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Chris Forsberg: Road Atlanta Video Diary

Video Diary: Chris Forsberg Wins ATL!

A quick video made with the Flip HD camera of Chris Forsberg’s rise to victory at Formula Drift Round 2 in Road Atlanta. A quick little piece that lacks Drifting excitement but shows some cool views of the Formula Drift behind the scenes angle. Enjoy this one.

Watch the video:!

Justin Pawlak – Quick Interview on Formula D Atlanta

Justin Pawlak at Road Atlanta

Check out this interview with Justin Pawlak! While he is still in his trusty old Mazda Rx-7 as of Round 2 he sat down with us to chat on his performance at Round 2. Even since his bust out performance at Irwindale back in 2007 he seems to be unstoppable! Check out his runs against Matt Waldin and some of his qualifying from Round 2 of Formula Drift.

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2009 East Coast All-Star Bash Flyer

Matt Petty ( a resident blogger here at Wrecked Magazine) sent us a flyer to the East Coast All-Star Bash event that is going down May 30th-31st at Englishtown Raceway in New Jersey. One of the most noted grassroots events to get thrown down yearly we had to put this great flyer up. Matt Petty and the guys mocked this flyer off a 1950’s Trenton International Speedway flyer and we love it.

This event is also a benefit for Camila Bible in memory of her father and Drift Alliance brother Rich Bible who recently past away. So come out, have a blast and support a good cause next weekend in New Jersey, it will help you get fired up for Formula Drift Wall, consider it pre gaming!

R32 Skyline Slides Through Japanese Mountians

R32 Skyline Slides Through the Mountains of Japan

Found this nice camcorder piece of a sick sounding R32 Nissan Skyline sliding through what looks to be the mountians of Japan. Not much information came with the video but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, check it out!

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Ryuji Miki Transport Accident [Formula Drift]

Ryuji Miki’s Mazda Rx-7 Transport Accident

Once the Hankook rig arrived at Formula D Round 2 in Atlanta they discovered Ryuji Miki’s flat black Mazda Rx-7 had shifted off the top wheel path of the rig and fell into the center gap with his rear wheel. Thankfully the car lodged itself like that because I couldn’t imagine how much damange it would have caused if it rolled back and forth the whole trip. The damage to the rig and Rx-7 would have been rough. Thankfully everything was okay and Ryuji drove this same weekend.

Watch the video:

Michael Essa Vs. Tyler McQuarrie at Formula D [VIDEO]

Michael Essa Vs. Tyler McQuarrie at Formula D Atlanta – In Car Video

Michael Essa in his TechTrix Mazda Rx-7 has captured some amazing in car video of his tandem battle at Formula Drift Atlanta. Some great driving by this up and coming driver Michael Essa! Make sure to keep an eye on this guy for the rest of the 2009 season.

Watch the video:

Clash Production with a JDM All Stars Round 2 Teaser

JDM Allstars Round 2 – Teaser

Clash Productions has got in a 2009 groove now and they are pumping out some amazing videos and teasers for the new Drifting season. This one is from the JDM All Star series which left us begging for more footage from the event. Some multi car tandem action at high speeds really gives the video a nice hook. Also notice the gorgeous Falken Tires BMW rocking the heritage wrap for the team, I love it!

Watch the video:—teaser-

Tanner Foust at Formula Drift Atlanta [SLOW MOTION]

Tanner Foust Slow Motion Highlight from Formula D Atlanta

A great video we put together of Tanner Foust making a practice run on Friday afternoon. The video is cranked way down for a great slow motion film that makes this AEM x Rockstar Energy Scion tC look amazing! You can watch him lock up his front wheels, imput steering, and watch the smoke fly everywhere has he comes down the hill in this wonderful piece of footage.

Watch the video:

Bergenholtz Mazda Rx-8 Still Missing from Track but Appears on Dyno

Bergenholtz Mazda Rx-8 on the Dyno

While this car has been missing from action still on the Formula D track we found this video of it on the dyno at APEX’i. Justin Pawlak’s future Formula Drift ride is looking pretty mean however we wonder if he will be driving it at all in the 2009 season? Asking Justin and other it seems that everyone is being pretty tight lipped about the project…we are hoping to see it in Las Vegas but who knows?

Watch the video:

The Evolution of the Drifting Fan!

Over the past few years Drifting has grown in the United States in a way that everyone has noticed. One element of the sport that does not get recognized in growth is the fan base and loyalty of the fans at the events. Formula D Atlanta this past week marked the loudest I have ever heard a crowd get over calls being made. Fans were “booing” when they didn’t like the results of a run or action made and other fans brought cowbells and air horns for when they got excited.

On top of all that it was the first time I saw posters flying in the air around the grandstands. A sign that said “Brake Check” and another “T. Angelo Saved Drifting” were found being hoisted up during competition at the event. We only have five rounds left this year somehow but I want to encourage all the fans out there to bring posters, air horns, cow bells along with any other fun materials to keep the energy alive in 2009!