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2014 D1GP - TAS Kick-Off


Demos from the Tokyo Auto Salon featuring all of the famous D1GP vehicles.
Photos: Rob Shaw

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2012 D1GP - Tokyo Drift in Odaiba


The start up of the 2012 D1 Grand Prix season is here and we have some exclusive coverage from American photographer Rob Shaw.

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2009 D1GP USA - Round 5 - Englishtown, NJ - Main Event


The main event of Round 4 went off with Daigo Saito taking home another victory at Englishtown. Photo: Dan Jenkins

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2009 D1GP USA - Round 4 - Englishtown, NJ - Friday


Dan Jenkins captured great footage from Day 1 of D1GP USA season closer at Englishtown Raceway.

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2009 D1GP USA - Round 3 - Chicago, IL


Check out Keith Schoeler's pictures from the D1GP USA Chicago event. Ken Nomura took home the victory in his R34 Nissan Skyline.

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2009 D1GP USA - Round 2 - Miami, Florida


Round 2 of D1GP USA took place today in Miami, Florida. Ryan Meloy was there to capture all the coverage for us! Make sure you check it out.

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2009 D1GP - Tokyo Drift Day 2


Sunday was the big competition day over at D1 Grand Prix in Tokyo event. Plenty of action and photographs inside.

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2009 D1GP - Tokyo Drift Day 1


Here is some great photos from D1GP Odaiba event which takes place right outside of Tokyo. Tons of photos and images from Day 1 of this great event!

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2009 D1GP USA - Round 1 at Anaheim


D1GP is finally back in the United States. Check out Round 1 at Anaheim Stadium just outside of Los Angeles, California for a great kick off event.

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2009 D1GP - Round 1 Ebisu Circuit


The 2009 D1GP season is underway at Ebisu and even with some seriously uncooperative weather they drifted on. These photos were captured on our practice day.

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2008 D1GP- The Finals at Fuji Speedway


After a crazy weekend at Fuji Speedway, this is how the podium stacked up for the final event of the 2008 D1 Grand Prix series.
1st- Masao Suenaga
2nd- Nobushige Kumakubo
3rd- Masato Kawabata

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2008 D1GP - Round 6 Ebisu Circuit


Everytime we seem to shoot D1 and cover it Kumakubo is taking home a win. He scores on at home at the Ebisu Circuit. Don't miss all the coverage from our photographer Dino Dalle Carbonare!

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