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Look out, Europe! James Deane is practicing his backwards entries [VIDEO]

We asked for it, and we got it! Here’s a quick teaser of James Deane practicing some backwards entries in his SR20-powered Mazda RX7, complete with the new Falken Livery. This car looks great, and James already looks quite comfortable in it. He’s also told us that he may be stopping by an FD event or two to gauge some sponsorship options for 2014…

Source: Vimeo

A video of him shaking down the car can also be found HERE

Joon Maeng is Prepped for Formula D Las Vegas

As most of you guys have realized already is that Joon Maeng is the privateer to watch here in 2009. With a fourth place finish in Atlanta followed by taking down the number one in points (Ryan Tuerck) at Round 3 Wall Speedway in top 32 he has shown he is here to win in 2009. What most of you might not know is that while battling Vaughn Gittin Jr. in top 16 he blew up his motor!

For a privateer who’s car is sitting 2,500 miles away from his home shop that could pose quite some problems. Luckily Joon Maeng has been on the ball and it looks like we will see him at Formula D Round 4 Las Vegas early next month no problem. Nice to see the progress!

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