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How Sikky Saved the Nissan GT-R Rear End

Daigo Saito had some serious issues with his rear end on the Nissan GT-R he brought into Formula Drift. He kept breaking the rear of the car, at least once an event, due to the serious load Formula Drift puts on the car. After the Formula Drift Orlando round of competition, he decided enough was enough and reached out to the guys at Sikky Manufacturing in Maryland to develop a solution that would hold all the power his GT-R puts down. Sikky determined that one of their quick change rear setups would solve the issues and they quickly went to work. After completely tearing down the rear of the car, Sikky scanned the OEM sub frame and sheet metal floor pan with their FARO arm to create a CAD model that would allow them to design the new rear end. The new setup was designed, tested and put through the motions on the computer before any parts were even made. Once the concept was finished and checked out the real fun began.


Sikky started with a OEM R35 GTR sub frame. The new steel pieces that would hold the quick change rear in place were laser cut and bent per their CAD design. Positioned perfectly to account for driveshaft and axles Sikky was able to design a mounting system that would hold this massive rear. The end result is an impressively strong rear that is ready to handle all the abuse Daigo Saito would throw at it the rest of the season. If you just compare the two photos of the rear end you can see how stout they built the new Nissan GT-R rear end.

NissanGTR.OEMrear Sikky.NissanGTR.RearEnd

This buff Sikky sub frame cradles the quick change rear in the proper place and prevented the team from running into any more rear issues for the remainder of the season. The clearance with the sway bar and exhaust are centimeter tight but just managed to work perfectly and fit within the Formula Drift rulebook.

DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed3 DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed2 DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed1

The progression of the Nissan GT-R in Formula Drift has been a slow growth process but with companies like Sikky on the team I can imagine Daigo Saito will be making a championship run sooner than later, perhaps in 2016?

A Look at the Sikky Sub Frame for Your Drift Car


As I was wandering around Long Beach something caught my eye in the Sikky pit area. On display was a highly modded S13 subframe with a massive rear that looked like something you would see in a MAC truck. I had to learn what it was all about. James Evans was there to fill me in on the details. He explained to me that this was one of Sikky’s Quick Change Rear and Subframe setups.

The whole concept behind having a quick change rear on your drift car is that all tracks are different and depending on the course layout you can find yourself in a situation where your gearing is far from ideal. The quick change rear will allow you to make changes to your gear ratio in less than five minutes. There is a limited amount of time to set the car up for each track and the quicker you can get back out on course the better. Changing an entire rear out just doesn’t make sense when there is an option like this. Now Sikky wasn’t the first to start putting these rears into drift cars but they have definitely refined it to a new level and made it into a production part. Having them ready to go on the shelf instead of a custom made to order. What separates the Sikky sub frame and rear set-up from the competitors is the technology and process they use to both develop and manufacture the product. There is a lot of time and effort in the R&D stage to locate the ideal position for the rear. Using the FARO arm they scan the underside of the car, sub frame, mounting points and then create a complete CAD drawing of the back half of each car model they develop a kit for. Then using that info they position the rear perfectly in this 3d precision environment. The end result is optimal angles and clearance of all CV joints, driveshaft’s, and axles as well as perfect placement and alignment. All of this maximizing strength and reliability of their product.


There is much more to properly setting up the rear end than just welding it in place using a tape measure or ruler. Their methods allow the guys at Sikky to get accuracy down to +/- .005 of an inch when placing the rear into the sub frame. The product is engineered and tested to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Sikky sub frame and rear set-ups will take the abuse time and time again which they have shown by running the product in their Formula Drift cars. If you’re looking to gain an edge over the competition then I am convinced the Sikky IRS Sub Frame Kit is what you need! They do offer the quick change rear complete with sub frame and axles as well as separately if you just want to buy the diff or the sub frame on its own. The kit is clearly Formula Drift legal and comes for several car applications. Read the details below for what you get and what car you can place this in.


Kit Info:
– Formula Drift Legal
– Precise placement using our FARO 3D Scanning Arm
– No Sub Frame Core Required
– CAD designed and CNC Machined Mounting Brackets
– Black Powder Coated
– Includes all Necessary Hardware
– Sub Frame available with Sikky Winters IRS Rear or without
– Fuel Cell or Fuel Tank Relocation Required in most applications


Available options:
– Sikky Solid CNC Aluminum Sub Frame Bushings
– Sikky Differential Skid Plate
– Sikky Driveshaft
– Heavy Duty Axles

Currently Available For:
– Nissan S13, S14, and S15
– Nissan 350z and Infiniti G35
– Mazda RX8
– BMW E36
– Toyota FRS/Subaru BRZ
More coming soon!

