Step 1: Buy the Differential…..DONE

The first thing here is to understand that there are a few types of differentials to choose from.   There is a 3.3 ratio from all the automatics, 350z and g35s.  There are VLSD forms of both of these…not 100% on the 3.3s though.

I chose the 3.53 diff out of a base model…..BIG MISTAKE because all the aftermarket diffs require the output flanges out of the VLSD, so you might as well start with the VLSD, its a little more money, but less than buying new output flanges. My mistake, but I got a diff from an 07 with almost 0 miles on it, so whatever.

Chris from KAAZ is really giving me a helping hand getting the correct output flanges.  The customer service at KAAZ is great and it’s worth dealing with them for sure, and if you give them a call to tell them they are awesome, tell them you heard it from me.  Back to the story.

OK, so I heard the backing plate from the 240sx will bolt to the 350z, NOT TRUE, not in my case anyway.  I will say the dimensional placement of the single rear mounting bolt is in the same location as the 240sx, so I think it’ll fit. The front mounting flanges are about an inch wider that the 240, so I will be making a bracket that bolts to the subframe and the diff will bolt the the bracket.  And as far as the input flange goes, I am guessing you can drill out the same bolt pattern for the 240 drive shaft. I will let you know tomorrow.