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Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 2 – Full Top 16 [VIDEO]

Winding Studio shot and captured the Top 16 of Vegas Drift Round 2 in Phoenix. The video is just a RAW consumption video of the drivers running down from the 16 to podium. In case you were wondering how the podium finished we have a results recap right here.

2014 Vegas Drift Round 2 [Results]


The second round of the Vegas Drift Pro Am series took place in Phoenix at the Wild Horse Pass West Road Course today. Check out who took the top three spots on the podium -

1st Place – Brandon Patterson
2nd Place – Mauricio Ornales
3rd Place – Spike Chen

Photo Taken by: Jarod Deanda

2014 Formula Drift Pro Am – Comprehensive List of All Series [SCHEDULE]


Mark your calendars! This year is loaded with an overabundance of Formula Drift (FD) licensing Pro-Am events. Check out all 37 events (in chronological order) for the 2014 season:

January 18 – Vegas Drift /LVMS  ORC / Round 1 / Las Vegas, NV

March 1-2  - Golden Gate Drift / Stockton 99 Speedway / Round 1 / Stockton, CA

March 8 – Vegas Drift / Wild Hose Pass West Road Course / Round 2 / Phoenix, AZ

March 22 – Lone Star Drift / Gulf Greyhound Park/ Round 1 / La Marque, TX

March 29-30 – Top Drift / WSIR @ Balcony / Round 1 / Rosamond, CA

April 12 – Midwest Drift Union / Gateway Motorsports Park / Round 1 / St. Louis, MO

April 13 – Evergreen Drift / Evergreen Speedway  / Round 1 / Monroe, WA

April 19 – Golden Gate Drift / Stockton 99 Speedway / Round 2 / Stockton, CA

April 19 – Lone Star Drift / Mineral Wells Airport / Round 2 / Mineral Wells, TX

April 27 – Vegas Drift / LVMS ORC / Round 3 / Las Vegas, NV

May 11 – Streetwise Drift / Gresham Motorsports Park / Round 1 / Jefferson, GA

May 17 – Lone Star Drift / Texas Gulf Greyhound Park / Round 3 / La Marque, TX

May 18 – Evergreen Drift / Evergreen Speedway / Round 2 / Monroe, WA

May 24-24 – Top Drift / WSIR @ Horse Thief Mile / Round 2 / Rosamond, CA

May 31 – Vegas Drift / LVMS / Round 4 / Las Vegas, NV

June 7-8 – US Drift / Summit Point Raceway / Round 1 / Summit Point, WV

June 22 – Evergreen Drift / Evergreen Speedway / Round 3 / Monroe, WA

June 27-28 – Streetwise Drift / Orlando Speed World / Round 2/ Orlando, FL

June 28-29 – Top Drift / TBA / Round 3 / TBA

July 12 – Lone Start Drift / Mineral Wells Airport / Round 5 / Mineral Wells, TX

July 12 – Streetwise Drift / Virginia International Raceway / Round 3 / Alton, VA

July 18-19 – US Drift / New Jersey Motorsports Park / Round 2 / Millville, NJ

July 20 – Evergreen Drift / Evergreen Speedway / Round 4 / Monroe, WA

July 26-27 – Golden Gate Drift / Stockton 99 Speedway / Round 3 / Stockton, CA

August 16 – Midwest Drift Union / Streets of Detroit / Round 4 / Detroit, MI

August 22-23 – Top Drift / WSIR @ Speedway / Round 4 / Rosamond, CA

August 24 – Evergreen Drift / Evergreen Speedway / Round 5 / Monroe, WA

August 30-31 – US Drift / Road Atlanta  / Round 3 / Braselton, GA

September 13 – Streetwise Drift / Road Atlanta  / Round 4  / Braselton, CA

September 20 – Vegas Drift/ LVMS ORC / Round 5 / Las Vegas, NV

September 20-21 – US Drift / Street Life Tour (Killkare Raceway) / Round 4 / Xenia, OH