Rapper Dan Savage Talks About the Journey into Formula Drift

The step into the 2014 Formula Drift season has been no easy or cheap task. With even more dedication to a top notch chassis build and time to test/ tweak a new chassis shall never be underestimated. With missing Long Beach back in April our focus was shifted towards the remainder Pro 1 rounds and also Pro2 now even more seriously. With the addition of Pro2 it really made a great show and more so track experience for us the drivers on track. Most of the Pro2 field is made up of the bottom 32 Pro1 bracket and also some dedicated drivers that are solely competing in Pro2.


The inaugural round of Pro2 in Miami yielded tons of track time and we loved it. The track flowed good and every lap was another one for the books as we gained more and more data on ourselves and opponents. With paid practice for Pro1 and then practice/qualifying for Pro2 there was no excuse to have the line down, and with that qualified 4th overall. For Fridays competition it meant I would face Doug Van Den Brink who was driving a borrowed E46 from Chelsea Denofa. He faced many mechanical problems and wasn’t able to make it to the line. My second round pairing would be Nate Hamilton. we had qualified close to each other but hadn’t practiced together and this showed when the lights went out and I got walked at the line. He had approximately 3-4 cars on me by initiation. This gap was to large for me to make up within my lead run and I lost in the great 8.

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Checking out the Sikky Drift Team [VIDEO]

The Sikky drift team got a late start in this 2014 drifting season but the three drivers are coming into Formula Drift full bore. Rapper Dan Savage has already performed decent in Pro 2 and Pro this year with James Evans and Brad Heyl looking to make a run at the 2014 season as well. Enjoy them running in Pro 2 and Pro Formula Drift this weekend in Seattle.

Rapper Dan Savage Has Front Suspension Issue During Practice


On the debut of his new Mazda Rx-8 it seems some things went wrong during practice as Dan flew down the Road Atlanta hill. Luckily this issue came out in Thursday practice and not qualifying. Here is what it looked like just before Formula Drift practice. Hat tip to Team Rowdy for the picture.

In other practice news Ken Gushi seems to be impressing the most people in attendance and others saying Fredric Aasbo is going really fast around course. Fredric did note they lowered the car and changed some things up just before Road Atlanta.

Rapper Dan Savage – Formula Drift Bound with a Mazda [INTERVIEW]

Dan Savage, better known as Rapper Dan Savage, has recently earned his Formula Drift professional license (no he doesn’t spit rhymes on his free time). Savage drove his way into 4th place in the U.S. Drift Pro-Am Series in his  SIKKY LS3 powered s13 truck. He has been traveling the coast and driving various events while working as a spotter for FD Driver Chelsea Denofa during the 2013 season. Although Savage has earned his FD license in previous years, he’s finally taking the step to drive in the 2014 FD Pro 1 series.

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An Interview with Mike Skudlarek and his Return to Pro Am

Mike Skudlarek out of Plymouth, Michigan has been drifting since 2006. At the age of 16, he came out hard to local Michigan events and started traveling to several Drift Indy events before realizing that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

We had the pleasure to sit down with Mike Skudlarek during a trip to Detroit and find out what’s going on with the Skud Missile in 2013.

Edgar Sarmiento: Hey Mike, seems like we missed you at Long Beach this year. Are you driving
Formula D in 2013?

Mike Skudlarek: After the 2012 season, my team and I evaluated our program options and decided to
take a step back from competing at the pro level. With that said, we do intend to be back
there to mix it up in the near future!

Edgar: What series are you running this year?

MS: Part of our program evaluation included where the team would be based. I lived out
in LA for about 4 months following Round 7 at Irwindale, where I was able to experience
everything that Southern California had to offer, including the chance to drive in the
2012 JustDrift All Star Bash. My intention was to stay in LA until April for Round 1 at
Long Beach in order to get as much seat time as I could during the off-season. By the
time January rolled around, we decided that FD just wasn’t in the cards for 2013. I was
faced with the decision to try to move everything and struggle to make things work in
California, or head back home to the Midwest. I decided that the time wasn’t right for me
to be on the west coast, and that back home in Detroit with my family from the Midwest
Drift Union, was where I wanted to be.

Edgar: I’m sure a lot of our readers can relate to your ups and downs over the past
couple years. How does that make you feel as a driver?

MS: I think most people would look at being in FD for only two years then dropping out
as a failure or something. I see it as anything but a failure! Sure, it was a lot of money
and time… But more importantly, it was a ton of fun, and an experience that I’ll use to
motivate myself to continue the path I’m on.

Edgar: What would you say you learned while your two years in Formula D?

MS: I won’t say I learned everything there is to know about running a championship-
winning program. However, I learned a great deal about what goes on behind the scenes,
and what makes those big name teams work (and no, it’s not just a MM dollars). Most of
it just has to do with being prepared. Prepared to drive when it’s time, prepared to fix the
car when something breaks, having the car prepped before you even think about loading
it onto the trailer to leave for an event, etc. I also learned how important seat time is, a ton
about car setup and the proper build methods, how to act and be professional on and off
track, and I also learned how little I knew coming in to FD as a rookie. I think the most
important thing I learned was that if you aren’t enjoying yourself; it’s not worth doing at all.

