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Fredric Aasbo Talks Formula Drift and Borgwarner Turbo

Sit back and watch Fredric Aasbo walk through his Formula Drift season, his insanely built Scion tC, and his Borgwarner EFR turbo setup. Fredric Aasbo and Stephan Papadakis took an unpopular engine platform and finished second in the championship this year with the help of these insanely technological EFR turbo kits. Fredric Aasbo has three reasons he loves his setup they have going on included in the video.

Tony Angelo Replica Scion tC Available in Texas [FOR SALE]

Someone built a tribute/replica Scion tC in Texas based on Tony Angelo’s Scion tC. The car only has 84,000 miles on the clock, is a salvage title, and is for $6,500 OBO. Folow the link below for more details on this smoking deal.


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Aasbo’s new changes – 2014 headlights, rear-mount radiator, direct port nitrous

Papadakis Racing is one of those teams that is constantly looking to improve their car. While some believed that Aasbo would be moving to an FR-S this year, the team looks to be re-using the Scion tC2 that they have campaigned for the last two years for at least one more season, with a few major upgrades. The car will be the first Scion tC that the public sees outside of an autoshow with the new 2014 tC headlights, and will also feature a rear-mount radiator setup as well as a direct port Nitrous setup that will boost the already 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque under the hood. Aasbo really looked great all of last season, earning two podium finishes and four top-three qualifying efforts. In the flood of FR-S’s on the grid, this Scion may be the one to watch closest!

Steph Papadakis walks us through Freddy Aasbo’s tC [VIDEO]

Steph Papadakis is no stranger to building high horsepower cars after all his time behind the wheel of his drag racing cars, and the last several drift cars he has built have been quite successful. Fredric Aasbo’s Scion tC is no different, with over 700hp on board. Torco released this video with Steph Papadakis walking us through the tC that has been Aasbo’s competition car for the past two seasons. Aasbo finished 6th overall in 2012, and is likely to be returning in the same car for 2013 which should be quite competitive.¬†

Scion Racing takes us behind the scenes at Wall NJ

Scion Racing is on their fourth season as a manufacturer in drifting, and is supporting the largest roster to date. With Tony Angelo in the tC1, Freddy Aasbo in the tC2, and Ken Gushi in the FR-S, there’s a bit of an internal rivalry among all three teams. Angelo was the highest qualified Scion driver in Palm Beach, but is sitting lowest in the points standings right now. Watch the Scion Racing team as they battle through another tough round in New Jersey.

Ken Gushi’s Old Scion tC in Flat Black with Tony Angelo

The Scion tC formally run by Ken Gushi is now in the hands of Drift Alliance member Tony Angelo. The car has been paint prepped in flat black and is headed out for some testing in the Scion. Hopefully Ton Angelo and his team can make some vast improvements or reliability into this car for his 2012 season. I think he should consider just leaving this thing flat black for the new season, what are your thoughts?

Tony Angelo Stepping into the old Scion Racing tC for 2012 [RUMORMILL]

The Scion Racing tC that ran with Ken Gushi and Hankook Tires for 2011 might not be retired from the sport after all. The rumormill is abuzz this weekend that Drift Alliance member Tony Angelo will be given the tC to run his 2012 season. Not really sure of the Scion tC will have 100% factory support like it did in 2011 with Ken Gushi but we can imagine some of the vehicle sponsors are coming along with the former Formula Drift judge for 2012. This sounds like a great start to the new season for a driver who hasn’t been behind the wheel in Formula Drift for several years. What do you think about Tony Angelo driving this Scion tC?

Ken Gushi Driving Around Japan in a Scion FR-S [VIDEO]

We have been covering the Scion FR-S over and over again over the past few months but it really is the best new release of a drift ready chassis. Ken Gushi when he was in Japan made his own personal video of drifting around in the Scion FR-S. You cannot really hear the audio of him talking very well with his personal camera he mounted on the car. Ken does note that he was asked to not beat on the car very hard so he did take it a little easy. Check below for the 5 minute in car view of Ken Gushi drifting the Scion FR-S (with ease) around this track in Japan. Follow the link below to check out the video.

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Greddy Set to Build Scion FR-S for Ken Gushi in 2012

We have more information on this Scion FR-S build happening with Ken Gushi next season! It sounds like RS*R is taking a backseat like we posted a rumormill of earlier and they have a new company taking over building of the Scion. The Toyota GT-86 has been everywhere this weekend and we documented some production photos of what the car looks like as a production model. With a relationship already in place between Scion Racing and Greddy (see the Scion tC above) it sounds like they are going to call on them to complete the 2012 Scion FR-S build for Ken Gushi. We cannot wait to see what they will cook up for the new drifting season.


Do Black Wheels Give You A Competitive Advantage in Drifting?

One of the biggest talking points I have heard mentioned since the beginning of the season is dark wheels give you a competitive advantage in the sport. The idea is that with black (or extremely dark wheels) the judges cannot actually tell how much angle you are dialing in around the course.

Something that I never got was all the people crying “foul” neglect to realize most of the top teams are not running this setup on the car. Looking down the top 10 in the championship race here is how the wheels they are running:

1. Daijiro Yoshihara (silver)
2. Justin Pawlak (white)
3. Chris Forsberg (white)
4. Darren McNamara (white)
5. Matt Powers (yellow/pink)
6. Tyler McQuarrie (white)
7. Ryan Tuerck (red)
8. Conrad Grunewald (black)
9. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (green)
10. Kyle Mohan (black)

After you look over this list you have to wonder if it really is that big of an advantage or are these top tier drivers just skilled enough they don’t need to exercise the advantage against the other teams? One thing I noticed was the performance put on by Fredric Aasbo. Before the Seattle weekend (when on white wheels) he barely made it out of Top 16 with one Top 8 performance for the year.

Then we come to Evergreen Speedway where Fredric Aasbo had black wheels and drive his way to a third place finish. While I have no doubt in Fredric’s raw talent and ability behind the wheel… it does make you wonder why more teams are not running these wheels for a small advantage? In fact, the local grassroots organization in the New Jersey area (Clubloose) has banned black wheels for sometime in the rule book.

Just some food for thought on a Tuesday afternoon but many people have brought this up as a way to get away with “not producing angle.” Should more teams pick up this motto or should we move towards eliminating dark wheels from the sport all together? In my personal opinion Fredric Aasbo’s car looks way better with the black wheels on his Team Need for Speed ride so I say nice work! How do you feel about this?