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Fredric Aasbo Drifts Around Downtown Los Angeles


Fredric Aasbo is set to drop an attack on Downtown Los Angeles with his Scion tC! The video was shot a while back and we hear it will be released next week to the public. We cannot wait to see Aasbo drifting around Los Angeles in what we imagine will be a well put together video. We were lucky enough to score this leaked image from production of the film. We hear Aasbo takes on the LA River and the 6th Street Bridge.

Not the Best 240sx Drifter We Have Seen to Date – Spring Goes Flying at Cameraman [VIDEO]

Street drifting is a horrible idea for almsot anyone looking to have some fun in this day and age. What makes street drifting even worse is when you are prone to understeer like this Nissan 240sx in the video above. Keep it on the track or at least practice in a big parking lot before getting crazy with some daytime street drifting.

Japanese Street Drifting Life [VIDEO]

Here is a three and a half minute video from Maiham-Media taking you around the Japanese street drift scene. This is quite a different street night scene from the BMW M5 street attack video we saw earlier this week. On top of it all this is some of the best shot night street drifting we have seen in some time. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes from the underworld of the Japanese industrial streets.

One Insanely Unsafe BMW M5 Street Drifting Adventure [VIDEO]

We have all watched tons of street drifting videos on the Internet but this BMW M5 might take the cake for crazy street drifting endeavors. Whipping his M5 into traffic, against traffic, and with people walking down the street just seems quite insane. You certainly aren’t getting away with this in Los Angeles, California in 2012. The whole video seems to be prompting some Needfordrive website/social network.

Nakamura of Team Burst Arrested for Street Drifting North of Osaka, Japan

The S13 piloted by one of the most famous Team Burst members Naoki Nakamura was arrested for street drifting just north of Osaka, Japan in Minou. While Nakamura is famous for his Team Burst S13 he also drives the KoyoRad S15 in the D1GP Japan series. Over this past weekend he was arrested by Japanese authorities for street drifting. No word on what his exact legal troubles or charges will be but told 500,000 yen fine (just over $6,000 US) and a two year drivers license suspension. We will try to keep you updated on this story as more information becomes available.


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Street Drifting with the Chicago Crew Risky Devil [VIDEO]

Risky Devil Street Drifting in Chicago

A quick film from Will Roegge highlighting the midwest local crew Risky Devil sliding around the city of Chicago. An amazing quality for a street drifting film which is not very common for non track activities. While it’s a quick one falling around the 90 second mark it will have you hooked.

Watch the video:

Street Drifting in Shinagawa, Japan

In a shipping area in Shinagawa we noticed a lot of tiremarks on the road. So we stopped and met up with some local drifters who just rip up the warehouse district in this area of Japan.A great video for you street Drifting and Japanese drifting fans.

Watch the video:

Bosch Performance Art Site Launched – Videos Inside

Finally Bosch Spark Plugs has given us what we are waiting for!!!!! After all the hot talks last month from Vaughn Gittin shutting down the roads of downtown Los Angeles and ripping them apart in his Falken Tires Ford Mustang! This video and the amazing stuff you will see on this site should make any Mustang owner or Drifting fanatic proud. Don’t miss it and two more videos are due out to release very soon!

See Vaughn Gittin rip through downtown Los Angeles:

Hakone from Initial D’s PS2 Game with real Drifitng Action

I think it’s always really cool when a place you drift in video games can be seen in real life with Drifting action. We found some videos from Hakone which is a track featured in the Initial D video game. We even manged to find a daytime and night video piece for you guys to enjoy.

Drifting at Hakone Daytime Video

Drifting at Hakone On Car Camera Night Time Drifting Video

Video: Osaka Night Drifting

Osaka Night Drifting

Well we have been on somewhat of a Japanese content kick but I couldn’t pass posting this video up. Laurence  from Ziptied hooked us up with this amazing video he shot somewhere undisclosed in Osaka! The video is eight minutes of some insane tandem action around the hills of Osaka, Japan! This video is an oldie but goodie for sure.

Watch the video: Osaka Night Drifting Video