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Formula Drift Shows Up on

Currently this video is featured on the homepage of and on the CNN iReport from this past weekend at Formula Drift Wall Speedway. The CNN report talks to Sam Hubinette, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Kyle Mohan, Rhys Millen, ACP, and Charles Ng. Congrats to Formula Drift on the great homepage placement and all the drivers they interviewed during the 6 minute video.

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Formula Drift Round 3 – Wall Speedway – Main Event [GALLERY]

Rhys Millen

Tanner Foust

The main event at Round 3 Wall Speedway put the domination of Falken Tire this season past a fluke and into a reality. They currently hold 1/2 in the championship race and have won every event this year. 786 photos document the main event run by run all the way to the podium which found Daijiro Yoshihara on top for a second round in a row.

Check out the Gallery:

Sam Hubinette Launches

Sam Hubinette launches a new website called that covers everything going on with Sam Hubinette. The site features a blog, photo/video section and details about the Dodge Motorsport drivers. Check out the website if your a Sam Hubinette fan.


Top 16 Tandem Matches for 2010 Formula Drift Road Atlanta

Here are some of the Top 16 tandem battles and a few pit notes from the Top 16. Charles Ng crashed hard and was a wreck tow off to get the event going early. Matt Waldin blew his engine and earned a vehicle malfunction in Fantasy Drift. Ross Petty looked really insane against Kyle Mohan and now faces Ryan Tuerck so that should be interesting. Dean Kearney broke an axle reportedly putting him in the vehicle malfunction list as well.  Here is how the tandem battles line up. Do take note that Daijiro Yoshihara and Patrick Mordaunt met when Dai had his Lexus back in 2009 and was defeated by Patirck Mordaunt. ken Gushi also defeated Tanner Foust in the Top 16 at Road Atlanta last year as well. Will history repeat itself or are some drivers looking for vengeance?

Tandem Battles
Tanner Foust Vs. Ken Gushi
Sam Hubinette Vs.s Chris Forsberg
Daijiro Yoshihara Vs. Patrick Mordaunt
Rhys Millen Vs. Darren McNamara
Ryan Tuerck Vs. Ross Petty
Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vs. Joon Maeng
Conrad Grunewald Vs. Justin Pawlak
Michael Essa Vs. Robbie Nishida

UPDATE: Patrick Mordaunt Replacing Forrest Wang at D1GP Round 2 – Autopolis

We have received official confirmation from Patrick Mordaunt’s manager and father that he will be running at D1GP Autopolis Round 2 this weekend. He will be contending against some of Japan’s top drivers and Formula D champion Sam Hubinette. We will keep you posted on how he qualifies once the results have come in from Japan.

Patrick Mordaunt in Japan with Sam Hubinette and Mike Pollard

This popped up on Sam Hubinette’s Facebook page today and it appears Patrick Mordaunt is out at Autopolis with Mike Pollard and Sam Hubinette. Perhaps he is replacing Forrest Wang on the American Vertex team for this weekend. That seems to be a safe assumption at the moment. We have reached out to his management and received no confirmation yet if he will be driving at D1 this weekend.

Sam Hubinette Driving at D1GP Round 2

Sam Hubinette - Toyota Soarer

Sam Hubinette is returning for D1GP Round 2 Autopolis this weekend. He seems to be going all over the place to drift lately with a crazy schedule while taking the new role of team owner here in 2010. He was beat by the R-Magic Rx-7 in Round 1. We’ll keep you posted on how he does this weekend.

Sam Hubinette’s Top 16 Battle from D1GP Round 1:
Run 1
Run 2

Sam Hubinette Attacks Hollywood Blvd. in the Dodge Challenger [VIDEO]

Sam Hubinette Racing Captures the Challenger on Hollywood Blvd

Sam Hubinette Racing released this great little video focused on him and the Dodge Challenger on Hollywood Blvd. from the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend Hollywood demo. Michael Essa makes a guest appearance in the video drifting in tandem circles with Sam Hubinette. The Dodge Motorsports Challenger was on point as you can see quite a bit of his stunt talents come out in the video.

Watch the video:

Drifting on Hollywood Blvd. in Front of Mann’s Chinese Theater [VIDEO]

Drifting on Hollywood Blvd.

It looks like someone¬† on the Star Walk got shocked by a drifting party that broke out. This is a quick video shot by a fan of Sam Hubinete, Michael Essa, and Justin Pawlak ripping up downtown Hollywood. Living there for a year I don’t think this section of Hollywood Blvd. is ever open between filming, movie premieres, and now drifting.

Watch the video:

Sam Hubinette Testing at Adams Motorsports Park

It looks like Sam Hubinette has his motor under control since we just spotted him testing at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. He has the Dodge Motorsports rig out and made a few passes already in the car and they are currently still at the track.