Mid season check up

July 31st, 2010

Last night we did a little dyno tune up with Dan Pye from U2Ndyno.com. I wanted to make sure my car was in top shape for XDC next week, and see if we could squeeze a bit more power outa the F20c turbo.

Dynoman Dan settin up the pods on the car

just about ready to do some pulls

Dan doin his thing! We added a bit more boost to the motor, it didn’t really make any extra power, but we did gain some much needed mid range torque!!

Can’t wait to hit Jersy!!


Pat Cyr DMCC round 3 Victory!

July 22nd, 2010

Well this past weekend was DMCC round 3  at ICAR circuit! And once again, I came out on top!!

This was a new track for DMCC, it was an ex airport turned into a racetrack, and who ever made it into a race track, spent some serious dough doin it! It had some pretty crazy concrete curbing, that if you hit with your car, would launch you in to the air or do some serious damage to the bottom of  it! The complete track surface was concrete, and I gotta say, that is now my favorite surface to drift on! We barely went through any tires and the grip was surprisingly great! They also had some serious galvanized steel wall and tons of slashed brand new tires lining the course.

The track setup kinda reminded me of the FD Vegas setup 2 years ago. Fairly long straight into a long left hand corner, then slow the car down into a large horse shoe right hand-er. The entry speed I was hitting was around 120-130kph (75-80 mph) I would drag launch the car from the start, stay flat on the gas all the way into fourth gear and hard off center/clutch kick my car hard into the first corner!! I would try to get as much speed as possible so i could do  as early an entry as possible!

Qualifying went very well, I ended up 2nd! That paired me up against Dbag in his new S15 in the first round. His car just didn’t seem to have the speed mine was making and i took the win.

Up next was Dave Briggs. My speeds in qualifying were about 10kph faster than his, so i figured I had a bit of an edge. Both laps were clean, but I was closer on my following lap, giving me the win.

Goin into the top 4, I had to go against fellow  ae86 driver  Greig Basdeo. He was looking quick all weekend and I knew this would be a fun round! My lead lap I nailed all the clips and gained a gap on Greig, following him, I stayed close and he was a bit off line so I was awarded the win to the finals!

In the finals it would be me versus Mark Landreville. We have done battle many times, but I always seem to get the edge on him, and this time was no different! I was first to lead and held nothing back! I looked back after the last corner and saw that Mark was about 2 car lengths behind…

My following lap was my best lap of the day! I stayed within a half a car length of him through the whole course and was awarded the win!!

I was pretty stoked!!lol

Also, in the background there, was DA’s Mike Edwards, he was a guest judge for the weekend and overall just a cool dude!

Of Course, without the team, none of this would be possible, so thank you all so very much!!

Also gotta thank all my sponsors Kumho Tires, Bully Clutch, Vibrant Performance, Visual Sugar and u2ndyno!

Up next for me will be round 4 of XDC in NewJersy. I’m bringin my A game and I can’t wait!!

See ya’ll there!!


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