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2015 Just Drift – Southern California [SCHEDULE]


The 2015 Just Drift schedule has arrived just before the holiday season! The schedule packs events every single month of the year to keep Southern California Pro Am and drift fans/drivers entertained. All the events take place at Willow Springs but offers a variety of courses to finish off the year. Below is a complete schedule:


2015 Just Drift/Top Drift Schedule
FEB 21-22 – JUSTDRIFT Clinic – Saturday Balcony and Saturday/Sunday Horse Thief Mile
MAR 28-29 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 1 – Balcony Saturday/Sunday
APR 25-26 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 1 – Balcony
MAY 23-24 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 2 – HTM Saturday/Sunday
JUN 13-14 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 2 – HTM
JUN – 19-20 TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 3 – Walt James Oval
JUL 17-18 – TOPDRIFT Limited Round 3 – Willow Speedway Night
AUG 28-29 – TOPDRIFT Formula D Pro Am Round 4 – Willow Speedway Night Drift
SEP 26-27 – JUSTDRIFT CLINIC Balcony Saturday/Sunday – Horse Thief Mile
OCT 17-18 – All-Star Bash 15 Streets of Willow + Horse Thief Mile Saturday/Sunday

Three Palms Drift – New Formula Drift Pro Am Kicks Off Next Week


The newest Pro Am sanctioning body and series found in Southeastern Florida is set to start next weekend in-between the big holidays. The pro class payout is set at $10,000 for first and works its way down to $1,000 for fourth. This Pro Am series will be issuing licenses for Pro 2 after the March 21st round closing out this winter drift season so check it out if you are a driver looking to step up into Pro 2 in the southeast. All events take place at Three Palms Raceway.

2014 Club Loose Season – 4 Venues and 30+ Drift Days [SCHEDULE]


The Club Loose 2014 season kicks off in April with events at Englishtown, Midvale Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and Pittsburgh Raceway Park. Here is where the 36 drift events will take place.

April 5th – Englishtown – Opening Moves
April 13th- Pitt Race
April 18th- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
May 2nd – Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
May 11th- Midvale Speedway
May 24/25th- Englishtown – East Coast Bash
May 31st- Pitt Race
June 13th- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift
June 15th- Midvale Speedway
June 22nd- New Hampshire Motor Speedway
June 27th- Englishtown – Drag Your Drift Car Party
June 28th- Englishtown – Hot Moves
June 29th- Pitt Race
July 4th- Englishtown – Friday Night Independence Party
July 5th- New Hampshire Motor Speedway
July 13th- Midvale Speedway
July 26th- Englishtown – Summer Moves
July 27th- Pitt Race
August 10th- Pitt Race
August 16/17th- New Hampshire Motor Speedway
August 22nd- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
August 31st- Pitt Race
September 6/7th- Englishtown – Freedom Moves
September 14th- New Hampshire Motor Speedway
September 19th- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
September 21st- Midvale Speedway
September 28th- Pitt Race
October 4th- Englishtown – Fall Moves
October 18th- New Hampshire Motor Speedway
October 19th- Pitt Race
October 31st- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
November 9th- Pitt Race
November 21st- Englishtown – Friday Night Drift Party
December 20/21st- Englishtown – Slay Ride

2014 Drift Mania Canadian Championship [SCHEDULE]


The 2014 schedule is finally released for the Canadian series Drift Mania (DMCC).The series features 6 rounds and a warm up event in May. Here is the schedule:

Practice St. Croix (May 24th)
Round 1- St. Croix (June 14th)
Round 2- Montreal TBA (June 28th)
Round 3- Montmagny (July 12th)
Round 4- St. Croix (July 26th)
Round 5- Montmagny (August 16th)
Round 6- SanAir (September 13th)

Midwest Drift Union 2014 Formula Drift Pro Am [SCHEDULE]


The Midwest Drift Union released a 2014 schedule with some TBA rounds but they did bring back Streets of Detroit for the 2014 season. Rounds 2 and 3 have no date or location just yet but August 16th will take over Detroit, Michigan on the streets of the city again! Here is the schedule:


Round 1- Gateway Motorsports Park – St. Louis, MO (4/12)
Round 2- TBA
Round 3- TBA
Round 4- Streets of Detroit – Michigan (8/16)
Round 5- Lucas Oil Raceway – Indianapolis, Indiana (10/04)

2014 Vegas Drift Season is Here [SCHEDULE]

Check out the 2014 Vegas Drift schedule just released today! The guys have 12 events spanning the whole year with a 5 round Pro Am series featuring one round in Arizona at the former Firebird Raceway. Here is how the Vegas Drift series stacks up which they confirm have no conflicts Golden Gate or Just Drift for 2014.


