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Falken Tire Pulls Darren McNamara out of 350z – Set to Hop in V8 S15 [RUMORMILL]

The guys over at Falken Tire finally have come to the conclusion we hear at Wrecked Magazine to pull Darren McNamara from the left hand drive Nissan 350z as some pretty lackluster performances since crashing the Saturn Sky at Streets of Long Beach. This switch out of the 350z is huge and from what we told cuts him from the ASD program all together.

Two different sources have confirmed however that SPD Metal Works (team who runs 2011 FD Champion Dai Yoshihara S13) will be taking the reigns of the Falken S15 which is now V8 powered. While some drivers like Calvin Wan struggled with the Falken S15 Silvia it was used later by James Deane with great success.

The car is now revamped with a V8 engine since it has seen competition and is also RHD which is the natural driving side Darren McNamara has been driving in during his drift career. The deal seems to still be in the works but we think it will be active by Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Stadium. What does everyone think of this car swap?

Darren McNamara Stepping into Nissan 350z for Road Atlanta

Darren McNamara apparently needs some new transportation for Formula Drift Round 2 after his big crash at Streets of Long Beach which you can watch again by viewing it in this post below. The 350z of controversy is back after a feather shaking Las Vegas last year with Justin Pawlak stepping into it while removing Tyler McQuarrie. Now in 2012  the 350z is collecting dust over at ASD and getting prepped for this debut at Road Atlanta. I am pretty sure this is the first time DMac will be driving LHD in competition. We hope that he will have some time at Lowes Motor Speedway to test before the big event at Road Atlanta in the car. Darren has stepped onto the podium many times in Atlanta so a new car and a huge lack of points in Long Beach really is going to put pressure on him to perform at this event trying to stay championship points relevant.


Darren McNamara’s 2011 Formula Drift Saturn Sky Coupe [SNAPSHOTS]

Falken Tire’s Social Media Site released these photos from testing at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Darren McNamara’s car is the one that looks quite different this go around with it’s hard top. The ASD team looks ready to go for the new season which seems to be quickly approaching.


Darren McNamara’s Saturn Sky Sliding on Forza Motorsports 2

Someone sent this into us and I thought it was quite impressive considering the Saturn Sky isn’t even in Forza Motorsport 2. These die hard Forza 2 players continue to produce amazing vehicles with the skin design. More importantly they keep pumping out great and accurate Formula Drift cars.

Darren McNamra Interview After His First Win [VIDEO]

Darren McNamara Interview after his First Victory

After some second place finishes Darren McNamara finally took his Saturn Sky to a victory at Wall Speedway. The night that belonged to Falken Tires lead Darren to the top after beating Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the finals. Right after Darren stepped off the podium we caught up to him and found out what he had to say on his victory and the upcoming events like Las Vegas.

Watch the video: