June 28th, 2010

Sup Wrecked!! Got the new Cyrious Productions jam all finished up and ready for consumption. Check it out!


Brad Carlton does DMCC RND 2

June 27th, 2010

Hi Wrecked I’m Brad Carlton and I drive the Black and Silver S13

Dmcc Rnd 2 took place in Montmagny Quebec Canada. This is my second time being here and the Track is awesome!
Practice went well i was experimenting with different kinds of tires and suspension settings it was working well!

Sunday was wet all morning but I was loving it! car felt like it had 500hp and still had lots of grip.

qualifying came around and the morning practice proved to be deceiving! I came out in a 7th place qualification not my best but it got us into the show!
First round top 16 I faced Greig Basdeo a driver of the ae86 with the F20 power plant…. no slouch, we went into a one more time and I came out with the win.

Into the Top 8 I was matched up against Matt Waldin,I fought hard but he came out on top.

I would like to thank all my sponsors, HSD suspension,JRP,Bully Clutch and Visual Sugar Media!

I will keep you posted on the next track day July 11th!

DMCC Round 2

June 24th, 2010

Well heres my first blog post on wrecked, and i figured theres no better time to do it than after my victory at round 2 DMCC that went down last weekend!!

For all those who don’t know me, My name is Pat Cyr,  and this is my F20 turbo AE86

The Drift Posse pit setup, the S13 is Brad Carltons

Saturday practice went great! The car was working awesome, the kumho tires were practically on fire, everything felt really good! We decided to shut things down early and save the car for day 2.

Day 2 we woke up to rain, and the forecast was calling for it all day…. I dont mind drifting in the rain, the only problem i was having was that i would get smoked off the line, I just could not get the car to get traction out of the hole, once sideways though, traction was decent enough to gain back some ground.

luckily for us, the rain stopped just before qualifying, and never came back! My crew chief Mark and I before my first qualifying run

I ended up qualifying in 5th, not as great as I wanted but good enough i guess

my first battle was against Maxime Truchon. This is his second year in the series. I knew my car was a bit faster and if i kept it clean, i would be able to take him. the judges thought the same and gave me the win

In the great 8 I went against Bob Patinka. This was his first Pro event, and he was doin great to make it into the top 8.  On my lead lap I drove a deep, fast line, and gained a gap on Bob.

My Following lap I stuck with him and he spun goin into the center section of the track. In the top 4 battle, I got Matt Waldin. Matt and I have battled many times, and I always enjoy going against him. I knew that I couldn’t take this battle easy, and I laid it all on the line! My following lap I stuck to him as close as possible, it felt like a great lap and i was friggin pumped for my lead lap! I went into the first bank I think the highest I had done all weekend! Hit all the clips, and pretty much flew through the course! The judges figured I did it better and gave me the win!

At that point, I felt unstoppable going into the finals! The last battle of the day was with Marc Landreville. He was looking consistent all day, but I knew he didn’t have my speed. Once again, I drove at maximum attack, and got awarded the win!!That was the warmest champagne I had ever tasted, but it was soooo good!!

crew shot!!

overall it was a great weekend and a great event!

My Bro, Cyrious production, doin his thing with our home made exhaust tube camera track!

Mark and I doin a little wiper repair

My mechanic “little” Brad was shreddin up the BMX all weekend

My girlfriend sportin the Kumho/driftposse hat!

The Driftposse crew chillin on the wall

On the way home we stopped at this crazy hotel for a pit stop. They had all sorts of cool shit here!

Drift Posse and visual sugar? lolwtf lol

Big thanks to all my sponsors Kumho Tires, Bully Clutch, Vibrant Performance and Visual Sugar!

Cant wait for round 3!!

DMCC Round 1 video – Cyrious Productions

June 15th, 2010

‘Sup Wrecked!! I cut together this video of the first round of Drift Mania competition shortly after the event happened. I’m pretty happy with this edit, with it being my first full HD project and actually coming together pretty nicely. Enough about me, though, let’s watch some drifting! Enjoy!

- Dan Cyr (Cyrious Productions)

Drift Posse Invades Wrecked!!

June 14th, 2010

We’ve been in the drifting business for a few years now, but as a team things have really started falling into place over the past couple of years. The first member of Drift Posse to enter the professional drifting scene is Pat Cyr, who made his way to Drift Mania Canadian Championships in 2007 and has been stirring things up since then at D1GPUSA as well as the Street Life Tour in 2009. Pat is currently driving an F20 Turbo powered Toyota Corolla AE86.

Brad Carlton would follow shortly after, joining the Drift Posse ranks and entering DMCC in 2009. Brad’s trip up the pro rankings in ’09 proved to be a rough one, but he still ended up with a Top 10 overall rank in his first year, showing that there may indeed be something funny in the water here in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. And with a 3rd place finish in the first round of DMCC competition in 2010, Brad is telling everyone that he’s most definitely here to stay. Brad is currently driving an SR20 powered S13.

Peter Chrisikopoulos is the most recent member of Drift Posse to earn his Pro Driver license. Peter’s spent a couple years doing pro-am and grassroots events, and has decided that he is ready to prove himself as a Top 10 contender in DMCC this year. Peter is currently driving a SR20 powered S13 coupe.

Needless to say, everybody on the team is pumped for what promises to be the best season yet, and you better believe that you’ll be seeing every last word, video, and picture of it here on Wrecked!!

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