My Concert Calendar

June 20th, 2009

Every year I try to hit as many concerts as possible, but over the past few years I have slowed down with all the shit I have going on. Family, work, and racing keep me pretty busy on the weekends but my wife and I like to hit as many shows as we can.  Over the years my choice of music has changed a lot.  Much of the new rap/hip hop has steered me away even from my roots. I have really been spending a lot of time listening to reggae and Bruce Springsteen. Actually, I have been more like studying Bruce Springsteen; you will see!



July 3 – Inner Visions/Roots Rock Reggae ABP NJ (Saint)

July 14 – BarringtonLeavy BB Kings NYC

July 25 – Bad Fish ABP NJ (Stone Pony)

Aug 2 – Echo and the Bunny Men/ Cold Play Liberty State Park NJ

Aug 18 – De La Soul Surf Club Sea Side NJ

Aug 28 – Whailers Surf Club Sea Side NJ

Aug 31 – South Side Jonny Martels Tiki Bar NJ

Oct 1 – Maxi Priest BB Kings NJ

Oct3 – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Giants Stadium NJ


Asbury Park

June 20th, 2009

Over the next few weeks I am working on writing an article on ABP.  I am not sure where yet the article will be posted, but I am sure its going to be a serious eye opener. Only if people knew the history behind this place it would blow their minds away.  If you are a serious music fan, you already know about this place. If you are interested in street racing history, you will like the article. What’s better then fast cars, music and local watering holes.

Please listen to the lyrics and take it serious this whole song is about street racing and ABP.

A Great Sunday

June 18th, 2009

Megan, Giulia, and I got up real early on Sunday so I could run in the 2nd Annual Fathers Day 5K in Point Pleasant.  I had asked Meg to verify the date, because Father’s day is this Sunday, and she told me we were good.  Long story, short… no one was there.  So, we made the best of being up early and hit up the beach instead.  We are going to try again this weekend.


I have a sneaky grin; looks like I am up to no good.


Manasquan Inlet; there are fishing boats in and out all day


My beautiful wife and little girl


Point Pleasant Jetty on the south side of the inlet


On the other side of the jetty is Manasquan Beach; where I do most of my surfing.


These stickers are everywhere; they are too funny!


Jenkinson's North


Local volleyball tournament


In memory of one of my best friends growing up, who passed away when we were about 13.

 Meg and I decided to go back to Jenk’s South for dinner, walk the boards, and check out the aquarium.


GG loves her icecream


Looks like I put few pounds on


One of the ugliest things ever; I would hate to swim into one.


GG is always having fun


My lovely ladies in front of the shark tank


On the way home we rolled up on this guy on 88 in Lakewood.


We couldn't believe our eyes

Scotty Cranmer

June 18th, 2009

Scotty had such a good time at Throttle Thursday he wanted to get a car to go drifting in.  He called me and told me he wanted to pick up a 240 and we discussed him getting a beater S15 or something along those lines.  On Monday morning, Scotty called me to let me know he would be at the bodyshop around noon so I could check out his new car.  He ended up with a 91 Skyline that was real clean.  I will keep everyone posted on his progression.


Taking a look at what bodywork needs to be done.


Checking out the underside.


Scotty pumped up; ready to start tearing the track up

Throttle Thursday

June 18th, 2009

The Throttle Thursday event was a complete success.  Thank you to all of the guys in the drift community that were a part of it.   The video will be coming soon.

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