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Odi Bakchis and Ryan Tuerck Make Contact at Formula Drift Media Day


The incident that left Ryan Tuerck’s Scion FR-S looking worse for wear was made by contact from behind by Odi Bakchis. Reports have told us that Odi had a power steering failure which caused him to slide into Ryan Tuerck creating this much damage to him. Ryan ended up towing his car off on a tow truck to get fixed locally. Odi’s car took way less damage in the whole bang up as well and he should be good to go for Friday without any issues.

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KE70 vs. AE86 at Nikko Circuit [VIDEO]

Shot at Nikko Circuit by Noriyaro this video features a KE70 vs. AE86 video which has 4+ minutes of tandem drifting featuring Manabu Mitsumori and Takuya Takahashi along with some friends in pursuit. The guys are at Nikko Circuit in the video which involves some door banging fun.

Justin Pawlak Wall Rides of Long Beach


Justin Pawlak compiled this wall ride photo of him tagging the Streets of Long Beach outside clipping point wall from 2009, 2011, and 2013. His 2013 Formula Drift season wound up in a bit of a disaster when he went too deep in his first qualifying run and wrecked the car. His team at RTS did get it repaired so he could make his second qualifying pass. Here are some videos to boot with these amazing pictures.

2009 Formula Drift Long Beach Wall Tap

2011 Formula Drift Long Beach Qualifying Run

2013 Formula Drift Media Day (First Run off the Rig)

2013 Formula Drift Qualifying Run 1 with Crash

Andy Grey and Levi Clarke Crash at ADGP Round 3 [VIDEO]

Here is a video captured of the crash between Andy Grey and Levi Clarke from the ADGP Round 3 at Sydney Motorsport Park event over the past weekend. This Final Four tandem battle saw Andy Gray spin, giving win to Levi but collision has caused damage to both cars! It seemed like neither drivers would make it to the next round but both cars got mended in time to advance into the finals and third place battle.

Ryan Kado’s Big Fire During Night Practice at Formula Drift Texas [VIDEO]

The guys at Drift Idiot caught the big moment and threw it up on Instagram. Ryan Kado’s team was full hands on deck when I walked by so I cannot confirm but I would imagine this was a fuel related or fuel line issue. The car went up in flames in an instant with huge rooster tails of flame balls flying past the trunk. What an insane look at Ryan Kado’s Nissan 350z from this weekend. Course workers got the fire put out relatively quickly. I see if his team works through the night that they could be running in Top 32 tomorrow.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. On Car Camera Against Daigo Saito [VIDEO]

Here is the contact from a Vaughn Gittin Jr. POV between Daigo Saito and him during Formula Drift Palm Beach. It is really insane to just see the smoke that Lexus SC430 puts out when you are trying to follow behind him. Formula Drift has moved into the contact sport category in 2013 with all of these insane tandem battles during into maximum destruction. What do you think of this battle after viewing this POV view?


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Guest Blogs About the Fredric Aasbo Battle

Photo Credit: Larry Chen

Here is what happened from my perspective. It obviously was an Insane situation for both Fredric and myself. From inside the car here is what I saw and feel happened.

I initiated along with Fredric, then all of a sudden the rear of his car was coming back towards me rather than maintaining the angle we both initially tossed out. I tried to adjust to not hit him and that adjustment pulled me out of drift because my wheels were counter steered when the car gripped up we made contact. Once contact was made and I jumped his hood the car landed with some momentum. I then kicked the clutch and stayed in it completing the course.

From the video it is clear Fredric “double initiated” and in that split second you can see of the video of his car straightening back up before he really flicks it out.When I say the “rear of his car was coming back at me” that is when that happened.

Its not that I was not expecting him to initiate early at all. You can clearly see I followed his lead when he initiated. Aasbo is not hard to sync with because how he clearly does a big weight transfer prior to initiation.

After the run Frederic and I laughed and talked about it on grid. He admitted his misjudged the course and went in too slow and entered a bit early and apologized to me.

I completely understand the challenge that was ahead of him leading first as the grip was very inconsistent given the on and off rain. 3 options would have happened given the scenario and no way to test the track due to FD rules. It could have been to slick and he could have landed in the kitty litter or he could have guessed perfect OR what happened could have happened (coming up short). He chose the safest smartest route and the significant grip the track still had caught him out and then me because I was doing my job which is to follow the lead car. Bottom line is that he misjudged the grip levels out there and led us in too slow and initiated to early, which is why he had to toss it twice to get it in drift. I did everything I could to avoid contact initially which actually backfired a bit as everyone has seen. When the contact passed and the car was still moving I stayed in it and completed the course.

I did not break his car like everyone assumes and in fact nothing happened that I am aware of (besides some panel damage) and his toe alignment which he fixed. Mine was out about 1 inch but we chose to not fix it and save our 5 minute ruling. He blew his 3rd gear on his chase run and that is why he got a 0 on the second half of it putting us into a one more time battle which I clearly won.

I have huge respect for Fredric and his team. They could have taken the easy way out and just said they couldn’t fix the car, but instead they wanted to battle it out.

I am pretty surprised that we both were able to hold it together and complete the course. I am also impressed that Fredric and I didn’t even seem to miss a beat and continued the battle! Just goes to show the commitment we both have out there!

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Videos [OPEN MEDIA THREAD]

We know tons of videos are going to be released over the next few days so this is an open media thread. Feel free to use our contact form to submit a video or drop one in the comments and we will keep this thread ongoing. The feature video above is a piece put together by Mark Lenardon and is one awesome compilation video highlighting all of the events from Round 1.

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Media Day
Ryan Tuerck Testing his 2JZ Retaks Scion FR-S:
Jhonnathan Castro – Nissan 350z Hood Flies Up Mid Drift
Justin Pawlak’s First Run of 2013- LoreninHD
Wrecked Magazine YouTube Playlist from Media Day

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Practice/Qualifying Day
Keep Drifting Fun – Will Roegge RAW Footage
Justin Pawlak’s Big Crash on First Qualifying Run (BeardLife)
Justin Pawlak and Matt Field Qualifying Crash (AWfilms)
Ryan Tuerck Crash from GoPro – NetworkA
Conrad Grunewald Talks About Long Beach and New Sponsors – Lifeblasters
Matt Powers Sit Down with My Life at Speed – Not Great Audio
Brandon Wicknick Practice Runs (In Car)
Brandon Wicknick Slow Motion by LoreninHD

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Main Event
DSTROYR Clothing at Round 1
Driven to Drift by Scion Racing
GoPro at Streets of Long Beach with Tyler McQuarrie and J.R. Hildebrand
Hoonigan Team at Round 1
Joon Maeng Recap by Nexus Visuals
Monster Drift with Vaughn Gittin Jr.
State of Stance Rolly Dee – Preview

Trevor Dowdall Flips his S14 at Just Drift Round 1 @ Balcony

Something you don’t expect to see everyday is a 240sx on its roof at Willow Springs Balcony track. The driver is Trevor Dowdall from Menifee, California who took his Godspeed sponsored S14 and put it on its roof. We haven’t had a chance to talk with anyone who witnessed the crash happen (just some people at the event) but we imagine he car get this thing back together tonight with some help and persistance. Hopefully someone has video we can see soon!

Source: Instagrams from Lex_King_24 , amdrift , gunmetalr32

More Awesome Triple Tandem Drifting from Japan [VIDEO]

We just assume that you guys never get tired of watching these crazy videos from Japan’s grassroots scene because we never do at the Wrecked Magazine office. Even with poking around this YouTube owner’s blog I still really couldn’t figure out much information about the video event or what track they were at but just sit back and enjoy this one anyway.