September 27-28 – Golden Gate Drift / Stockton 99 Speedway / Round 4 / Stockton, CA

October 4 – Midwest Drift Union/ Lucas Oil Raceway / Round 5 / Indianapolis, IN

October 4-5 – US Drift / Virginia International Raceway / Round 5 / Alton, VA

*TBA Events

Midwest Drift Union / Round 2

Midwest Drift Union / Round 3

Lone Start Drift / Round 4

2014 Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 1 at LVMS


Vegas Drift started their season early this year, opening with Vegas ProAm Round 1 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this past weekend on January 18, 2014. Nick Dizon of Vegas Drift had the genius idea of hosting the first round in the winter months, enabling drivers to give all instead of underperforming due to the sweltering Vegas spring and summer heat. Also another genius idea, was the addition of a “media judge” to the judging panel. Each round, this would give a seasoned media personality a chance to experience the tough decisions a drift judge has to make. This round, I would be that guy, and let me tell you, judging isn’t as easy as I thought it was!


A large group of 49 drivers from all over the continent registered and gave their all to get some points early in the season. Once qualifying was all said and done, 16 skilled drivers moved on to the Top 16 competition.


Kasey King and Alex Heilbrunn were the first pair of drivers to go out and battle. Kasey was able to defeat Alex and move on to the Great 8.


The next pair out were Mike Fulkerson and Joe Tardiff. Joe’s V8 S13 suffered mechanical issues in the drive train, so Mike Fulkerson moved on to the Great 8 with ease.


2011 Vegas ProAm competitor and former Formula Drift license holder, Mauricio Ornelas, took to the track against Ethan Hunter. Ethan Hunter was able to put together a solid enough run to defeat Mauricio and move on to the 8.


16 year old Riley Fremont took on Brian Saip, and moved on to fight again. Riley is a driver to watch as he grows and gains experience.


Wild man AJ Galant faced Brandon Patterson, who amazingly hasn’t seen any track time for 2 years. AJ fought hard, but it was Brandon who moved on to the Great 8.


Faruk Kugay and George Kiriakopoulos lined up and took to drifting. The judges awarded Faruk the win after a short battle.


All the way from Washington, Cameron Moore faced Mikey Stark in an exciting battle, and went “One More Time” twice, until Cameron was decided the victor by nearly a hair.


Freshly FD licensed Spike Chen went head to head with Josh McQuire. Spike was able to impress judges and keep moving forward in the competition.


Moving on into the Great 8, Mike Fulkerson would face Kasey King. Fans of Mike were concerned that being underpowered, he wouldn’t be able to take out Kasey. Mike Fulkerson did just that, and grabbed a spot in the Final 4.


The next battle in the Great 8 was Riley Fremont against Ethan Hunter. Riley straightened on his lead run, which gave Ethan a for sure win and moved him on.


Brandon Patterson met Faruk Kugay at the line and continued his streak after Faruk put rubber in the dirt coming out of the last turn.


Spike Chen and Cameron Moore created a stir when there was car to car contact at the beginning of the run. Spike left the track, but came back to battle Cameron twice after a OMT call by the judges. Spike Chen was able to move on after Cameron suffered mechanical failure from beating on his car all day.


Spike Chen hit the track shortly after his battle with Cameron Moore to meet with Brandon Patterson in the battle that would take the winner to the fight for 1st place. Things didn’t go as Spike had planned, with Brandon knocking him out and sending him to fight in the battle for 3rd place with the loser of the next pair.


Mike Fulkerson and Ethan Hunter went OMT in their battle to Final 4. Fulkerson would knock Hunter out, sending him to the 3rd place battle against Spike Chen .


Wasting no time as the sun had set on Vegas, Spike Chen and Ethan Hunter took to battle with 3rd place on the line. The judges awarded Spike with the win, earning him 3rd place in round 1.


In one last battle, Mike Fulkerson met Brandon Patterson in a heated driving match for 1st place. In the end, Mike Fulkerson was not able to hold off hard charging Brandon Patterson, and took 2nd place.


Here is the bracket above breaking down all the tandem battles from Round 1 (full size link here). Below is how the Top 16 qualified with the driver location and score.
Qualifying Order / Car Number / Location / Score
1 41 Heilbrunn, Alex California 85
2 48 Gallant, AJ Nevada 82
3 7 Stark, Mikey Nevada 81.3
4 38 Ornnelas, Mauricio California 81.2
5 16 Saip, Brian Nevada 81.1
6 40 Chen, Spike California 76
7 25 Kugay, Faruk California 73
8 27 Tardiff, Joe California 72
9 29 Fulkersen, Mike Utah 71
10 219 Kiriakopoulos, George Nevada 70
11 63 Mcguire, Josh California 69
12 17 Fremont, Riley South Dakota 69
13 37 Hunter, Ethan Colorado 68
14 33 Moore, Camron Washington 66
15 21 Patterson, Brandon California 64
16 8 King, King Colorado 64

2014 Vegas Drift Round 1 [RESULTS]


The early starting Vegas Drift season finished up just over an hour ago and the podium finishers are in. Thanks to our reporter on the scene David Karey we got this podium photo along with some details of how the guys finished up. He will be compiling a full report from Round 1 very soon. This is how the podium wound up:

1. Brandon Patterson
2. Mike Fulkerson
3. Spike Chen

Vegas Drift Kicks Off This Weekend – 3 Formula Drift Drivers Set as Judges


The Vegas Drift series has the earliest start date of all the Pro Am series in America with Round 1 kicking off this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The three judges announced for this series are Danny George (20th in 2013), Forrest Wang (17th in 2013), and former Formula Drift driver Tommy Suell.

Keep up with Drift Events Around the World with our Find a Drift Event Calendar:

2014 Vegas Drift Season is Here [SCHEDULE]

Check out the 2014 Vegas Drift schedule just released today! The guys have 12 events spanning the whole year with a 5 round Pro Am series featuring one round in Arizona at the former Firebird Raceway. Here is how the Vegas Drift series stacks up which they confirm have no conflicts Golden Gate or Just Drift for 2014.


January 18th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 1
January 26th- Wild Horse Pass (Former Firebird)
February 16th- Bakersfield, California with Import Face-Off
March 8th- Wild Horse Pass Road Course – Pro Am Round 2
April 27th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 3
May 4th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – Import Face-Off + Mini Comp
May 31st- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 4
July 26th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – “Night” Practice Event
August 30th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – “Night” Practice Event
September 20th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 5
November 15th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Practice Event
December 5th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway / “Best of Vegas Mini Comp”

2013 Vegas Drift Formula Drift License Winners [RESULTS]

With the fourth round of Vegas Drift in the books it closes out the 2013 Vegas Drift season and leaves four drivers with a Formula Drift license in 2014. Here are the big winners from the Vegas Drift series:

1. Spiken Chen
2. Garret Nikolich
3. Shawn Smith
4. Michael Fulkerson

2013 Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 4 [RESULTS]

Round 4 of Vegas Drift finished up over the Labor Day weekend with some top notch performances at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The outside road course was the challenge tasked for Round 4 and three drivers came out of it with a podium finish. Here is how it wound up:

1st- Spike Chen – (Nissan 240sx S13)
2nd- Shawn Smith (Mazda Rx-7)
3rd- Jim Guthrie (Ford Mustang)

2013 Formula Drift Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 3 [RESULTS]

Another Vegas Drift is in the books putting the Pro Am series almost to a close for the 2013 season. Round 3 at LVMS finished off early today with some familiar former Formula Drift names taking the top podium spots. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Mauricio Ornelas
2. Cyrus Martinez
3. Spike Chen


Photo Credit: