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Scion Racing recaps from Irwindale [VIDEO]

Fredric Aasbo:

Ken Gushi:

Entering Saturday’s Top 32 tandem day at Irwindale, it was known that one of the two Scion Racing cars would take home the championship. Aasbo went on to take home both the event win and the championship win, but not without Ken Gushi putting up a big fight. After the event, it became known that Gushi went through several engines during the weekend. These videos from Scion Racing are a great documentation of what went on in both pits.

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Round 3 at Orlando Speed World


10. The Weekend Just Lacked Any Positive Narratives 

You know in sports when some miracle happens and they use that tacky cliche “you couldn’t even script this or write this…”? Well, I do hate that cliche because people can write about aliens, unicorns, and flying cars so putting together a compelling sports narrative with a shocking finish does’t seem that far fetched. This weekend of Formula Drift was the opposite of all that hype and lacked any real positive narratives.

The rain made drifting so slow and robbed us of smoke that we would of been just as entertained watching drivers draw straws to get a win. The home grown hero who cut his teeth at Orlando Speed World known as Pat Goodin couldn’t even qualify due to some car troubles giving this weekend the final nail in a miserable coffin.


9. Pro 2 Has Promise for 2015

Even with the bad weather conditions and a track that seemed hell bent on preventing good tandem drifting I saw that the Pro 2 ranks were far more entertaining than last season. I won’t make a bold proclamation about the Pro 2 season until I see them run at Seattle, but I do really like the builds and some drivers that have come out of the wood work for Pro 2 in 2015. The whole operation seems far more professional and relevant than its first season which I enjoy and shows potential for Pro 2 in the future.


8. Yokoi and his Car Are Growing into Formula Drift

Yokoi and his S15 Silvia look like night and day compared from his driving in Long Beach to Orlando. If it wasn’t for the wild fire coming out of his fuel system (more on that down at  #4) in a battle versus Ryan Tuerck I think he could of won that battle and possibly became the event winner.  Before going out in the Great 8 he managed to beat #1 in points Odi Bakchis in a Road Atlanta rematch. He also made pretty easy work of potential champion Fredric Aasbo in Top 32.

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Fredric Aasbo Talks Formula Drift and Borgwarner Turbo

Sit back and watch Fredric Aasbo walk through his Formula Drift season, his insanely built Scion tC, and his Borgwarner EFR turbo setup. Fredric Aasbo and Stephan Papadakis took an unpopular engine platform and finished second in the championship this year with the help of these insanely technological EFR turbo kits. Fredric Aasbo has three reasons he loves his setup they have going on included in the video.

Ken Gushi’s Scion FR-S for 2014 Formula Drift Season



Ken Gushi’s new Scion Racing FR-S looks pretty awesome for the 2014 Formula Drift season. This is the same grey car that debuted at SEMA but now has a “race” wrap ready to take on Formula Drift. Ken shows off his wide body kit and maintains his big partnerships with Greddy and Hankook for 2014. See more of his car and the whole Scion Racing team in the gallery below.

Check out the Gallery:

Ken Gushi Leaked 2014 Scion FR-S – Swapping to a 2JZ-GTE Engine

Ken Gushi has swapped to a 2JZ-GTE engine for the 2014 Formula Drift season. His new build will be on display in the Scion booth 20313 at the show. For those of you who cannot attend we will take a complete shoot of the car in the booth and have it up on the site early in the week. The Greddy Racing Scion FR-S comes with a 2JZ powerplant swap, a cement grey style paint, and a v2 Rocket Bunny body kit. What do you guys think of his engine swap and new build?

Source: Super Street Magazine

Tony Angelo’s 2013 Formula Drift Scion FR-S First Look

The guys over at Hoonigan Industries put up this shoot of Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S all ready for the 2013 Formula Drift season. Here are a few photos of how the car came out overall. A splash of camo, red bumper, and carbon trunk all tie together his 2013 livery. Tony retired the Scion Racing tC after 2012 and brings out the FR-S with a ton of new partners including Air Force, Turn 14 Distribution, R/T Tuning, and Turbo by Garrett. Here is how the car looks overall.

More Photos Can Be Found Here:

Tony Angelo releases his new livery [SNAPSHOT]

With FD just under 3 days away, Tony Angelo released his new 2013 livery for his Scion FR-S. We’ve had a few sneak peaks at the car so far this off-season, but this livery really sets it off well. Angelo carries over Hankook Tires, Scion Racing, Hoonigan, and Turbo by Garrett from last year, but has some new support from Air Force on the hood and Turn 14 distribution. While several drivers are going with leopard and tiger stripes, Angelo is holding down the snow camo print on his Rocket Bunny kit. The bumper adds a nice bit of pop too, and should help the photographers get some good images on track.

Ken Gushi’s 2013 Scion FR-S Unveiled at Toyota Today

Ken Gushi showed off his 2013 look at Toyota HQ today. This photo is from Instagram user sirbundy who tagged us earlu this morning. A few other images of the car are now circling around and we will gladly add to this post with any other images we get submitted. This is a much more creative wrap compared to his 2012 look. Ken retains Greddy, Hankook, KW Suspension, and Rays Wheels. Ken has some extra horsepower to boot for the new season!

Ken Gushi’s 2013 Scion FR-S is Looking Very 80’s [SNEAK PREVIEW]

We got emailed this image showing off Ken Gushi’s Scion FR-S wrap coming together for the 2013 season. We pointed out that the car was sitting at Greddy all in black from the 2012 white it had. Hankook seems to have a bigger presence or moved placement for the 2013 season. Ken Gushi did an AMA on Reddit today and said he read Wrecked Magazine and loved me so we wish him the best of luck for the 2013 Formula Drift season. Greddy and Scion Racing had a full season to R&D the FR-S program and made some off-season changes to his chassis. What do you think about the new look of Ken’s Scion FR-S?

Scion Racing takes us behind the scenes at Wall NJ

Scion Racing is on their fourth season as a manufacturer in drifting, and is supporting the largest roster to date. With Tony Angelo in the tC1, Freddy Aasbo in the tC2, and Ken Gushi in the FR-S, there’s a bit of an internal rivalry among all three teams. Angelo was the highest qualified Scion driver in Palm Beach, but is sitting lowest in the points standings right now. Watch the Scion Racing team as they battle through another tough round in New Jersey.