Edgar: What would be the best advice you can give to your fellow ProAm drivers
around the World?

MS: It’s great to have goals and dreams, but don’t let those things consume you. Also,
don’t think you’re ready to jump in the shark tank after just one year of Pro-Am,
especially if you barely have the means to even compete in a local/regional series. FD is
expensive, and drifting is here to stay. Take a year, or two, or three. Get your car set up
as if you were in Formula D and practice with it for AT LEAST a season. I wish someone
had made me do that! Talk to current or past FD participants. At the end of the day,
they’re all normal people and are usually super cool and more than willing to help. I think
the most important piece of advice I could give would be to keep a level head- never get
cocky, and let your driving speak for itself.

Edgar: On the lighter side of things Mike, what are some of your hobbies outside of

MS: When I’m not at the track, I’m usually working on building a roll cages, putting a
project car together, or putting parts orders together for my company, Mike Skudlarek
Motorsports. I also work for a really cool home theater company called The Sound
Vision, installing integrated home audio/video systems. When I actually do have “free
time”, I like to bicycle around downtown Detroit on my ’73 Fuji and check out different
historical locations and architecture. It’s pretty crazy to imagine what the city would have
looked like 70 years ago compared to today! I played AAA hockey between the ages of 6
and 16, so I like to get back out on the ice every once in a while as well!

Edgar: If there was one car you could have a joy ride on what would it be and why?

MS: That’s a really tough question, but I think it’d be Chris Forsberg’s 370z. That thing
sounds so wild and manly. It looks like it drives really well, not to mention looks pretty
awesome too! I’d love to romp around town in it for a night! I know that would never
happen, so I guess I’d settle for one of those 4wd TORC trucks haha. Seems like it’d be
pretty fun to jump them, floor it, then do a backwards entry to slow down enough to go
around the corners!

Edgar: Favorite color?

MS: Gray

Edgar: One last question, what’s your favorite movie?

MS: Inglorious Basters or Inception

Edgar: Thanks for your time Mike, this would be a good time for any shout outs you
might have.

First, I’d like to give a huge thank you to my parents. Without them, none of this
would have been possible! Second, I’d like to thank my friends who helped out at events,
lent a hand whenever I needed it, or provided moral support: Ben Kramp, Ryan Nalezyty,
Jake Maturen, Aaron Bledsoe, Brett Kabana, Paul Beiswenger, Alex Lenane, JTP, Jerry
Lint, Jason Schumer, Frank Fardell, Chris Conley, Ryan Clemens, Nick
Swann, Pat Goodin, BG, Geoff Stoneback, Dan Popowich, Mark Lenardon, Brian Casse.
Also, Thanks everybody that came to talk to us and supported or efforts at any of the
events! It really means a lot! I’d also like to thank our sponsors for helping us get a great
program together for 2013! Falken Tire, Exedy Racing Clutch, Canton Racing Products,
Wiseco Pistons, K1 Technologies, Stance Suspension, SPL Parts. Also, a big thanks to
Drift Indy, Midwest Drift Union, Smashed Clothing, MotorCity Drift, and ClubFR for
making drifting happen in the Midwest!

Formula Drift Rookie Joshua Steele is Bringing Miami Vice to 2013

Joshua Steele is a Formula Drift rookie coming out of Texas and bringing all of Don Johnson and Miami Vice straight to the Formula Drift circuit. Joshua is running Kenda Tires and BC coilovers for his inaugural Formula Drift event. He is running a LS7 engine with heads/cam package putting down some serious horsepower (no exact numbers provided). His hobbies include wind surfing and writing music. Ladies, who is interested?

Odi Bakchis Signs Nexen Tire to Title Sponsorship in 2013

Big news from Bakchis Motorsports this weekend is the announcement of a title sponsor for the 2013 season. This sponsorship comes from Nexen Tire who is stepping up from the 2012 season. It looks like M7 Japan is out the door for the new season with Odi but he has a long list of associate sponsors carrying him through the new year. The list of his supporting cast is Torco Advanced Lubricants, 702 Graphics, Feal Suspension, Clutch Masters, DSTROYR, Battle Version, Weir Performance, XXR wheels, and Sikky. It looks like Odi Bakchis will be setup for a good year and hopefully be able to finish off better than the 2012 season which left him with a huge wreck in Las Vegas and failure to qualify at Irwindale Speedway leaving him motivated to come out kicking at Long Beach.

Brad Hettinger Returns to Formula Drift for East Coast Leg

The guys at Luis Martinez Racing are gearing up to put down a half season with Brad Hettinger in this S14 with one huge Daigo Saito sized wing. The car will run Falken Tires with Konig wheels for competition. The car is running a V8 engine with clutch duties put in from SPEC Clutch. The title sponsor they are using for support is Mad Croc Energy which produces an energy drink and gum. Good luck to these guys as they try and dominate the east coast one event at a time.