January 18th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 1
January 26th- Wild Horse Pass (Former Firebird)
February 16th- Bakersfield, California with Import Face-Off
March 8th- Wild Horse Pass Road Course – Pro Am Round 2
April 27th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 3
May 4th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – Import Face-Off + Mini Comp
May 31st- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 4
July 26th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – “Night” Practice Event
August 30th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Lot – “Night” Practice Event
September 20th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway ORC – Pro Am Round 5
November 15th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway Practice Event
December 5th- Las Vegas Motor Speedway / “Best of Vegas Mini Comp”

2013 USDrift Formula Drift Pro Am Season with 5 Judges [SCHEDULE]

One of the original founders of the Pro Am series with Drift Association back in 2005 are returning to hold an Am series in the north east. The 2013 schedule is four events and kicks off this month at Englishtown with the guys over at Clubloose. The USDrift crew helped run XDC for a while but officially split ways with the sanctioning body at the beginning of 2013.

The USDrift Pro Am series will feature five judges who include Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg, Matt Petty, Mike Schneider, Dan Summers, and Formula Drift judge Brian Eggert. Two sets of judges will watch the same criteria during qualifying and their scores will be averaged. For example, Judge 1 and 2 are line, Judge 3 and 4 are angle, and Judge 5 is style.  The idea is to eventually have 9 judges, with 3 judges for each criteria and then dropping the outlier scores (highest and lowest).  Tandem format will remain the same and still be majority rules. What do drivers think of this new judging format USDrift is bringing to the table? Below is the schedule for the 2013 season:

May 18th Round 1- Englishtown, New Jersey (Clubloose)
June 14/15th Round 2- Summit Point, West Virginia (Hyperfest)
July 26/27th Round 3- New Jersey Motorsports Park (ARCA)
August 18th Round 4- Summit Point, West Virginia (Drift Nirvana)

2013 Drift Mania Series Goes to 8 Events and Adds Big Payouts [SCHEDULE]

The 2013 Drift Mania series was purchased during the off-season by G1 Tour and the Circuit Ste-Croix before the upcoming season. They are going to eight events and paying out over $187,000 in the 2013 calendar year. They are even bringing back the Canadian Pro Am series for the new year. A note is that the Sanair circuit will be moving to the tri-oval where they plan to achieve the highest speeds in Canada.


Round 1 – Autodrome Montmagny – JUNE 1 & 2 (PRO + PROAM)
Round 2 – Autodrome St-Eustache – JUNE 29 – Evening (PRO + PROAM)
Round 3 – Circuit Riverside Speedway JULY 6 & 7 (PRO + PROAM)
Round 4 – Victoriaville, QC – JULY 21 & 20 / 27 & 28 Rain Date (PRO + PROAM)
Round 5 – Circuit Riverside Speedway – AUGUST 10 – (PRO ONLY)
Round 6 – Autodrome Montmagny – AUGUST 17 Evening (PRO + PROAM)
Round 7 – Autodrome St-Eustache – 1 & 2 SEPTEMBER – Labour Day (PRO + PROAM)
Round 8 – Sanair, St-Pie – SEPTEMBER 14 TOP 32 (COMBINED PRO + PRO AM)

To help drivers, the direction of the DMCC is proud to announce that driver payout in 2013 will be the highest ever seen in a drift championship drift around the world. Totaling more than $ 187,000 the payout structure is the following :

1) $ 10,000
2) $ 4,000
3) $ 2,000
4) $ 500
5-8) $ 250

1) $ 3,000
2) $ 1,500
3) $ 750




The Find an Event Drift Calendar for 2013

We are stacking up drift events for the 2013 season on our Find An Event tab over at Wrecked Magazine. With great series from all over the world added into our calendar such as Formula Drift, Formula Drift Asia, D1GP, D1SL, BDC, EEDC, Drift All-Stars and the Russian Drift Series for the new year. If you see any grassroots or professional series we are missing at Wrecked feel free to submit it to us through the contact form.

Enjoy Find An Event for 2013:

2013 Drift All-Stars European Series [SCHEDULE]

A really awesome seven round series kicks off in April to launch the Drift All-Stars tour of Europe. They are traveling from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, and Poland to complete the 2013 season. Also over the next few weeks we will be announcing the launch of the Southern Hellenic Winter series which will cover Greece/Crete/Cyprus and Turkey. ““This is now a third year in Europe and you can see from the success of the huge attendance of events, location of venues the shift is now on to have the majority of the stops in mainland Europe. 2013 will be a huge step forward with more racetracks and city centre locations and is set to be the biggest year of drifting events to hit Europe yet, ” said Niall Gunn.


Check out Drifting in 2013 All Over the World with our Find an Event Schedule: