Well, its all over…I’ve been slaking a bit on my blog here, so i’ll do a quick review of what has gone down in the past few months.

Round 4 was held on a oval track in Montmagny. Overall its a decent track but not very technical.

I went into this round with a decent points lead over Waldin, but i still  knew i would need to stand on the podium to stay on top!

I took out Double D in the top 16, Kevin G in the top 8, and then got put against my biggest rival, Mr.Waldin in the top 4.  I was battling with my tires all weekend and decided to make a change when we went against Matt…wrong move, the grip just wasn’t the same and I over rotated in to the first clip…Matt got the win.

For 3rd place, it would be me versus Briggs. We put my car back to the old set up and the grip was back! I got the nod from the judges and finished third!

So on to round 5. It was held at my favorite track, St.Eustache! I felt pretty good going in with about a 20 point lead in the championship over Waldin.

I always do well there and the crowd is always amazing! This time though, things would be a bit different…They decided to run the track layout backwards. Now I’m always down for a challenge, but this track just doesn’t flow going in the wrong direction. They tried it 2 years ago and it sucked just as much then as it did now.

Race day I was feeling good. I think my car was looking the best it ever had with the nasty splitter I made called “The Meat Slicer”. It was like an inch off the ground and scraping off of everything!

The weather started off nice, but was not lookin so good once qualifying started, I got one dry lap in, and then the rain started…thats when everything started to fall apart. That track is also used as a drag strip, and where the drag cars launch from, is where we had to do a manji in between 2 walls, thats ok when its dry, but in the wet, that part of the track turned to ice! I wont get into details, but there was about an hour and a half of waiting, and I honestly thought the event might even get cancelled.

Luckily enough, everyone manned up and went on with the show.

I got a bye run in the top 16. The top 8, I got put against Bob Patinka. We had I great battle, but I was able to get a bit closer and got the win.

Up next in the top 4 was Dominic Desrosiers. Me and him have battled i dont know how many times over the years, and I have always been victorious, but not this time…I drove way to hard into the first corner, and pretty much threw my car over the bank and into the gravel pit, destroying my front bumper in the process. Then for third, it was me versus Landreville.  I did the same stupid thing that i did the round before, and drove my car right over the bank! That was the end for me, but Mr. Waldin went on to win, giving him the points lead by 15.

Round 6, the final round would be at my home track, Mosport. Now i have never had good luck drifting at my home track, its actually the only track that I have not won at in the entire circuit! I really needed to pull off a win here if was going to secure the Championship.

I was getting a good feel for the  track. It had a quick entry, but the rest of the course after that was slow as hell. Everything was decent, until about my 6th lap in practice, when a large plug fell out of my trans, dumping fluid all over the place. We went out and searched for the plug, but it was gone. Luckily enough, one of the show car guys with an S2000 was kind enough to let me borrow his for the day! By the time we got that all fixed up, I was only able to do one more practice lap before qualifying. I really wanted to qualify good at this event, but it just didn’t happen. I think I was 6th, which got me a bye run into the top 8. It was kinda weird, there was only 10 drivers that qualified, and only 16 that showed up to run. A bunch of drivers were missing due to the crash fest that was round 5 2 week prior…

In top 8, I went against  Landreville again. I really needed to win this one, but once again, I overdrove into the first corner on my following lap and put my car in the dirt. My lead lap was decent, but not good enough to call a “one more time”. Thats where my DMCC championship hopes ended…Matt Waldin ended up blowing his engine in the top 4 and taking the Championship.

Thats 2 years in a row now thats Matt’s won, Ive come in second, and Mark’s come in 3rd.

Good thing though is that Team Drift Posse took the DMCC team championship!!

It was a crazy year with many ups and downs. I just wanna thank the whole Drift Posse Team, my family, friends, fans, all the sponsors! We’ll get’em next year!