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Clarification around proposed Drift Allstars 96-or-newer rule comes to light


Yesterday, we were able to get in touch with some sources close to Drift Allstars to get some clarification around the proposed 96-and-newer rule that was rumored around the internet over the weekend. Turns out, this rule may not be as harsh as initially understood. The initial post on another website was designed to get some public opinion around the proposed rule, although the post may have been poorly written and mis-interpreted by many, which lead to the quick backlash.

First of all, we are being told that this is a proposed rule that will be phased in over the next two or three years, not a hard-cutoff that will be initiated immediately. Of the nearly 20 drivers who traveled with the series, this rule would only affect two teams. Drivers like Nigel Colfer (1997 180SX) and James Deane (1999 FD RX7) who drive chassis that span years before and after the cutoff both would be safe. Additionally, there may be some flexibility with cars that are a year or two before the cutoff but have been in the same chassis for awhile, this rule is more to push future builds towards newer chassis.

Drift Allstars apparently has a private drivers discussion forum as well, and this idea has been tossed around for awhile now amongst the drivers, and overwhelmingly, drivers are in favor of it. Looking at the FD grid, only one driver in the top 20 would be affected by the rule for sure, with a few drivers in S14’s possibly being affected depending on the actual year of the chassis they drive. Again, the goal of a rule like this is to allow drivers who have been in an S14 to continue to drive their current chassis, but to encourage new builds to be in newer chassis.

We’re told that Drift Allstars will be releasing their schedule shortly, and more clarification will be available at that time.

Bored on Sunday? Watch Corey Hosford Take Apart his S14 Nissan


Former Formula Drift driver Corey Hosford is live streaming him take apart a Nissan 240sx S14 piece by piece in Roofless Garage. Sit back and watch mayhem ensue as they take apart this car in costumes and crack random jokes about various drifting drivers.


Watch Live:

A Complete Review of Just Drift’s Top Drift Round 1


The Top Drift Pro Am 2014 season kicked off this past weekend, March 30, on the balcony of Willow Springs in Rosamond, California. The morning of the main event was cloudy outside with icy winds. Many of us were expecting some rain, but it just didn’t happen. The clouds moved out pretty quickly, while the drivers set off for practice in the first three hours of the day.
After lunch, qualifying began, with somewhere around 60 drivers competing for the top podium. After a few hours of qualifying (there were a lot of drivers), the Top 16 was set.
The first battle starred Alex Heilbrunn and Darin Burgess. Alex took the win in his forrest green s13 coupe.

Eric Martinez went up against Mike Bolanos in the second battle. Martinez managed to take victory over Bolanos’ red s13.
Donovan Brockway faced off with Adam Knapik in the third battle. They stuck fairly close to each other, but Brockway managed to walk away with the win.

In the fourth battle, Daniel Giraldo faced Tyler Page-Howell. Giraldo kept a small gap on his lead run, and stuck close on the follow. He had a great line through both runs and won the match.


Battle five featured Spike Chen, who has been on the podium twice up to this point in the 2014 season, versus Kyle Lumm, the Socal Sidewayz 350Z driver from San Diego. Kyle dirt dropped on the second run, and Spike Chen moved on to the Great 8.


Jason Kim and Cody Sarem battled it out on the tarmac in the sixth face-off. Jason Kim took the win over Cody Sarem, who spun first on the entry during the lead run, and then going into turn 2 on the follow run, spun again.


Dan Burkett faces Drew Ostrowski in the seventh round. On the first run, Ostrowski hit the cones upon entry in his Lexus SC300. Burkett took the win in his FC RX7.

The final battle of the Top 16 came down to Adam Levi and Joe Tardiff. This battle was especially tough to decide a victor. After two “One More Time’s”, Adam Levi took victory over the black sc300. Tardiff spun right at the entry behind the green building.


The tournament moved right into the Great 8 from there. First up was Alex Heilbrunn versus Eric Martinez. They had a good run, but Heilbrunn took the win, and ended the competition for the SC300.


Next up was Daniel Giraldo in his white AE86 versus Donovan Brockway. Daniel pulled away with the better flow and took the win over Brockway’s E30.


Spike Chen went up against Jason Kim in the third Great 8 battle. Both had solid runs, but it seems like Spike Chen was just a little cleaner with way more power and took the win.


Dan Burkett and Adam Levi had the final bout of the Great 8. The two stuck together and were unbelievably close during both runs, but Dan Burkett managed to gain victory over Levi.



The final 4 began. First off were Spike Chen and Dan Burkett. Dan spun into the dirt in the second turn and Chen took the win, assuring him his third podium finish of the season.



