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Titan Motorsport Rumors Back Strong for 2012 Formula Drift Campaign [RUMORMILL]

Funny story is that last year on September 13, 1010 I made a post called “Titan Motorsport Has Eye on Formula Drift for 2011 [RUMORMILL]” and nothing really came to pass. Just 72 hours before the anniversary of that post the rumors are back again and strong! So either Titan Motorsports just loves getting rumormill posts made about them on our website or they are working hard to get a team together with some former NHRA cars we are told (see above for what kind of Toyota we think it will be). More information is coming around the rumormill this year that they might even be hunting for some young drivers to pilot these Toyota Supra beasts next season.

Titan Motorsports Sponsors Toyota Supra in Europe Driven by Mark Luney

Apparently at Autosport this weekend the Cosworth Drift team unveiled a Toyota Supra sponsored by Maxxis Tires and Titan Motorsports. The driver is not the American known Toyota Supra drifter Fredric Aasbo but in fact Mark Luney. The car will be competing in the 2011 British Drift Championship. The question really is are they going to step up and get involved here in the United States for 2011?



Drift Emporium Not Returning in 2011? [RUMORMILL]

We have gotten some tips that the Drift Emporium program might be gone for the 2011 Formula Drift season. They have had a large presence in the sport for several years by running a multi-car program. This could leave some talent like Takatori and Forrest Wang looking for a ride in 2011. BFG will take a big loss if this is the case by we did take note that they have a long stranding drag racing relationship with Titan Motorsports who is already rumored to be entering Formula Drift in 2011. This to me seems like a great partnership that could form in 2011. What are your thoughts on this team dismantling for 2011? It leaves some possible cheap Formula Drift cars for the marketplace as well?