PR Vacation

April 27th, 2009
This past week I went to Rincon PR; it is famous for surfing which we did a lot of. The reason for the trip was my brother in law Mook was getting married. He’s got a ton of great friends and we always have good time while we are out. I wanted to hit a few drag strips while I was on the trip, but the only night there was racing was the night of the wedding. Within the next year,I’m going to make it down there to hit the drag racing spots and check out the drifting scene.


This is my daughter Giulia and me chillin by the pool; she loved being in the water.


This was right after the ceremony everyone went out to the beach for pictures and we snuck a few in.


That’s probably me in the white wash somewhere; real good surf, shoulder high.


This beach is called Stairs…the guy on the stairs is Uncle Mook my brother in law.


Uncle Mook traded shirts with this one dude. Uncle Mook put the guys black shirt right but, the dude would not but uncle Mooks shirt on.


Check out this shirt I got for my dad. This bus stop is on Rt.413 and there is a group of guys that booze there all day long and don’t leave; after driving by a couple of times we picked right up on it and asked some locals the story. So, the following day when I was out at a surf shop I found this shirt and I got it for my dad. The best part was I went back to the bus stop to hang out, I had the guy in the blue shirt sign it and he couldn’t even spell his name right!



A random shot of the sunset.  


Chicken fights in the pool at 2 am

Highlights Round 1- Long Beach

April 23rd, 2009

I had such a great time out in Long Beach.  I got to meet some really good people while I was there. This was the first time I actually went to an event and was able to spend time with the team. Here are a few pictures of some of the sights from the weekend.



A team shot after the win in Long Beach; that is a proud group of guys.


After the race Forsberg took us out to celebrate.  It was a great time, too bad my flight was so early. 



We took the back up car out for the parade on Thursday night.

FD knows how to get fans involved with the series.



Sam’s Challenger is amazing. I can’t wait to see this thing go.

I haven’t heard any stats on it, but I’m sure that if Carlson built it, it will be right.


RT prepping; getting ready for the big day.

Wrecked Cover

April 23rd, 2009

This deal was funny.   I got an email from Joey asking me to call him right away.  I was on my way to dinner with the wife and baby and I hit him back. He asked me if we were interested in having the Solstice on the cover of his Magazine. I thought this was a great idea and opportunity.   Before we hung up, I asked him why he choose Gardella Racing,  his response was none of the other top teams had their new builds complete and successfully tested!  Thanks to all the guys at Wrecked for your ongoing support.

Prep Work- Long Beach

April 23rd, 2009

The off season went by quick for all of us on the team, but this was the first season we were ready way beforehand. The car was tested at Wall Speedway and Englishtown’s road course. The Wall test was more of a shake down to make sure everything on the car functioned properly. Check out the video below from this test session.  For the 2nd test session we headed to Englishtown and really got after it. We were able to compare last years Solstice vs. our new 09 Solstice; we knew after that we had a serious ride.

Back on the Grind

April 23rd, 2009

I haven’t written in a couple of weeks.  I have no other excuse except that it has been hectic in the tri-state.  I have been busy with work, work, work, and some play.   Check out the updated blogs from pre-long beach up to our most recent happenings in the GR camp.

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