Alex Heilbrunn went up against Daniel Giraldo, but both cars experienced difficulty and they both took a 5 minute break. It was a race to see who could finish their car. Miraculously both cars were good enough to race within the 5 minutes. Heilbrunn had lost 3rd gear and Daniel Giraldo broke his shifter lever. Alex Heilbrunn took the win against the Hachi Roku.


Next up, Daniel Giraldo and Dan Burkett duked it out for 3rd place. Giraldo took the win for that, which left us with the undecided factor of the 1st place finisher.

Alex Heilbrunn and Spike Chen, two extremely aggressive drivers, lined up for the winner’s race. It was a heated run, with both drivers choosing aggressive lines; they did an amazing job at staying glued to each other’s doors. When the time for podium came, it was decided that the winner is Alex Heilbrunn! Spike Chen came in second, and Danny Giraldo in third place.



It was amazing to see all of the drivers efforts in the top 16 and qualifying. There was so much smoke being made (mostly by Heilbrunn and Chen), and it was a hot, long weekend. The battles got really aggressive, and it is quite impressive for Alex Heilbrunn to take the win with a missing 3rd gear, as well as for Daniel Giraldo to come back after flux welding his shifter to take 3rd place. I was blown away by the hard work and dedication of the drivers and I can’t wait to see what Round 2 will bring us!


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Dave Briggs Shows off his 2013 Formula Drift S14 powered by a SR20

Dave Briggs showed off his new Achilles / Turbo by Garrett S14 to the 2013 Formula Drift Tech Day crowd and talked to us in an interview (coming soon) about everything going on with his program. He is running a huge horsepower SR20 engine for the 2013 season. We caught it on the dyno last week with this video showing he has some serious horsepower running through this car. Dave Briggs has sent his Nissan 350z for Canada only duty in 2013 with this refreshed S14 ready to take on all comers in Formula Drift for the new year. What do you think of the new look to his Nissan 240sx S14?

Trevor Dowdall Flips his S14 at Just Drift Round 1 @ Balcony

Something you don’t expect to see everyday is a 240sx on its roof at Willow Springs Balcony track. The driver is Trevor Dowdall from Menifee, California who took his Godspeed sponsored S14 and put it on its roof. We haven’t had a chance to talk with anyone who witnessed the crash happen (just some people at the event) but we imagine he car get this thing back together tonight with some help and persistance. Hopefully someone has video we can see soon!

Source: Instagrams from Lex_King_24 , amdrift , gunmetalr32

Gaz Whiter Crashes at D1NZ Round 3 Baypark [VIDEO]

Going a little crazy on entry Gaz Whiter hit the wall with his S14 and then barreled quickly into another set of k-rails pushing one a good 6 inches backwards towards a crowd of rowdy fans who scattered on impact behind the catch fence. Gaz hopped out of the car in the video showing everyone he was alright but that 240sx took quite a lick.

2013 Formula Drift – Darren McNamara in a New V8 powered S14

Falken Tire just announced that Darren McNamara will still be on the drift team in 2013 despite some paddock buzz he would be dropped from the team which we could never really confirm to be a rumormill. It looks like Falken Tire is going to retire that S15 Silvia this winter and debut a new V8 powered S14 for the 2013 Formula Drift season. No word on if SPD Metal Works will be handling the build (who managed his S15 for the end of 2012) or not but it sounds like they have some other news coming out today about Dai Yoshihara so stay tuned.

Brad Hettinger Returns to Formula Drift for East Coast Leg

The guys at Luis Martinez Racing are gearing up to put down a half season with Brad Hettinger in this S14 with one huge Daigo Saito sized wing. The car will run Falken Tires with Konig wheels for competition. The car is running a V8 engine with clutch duties put in from SPEC Clutch. The title sponsor they are using for support is Mad Croc Energy which produces an energy drink and gum. Good luck to these guys as they try and dominate the east coast one event at a time.

A Northwest Grassroots Driver Spotlight – Rob Primo [VIDEO]

This northwestern drifter Rob Primo packs a turbo punch with his 2JZ powered S14 and is on course to get his Formula Drift license in 2012. David Sullivan sits down with him for a video interview and takes a look at him running on the Evergreen Speedway course which is also used for a round of Formula Drift. Meet this driver and keep an eye out for his S14 in the future which has one awesome and unique looking graphics scheme.

Patrick Mordaunt Sending 350z Home – Bringing S14 to Wall Speedway [RUMORMILL]

Patrick Mordaunt’s S14 was loaded up with some other cars for the IRL Texas demo coming up this weekend. Rumor has it with all the engine troubles in his Nissan 350z he is in the process of towing out his Nissan 350z to IRL and swapping cars with his S14 after the IRL demo. Basically he would send his Nissan 350z back to California and then get the S14 to New Jersey quickly so he can qualify. It sounds like a logistical nightmare but doing anything to get a solid working car seems to make the most sense.