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2013 Formula Drift Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 3 [RESULTS]

Another Vegas Drift is in the books putting the Pro Am series almost to a close for the 2013 season. Round 3 at LVMS finished off early today with some familiar former Formula Drift names taking the top podium spots. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Mauricio Ornelas
2. Cyrus Martinez
3. Spike Chen


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2013 Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 2 – Aftermath [RESULTS]

Vegas Drift Round 2 took place over the Easter holiday weekend at LVMS drawing another huge crowd and tons of drivers from the southwest. Round 2 also saw a completely fresh podium compared to Round 1 recently. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Spike Chen
2. Mike Fulkerson
3. Christopher Soehren

Dan Brockett Goes Airborne at Vegas Drift [IMAGES]

Dan Brockett went airborne and took off in his S13 at Vegas Drift Round 2 this weeekend and Grant Buchanan (gfbphoto) captured the sequence in these photographs. If you want to learn more about Dan Brockett he was highlighted in Issue 25 of Wrecked Magazine as one of many drivers who gained a Formula Drift license during 2012. Feel free to go ahead and read his interview here. From what we have heard Dan is doing alright but we aren’t 100% sure on how the 240sx faired through the whole airborne flight.



2013 Formula Drift Vegas Pro Am Round 1 [RESULTS]

As the cold weather set in on Las Vegas Motor Speedway for this February Round 1 event it looked like Jim Guthrie was going to dominate the weekend taking his Ford Mustang to first place in qualifying without an issue. Jim Guthrie spun however in his tandem battle against Daniel Kuo which was the 16th qualifier.

Tanner Baer impressed us in his Mazda Miata but was knocked out in the Top 4 against Garrett Nikolich. Joe Haven on the other side of the ladder including long time Vegas Drift driver Joshua Guild. Joshua Guild then defeated Tanner to take home third place. Garrett was then given the victory since Joe Haven had a vehicle malfunction just as the final tandem round kicked off. Here is how they finished:

1st- Garrett Nikolich
2nd- Joe Haven
3rd- Tanner Baer
4th- Joshua Guild

2013 Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 1 [GALLERY]

Sit back and watch how the freezing Nevada desert was woken up by Vegas Drift Round 1 on the road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Joey Redmond was on the scene to capture Top 16 tandem round coverage that kicks off the Pro Am season in 2013. We ran into stealth bombers, Danny George, Corey Hosford, and some grip racers during the big event.

Check out all the Photos:

Issue 25 of Wrecked Magazine Is Released [READ IT]

Issue 25 of Wrecked Magazine highlights all the newly Formula Drift licensed drivers of 2013! We highlight Dan Savage, Nate Hamilton, Tyler Wolfson, and an additional 20+ drifters who are making moves for the 13 season. We install an ACT Clutch in our 2013 Ford Mustang RTR and let people know how we liked it after putting some test miles on it. Rathyna Gomer guest interviews Kelsey Rowlings for our new Girl on Girl segment introducing us to female drifters around the world. To wrap it all up we talk with Vegas Drift and they tell you what it takes to become a Pro Am driver in the current drift world.


Check out the New Issue:


Chris “POW” Billedo Takes Godspeed S14 to Vegas Pro Am in 2013

If you walked around the 2012 SEMA Show outside you probably set eyes on this flat black and red S14 built by Godspeed. The car is built with a 2JZe engine that is projected to make around 600-800hp. Chris Billedo has been competing in Time Attack and is now making the transition into drifting. He will be competing in the Vegas Drift Formula D Pro Am series with the car and developing his talents in drifting. After talking with Chris at Godspeed they already have some partners on the build including Clutch Masters and Turbo By Garrett to help them make it through this first drift season.


Vegas Drift ProAm Round 4 [RESULTS]

Somehow in all the craziness of Vegas, we didn’t get a chance to post the final results of the ProAm event that happened at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Vegas Drift pulled off another great event, and was able to showcase the talent of several local drivers on the same course as the Formula D pro drivers. Here are the results of the final round of Vegas Drift ProAm 2012:

1st – Forrest Wang – Las Vegas, NV
2nd – Eric Hill – Huntington Beach, CA
3rd – Brandon Wicknick – Layton, UT
4th – Andy Hateley – Malibu, CA

Collision between Forrest Wang and Andy Hateley takes to Facebook

Andy Hateley and Forrest Wang both have a plethora of experience, and both have driven in Formula D previously. The semifinal run between these two drivers at Vegas ProAm at Las Vegas Motor Speedway resulted in a car-to-car collision between Wang and Hateley when Wang was leading. Hateley was forced to retire due to the damage to his car, but both drivers earned licenses in Formula D. A photographer posted an image on Facebook, tagging both drivers, where the above comment exchange ensued between both drivers. We don’t create the drama, we simply report on it.

Jim Guthrie flips his Ford Mustang in Vegas [VIDEO]

We found this scary video of Jim Guthrie’s crash during the Vegas Drift ProAm event at Las Vegas. Guthrie totaled the LS1-powered FD RX7 he was driving in Formula D last year at Irwindale, and it appears that this car will be written off as well. Fortunately, Guthrie was able to walk away from this crash unharmed, a testament to the rollcage design as well as the safety of the tire barrier that was added to the wall.