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Sam Hubinette/NuFormz Dodge Charger [BUY IT NOW]

This was the last car Sam Hubinette stood on top of the podium with back at Summit Point in 2007. The car vanished after that season and resurfaced once in 2008 for the Mexico Demo where it finished second behind Justin Pawlak. After the passing of team owner Sean Carlson the car sat in front of the NHRA Museum in Ponoma, California for some time.

The car is currently listed up on eBay and has a $39,000 price tag on it with reserve not met. If you have the cash you could own this great piece of drifting history. It even has a Hot Wheels replica of it which is for sale in the Wrecked Magazine store.

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Sam Hubinette Not Driving This Weekend at Wall Speedway [CONFIRMED]

SHR finally sent out a press release today that looked more like a personal e-mail written up by Sam Hubinette. What is interesting to me is that he doesn’t mention he will be missing Evergreen Speedway next month in his pursuit for the championship just yet… we highlighted his exit with more information in the rumor mill post we made over the weekend.  Here is what Sam had to say,

“Kenneth will be driving at NJ so that I may participate in the TORC off-road race in Crandon, Wisconson. My back to back wins in the Ram/Mopar/BF Goodrich truck during the last race weekend mean that I am leading the PRO Light division, so I wish to make every effort to win the Championship.”

Sam Hubinette Stepping Out of Formula Drift for Wall and More [RUMORMILL]

Next weekend the Dodge Challenger won’t be fielded by two time Formula Drift champion Samuel Hubinette. After having his worst season in series history he is going to step out for next weeks Round 4 and pursue the Traxxas TORC Off-Road series. Formula Drift rookie Kenneth Moen will be stepping into the Dodge Challenger for at least Wall Speedway next week. They will be doing some testing at Englishtown before the event.

If you look at the Traxxas TORC schedule it also conflicts directly with Round 5 in Seattle. Fans looking to see Sam Hubinette will be disappointed for the next two rounds as he spends time trying to win a TORC championship in a Dodge Ram. This could be a huge opportunity for rookie Kenneth Moen to extend his Formula Drift career. My real question is will Sam Hubinette return for 2012 and I file that under highly unlikely.

Sam Hubinette Takes Home Pro Light Truck Win in TORC Event

Sam Hubinette hopped in this Pro Light Dodge Ram over the Memorial Day weekend in Michigan to race in his first ever TORC (The Off-Road Championship) and the #77 Dodge took home a victory in his first ever outing for the series. The photo above shows Sam Hubinette getting some ridiculous air time in the Dodge as he came off the start line and instantly fought his way to the front of the pack and then never looked back. Here is what Sam had to say about the weekend:

“This weekend couldn’t have gone any better,” said Hübinette, a superstar in the world of drifting, who has now scored wins in his first two career TORC starts. “The Traxxas Racing and Jenkins Brothers Racing team provided an amazing package, a great Ram Truck with an awesome Mopar engine and BFGoodrich Tires to help hook up all that power on the muddy, challenging track.


Sam Hubinette Fails to Qualify for Second Event in a Row

Another horrible weekend for the SHR team falls on them at Road Atlanta. When Sam came down the hill for his first pass he hit about 30-35mph and the engine sounded like it exploded. He drove straight off course and back to the pits scoring a zero. Sam Hubinette posted some photos of the team hard at work on the car before his second qualifying pass which is attached below.

They made it out to the grid before his second qualifying pass. Sam Hubinette flew down the big hill and started a great run. He lined up the horseshoe and as he swung around it the same horrible sound came from the car. Sam ended up gripping the rest of the track and resulted in a second zero for the weekend. The team is no doubt frustrated and going to struggle to keep up with championship points moving forward. A top 5 finish should almost be impossible at this point for Sam which we all know he is capable of from years past.

Dean Kearney Suffers Broken Control Arm in Dodge Viper [SNAPSHOT]

Dean Kearney suffered another problem with his Dodge Viper this weekend. The SHR team has been fighting issues this whole season but with one of the best pit crews in the business they keep getting the cars back on the track. Dean posted this out on twitter showing off the damage done to his Dodge Viper as it is getting fixed. Qualifying is about to kick off here but he should have no problem at least putting down one run. We will update this as qualifying happens for you Dean fans.

UPDATE at 5:27pm: Heard reports that Dean is staged on the grid ready to make qualifying pass #1 already

Sam Hubinette Has Some Small Troubles Already at Road Atlanta

Sam Hubinette looked amazing in practice and after all that time he put in at Irwindale Speedway lately we aren’t that shocked he looks good. The thing is none of us at the office question Sam Hubinette’s raw talent as a driver but this Dodge Challenger has sure been a wild card this season. He stopped in Practice 2 earlier due to a crack in his headers. This is an obvious easy fix but draws concerns of if the car might have some other nightmares looming over it for the weekend.


Dean Kearney Has Engine Problems in the Dodge Viper as Well

According to reports and Dean Kearney they also had some engine problems like his team owner and driving partner Sam Hubinette in the Dodge Challenger. Well apparently Dean had some early week engine troubles as well in the Dodge Viper that have since been all fixed up. The team at SHR had a week from hell but the cars are ready for qualifying tomorrow at Formula Drift Round 1.

Sam Hubinette Loses Oil Pressure in the Dodge Challenger Engine Today

About 30 minutes ago Sam Hubinette took to his twitter account and reported that the Dodge Challenger has lost engine oil pressure today. They have about 50 hours to get the car back in a running fashion for qualifying. The SHR team is fully capable of getting the car back together in that time frame but hopefully problems with the Dodge Challenger don’t plague his whole 2011 season.

Sam Hubinette Testing at El Toro Field [VIDEO]

Sam Hubinette Testing Dodge Challenger at El Toro Field

The new look is out for Sam Hubinette Racing officially as of this week and Sam Hubinette is wasting no time testing the refresh to his Dodge Challenger. We haven’t found any video of his new teammate Dean Kearney in the V-LEDS Dodge Viper but we’ll take what we can get for now! This video came courtesy of Dodge.

Watch the video: