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Drift UAE Round 4 at Yas Marina Circuit [RESULTS]


This weekend the Drift UAE season came to an end at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The Formula 1 track makes a great backdrop for some big action drifting! The Toyota Emirates Drift team driver Ahmed Alamiry with his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 took the victory. Here is how the podium finished for Round 4:
1. Ahmed Alamiry
2.Fredrick Aasland
3.Ahmad Daham
4.Sami Haidar

Fredric Aasbo’s European Toyota 86-X Has New Look+Sponsor for 2014

Drifting.Toyota86 FredricAasbo.86.HighRear FredricAasbo.86X

Fredric Aasbo got a new look to his Toyota 86-X for the 2014 season in Europe. The car brings on Toyota Express Service on a sponsor and maintains the relationship with Speedhunters. Not sure what events he will be attending around Europe this drift season but we are sure you will see this car in action soon!

WiseFab in Development of Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 Kit



The guys at WiseFab previewed these front and rear knuckles that are currently in development for the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. These full aluminum and light knuckles will be ready for Formula Drift Long Beach and street legal. WiseFab tells us that Ryan Tuerck will be running these in his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion.  It also seems Fredric Aasbo will be doing some product development testing with what we assume is one of his overseas Toyota 86 builds.

RS-R Scion FR-S Heading to 2013 Formula Drift Asia with NASCAR V8

Fredric Aasbo today Instagrammed his Formula Drift Asia Australia round beast which happens to be a TRD NASCAR powered V8 engine shoved into a Scion FRS (Toyota 86). The car will do mixed duty between Max Orido and Fredric Aasbo in Formula Drift Asia. The NASCAR engine provides 700hp. Below are some additional views of the

Instagram Sources: Fredric Aasbo and Speedhunters Dino Dalle Carbonare 


Fredric Aasbo’s Toyota 86 with a 2JZ Inside [SNAPSHOT]

On his Facebook Fan Page this morning they posted up the 2JZ engine mocked inside the Toyota 86 (our Scion FR-S in America) which was announced will be debuted at Gatebil. The widebody Toyota 86 will have a Rocket Bunny kit and we published renders of it earlier in the “Toyota 86 Coming to Gatebil with 2JZ” post which you can revisit. The swap doesn’t look that tricky fitment wise so hopefully someone like Tech 2 Motorsports can come out with a 2JZ swap kit for this Toyota 86 just like the kits they have for cars like the Mazda Rx-7 right now. How do you think Fredric Aasbo will fair in this car AND could it possibly be a sneak peak of a new Formula Drift USA build or could they be planning to ship this thing over to America one day. So many questions but Gatebil is coming up so we cannot wait to see this 2JZ Toyota 86 in action.

Fredric Aasbo Announces a 2JZ Powered Toyota 86 for Gatebil in July

Through Speedhunters Facebook tonight Fredric Aasbo has announced that he will be building a 2JZ powered Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S in America) for the big European event Gatebil this coming summer. The car will have great partners such as KW Suspension and ACT Clutch and according to FB a Rocket Bunny kit. Hopefully this car can make its way back to America and be his competition car in Formula Drift. One can at least hope, right? What do you think of this new build?



Another Look at the Hibino Crash from D1GO Odaiba [VIDEO]

The guys at Car@Nifty caught the Hibino crash on film which was spotted by one of our commenters in the photo thread (thanks Steffan) which shows the big run into the turn one wall by Hibino in his Toyota 86. The contact and crash from this video angle doesn’t really look all that bad but his entire rear suspension came off the car in the process so it must of been a bigger impact than it appeared to be.

Hibino Crashes his Toyota 86 at 2012 D1GP Odaiba

The D1 Grand Prix driver Tetsuya Hibino already has given his Toyota 86 one huge love smack on the wall at Odaiba today. We don’t have any more details outside of what we found hunting around the Internet but I am sure video will pop up soon. It looks like Hibino is running Cusco arms on the car. We will provide more reports from the first round of the D1GP as they come out!

Watch 10 Minutes of Max Orido’s V8 Powered Toyota 86 In Action [VIDEO]

Watch some in car footage of Max Orido manhandling his Toyota 86 powered by a Lexus IS-F V8 engine. The car almost seems a tad underpowered compared to the big HP boys of D1GP but perhaps they have some aftermarket ideas cooking for the V8 engine. Sit back virtually with Orido has he man handles this Toyota 86 all around Mobara.

Behind the Scenes of the first Scion FR-S Commercial with Ken Gushi [SNAPSHOTS]

The Scion FR-S has been the biggest buzz of the import car scene in quite some time. Formula Drift announcer Jarod DeAnda went behind the scenes of the commercial shoot and captured all the action from flat black Mercedes SUVS to helicopters with huge cameras on them. Follow the jump below to see a ton of photographs.

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