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Ryan Tuerck Debuts 2016 Formula Drift Toyota with Gumout

Ryan Tuerck debuts his 2016 Formula Drift livery showing off his new tire company (Hankook Tire) and his big title sponsor Gumout. The unveiling was done via Twitch TV with Forza Motorsport. Tuerck has seemingly left the Retaks camp for 2016 and is now running the team more on his own from what we have seen. He retains other partners from years past including WiseFab and Disc Brakes Australia. Ryan and his program are now official Scion Racing by Toyota members as well which was announced earlier this month.

RyanTuerck2016.Forza5 RyanTuerck2016.Top

Charles Ng Shows off his Infiniti G37 WiseFab Kit in Pre Season Testing

This new WiseFab kit looks pretty insane after seeing it in testing with Charles Ng here at Willow Springs. The flick on the car is pretty insane. This new kit just arriving in the USA is for the Nissan 370z and Infiniti G37 platform. We will see in just over a month how the kit seems to work and hold up in Formula Drift competition. It will be interesting to see if Charles Ng shoots up the competition leaderboard in 2016 as other drivers such as Ken Gushi seemed to win more battles once switching to WiseFab.

Ryan Tuerck at Drift All-Stars Estonia This Weekend in Fail Crew S13



Ryan Tuerck is in Estonia this weekend competing at Drift All-Stars in Estonia. You can follow along with qualifying tomorrow and the race on Saturday to see how Ryan Tuerck holds up in this awesome S13 chassis. We will of course keep you updated on Wrecked over the weekend about his performance as well!

Juha Rintanen Coming to Formula Drift for Round 4


Planning to make his debut at Formula Drift New Jersey is European drifting star Juha Rintanen. He sent us video today of him loading up this Silvia above onto a container as it heads across the Atlantic Ocean. His plan is to run the last four Formula Drift rounds in America so you can see him at Texas, Seattle, or Irwindale. Juha was born in 1983 and hails from Hämeenlinna, Finland. His accomplishments include a Finnish Championship, NEZ Drift Championship and the recent Drift Allstars European Championship. He is bringing a Silvia packing a 700hp 2JZ engine to help him compete in Formula Drift. 


Photo Source: AClightaddicted

Ingemars Jekabson 2014 Build Preview – A E64 BMW 6-Series



The European drift scene has officially gone off the deep end I tell you! Some of the builds the continent has been releasing this year are just out of this world. This build from Ingemars Jekabson in Latvia might just take the cake however for awesomeness. He is build a E64 BMW 6-Series swapping the BMW motor out for a Chevrolet LS3 crate engine that he plans to twin turbo. The car as you can see in the second photo has been retrofitted to run a WiseFab kit. Ingemars finished second last year at the Drift All-Stars Riga round and we hope to see this car in action there this year! 

James Deane Testing his 2JZ S14 Nissan 240sx [VIDEO]


James Deane leaks the first video of himself testing his newly built 2JZ powered Nissan 240sx. The testing went down at Kart World Adventure Centre in Cork, Ireland. James car looks pretty insane in testing and is featuring WiseFab suspension on the new build.


Watch the video:

Ryan Tuerck’s Retaks FR-S and Mike Essa’s E46 show off their liveries while testing [SNAPSHOT]



This week was a busy week as Kyle Mohan, Alec Hohnadell, Carl Rydquist, and Odi Bakchis all showed off their new liveries. As this weekend is the final weekend to test before Formula D Long Beach, we’ve gotten word that many drivers are at the track testing and tuning. Both Ryan Tuerck and Mike Essa took to their social media to showoff their new liveries.

For Essa, the new livery was previewed earlier this winter with new sponsor New Egg on the door and Essa Autosport replacing GSR Autosport as the title sponsor. Essa retains Yokohama Tires, Turbo by Garrett, and Bilstein Suspension in a livery that definitely stands out for being more geometric than his past liveries.


For Tuerck, he keeps a similar yellow and orange color scheme and Fifteen52 wheels as he ran last season, but showed off his new Wisefab steering angle kit along with a more linear line-based livery. With Matt Field switching from Maxxis to Nitto, Tuerck is the lone Maxxis driver in the series.

Which driver has your favorite livery so far for the 2014 season?

Odi Bakchis – Wrecked Weekly Episode #19 [VIDEO]

We grabbed Odi Bakchis at Tech Day to talk about his transition into Nitto Tire for the 2014 season along with his reworked 240sx. Odi mentions he focuses on adding horsepower every season but isn’t quite on board with the 1,000hp+ wars that are going on in the series right now. Odi talks about the return of anti-squad in 2014 for his build and how WiseFab is going to help him get through the 2014 season. Tune in next week where we catch up with rookie Tyler Wolfson!

Odi Bakchis Makes it Clear What He Thinks of the Horsepower Wars


Odi Bakchis has his car currently in Las Vegas over at 702 Graphis getting his 2014 wrap done. The car is undergoing some serious changes and a motor upgrade for the 2014 season. Odi’s new build does fall quite short of this magical 1,000hp everyone seems to be aiming to break for the new season however. His car has more color than ever it seems from this preview and a brand new tire sponsorship with Nitto. In fact, Odi Bakchis sits down with us for Wrecked Weekly this week and dishes a ton on suspension setups at the pro level!

WiseFab in Development of Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 Kit



The guys at WiseFab previewed these front and rear knuckles that are currently in development for the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. These full aluminum and light knuckles will be ready for Formula Drift Long Beach and street legal. WiseFab tells us that Ryan Tuerck will be running these in his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion.  It also seems Fredric Aasbo will be doing some product development testing with what we assume is one of his overseas Toyota 86 builds.