a quick trip to Los Vegas. There was time to catch some drifting at Nellis Air Force base and catch the Kings take home a win at the MGM Grand. Some random snaps from the trip:


On our way over to Vegas Drift, all of these Cops has 1 suv pulled over. I don’t know what that guy was doing but he was up to no good.


I must say that drifting on an active Air Force base is one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. What made it ever cooler were these signs posted everywhere.


I travel a lot and I often wonder if I am packing to much for the trip. Here is a general rule of thumb. When you pack to much to fit in a Limo, you have packed to much.


You know its going to be a good game where there is a fight in the 1st minute of the game. I’m looking forward to catching some more Kings action this year.


If you are at the MGM Grand, you have to check out the lions, Dah.


I don’t know what Holiday the 26th of September is, but at this gas station it is cheap hot dog day… Yippie

Pink cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 27th, 2009

I’m been slacking in my updates on my Pink Car blog posts lately. While looking through my camera I noticed that I had these laying around. Check them out:


This was cruising down Sunset Blvd a while back. At least the Volkswagen Beetle  is a girly  before you paint your pink. Though it is a little over the top..

pink suv

I came across this car while in San Fransisco. I know that this is a company car, but come on. If they make you drive around in a pink SUV, its time to find a new job.

When Bud Attacks

September 9th, 2009

This is Bud, he was saved from an abusive home. Now he just sits around and eats crickets.

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