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Corey Hosford reviews his Hotlanta experience [VIDEO]

Corey Hosford has been putting out some great videos this year, including his 5-step training video with Chris Forsberg before the season started. His latest video recap from Atlanta includes a fairly-normal weekend recap, followed by some additional antics with his partner-in-crime and spotter Dustin Millard.

Miro Ovcharik – Driver Profile at Road Atlanta [VIDEO]

A New Jersey local Miro Ovcharik has been making his rounds to Drift Mania and Formula Drift recently. Brian Casse sits back and chats with Miro Ovcharik about what he is learned and what his pursuit of drifting is all about. Miro shares that he always wanted to be a professional race car driver and drifting has found him that outlet and opportunity.


Watch the video:

Some New Formula Drift Road Atlanta Wallpapers Added to Site

After shooting some photographs I just loved at Road Atlanta we put some of them into wallpaper form in sizes: 1024×768, 1140×900, 1250×800,1680×105, 1920×1200. The new wallpapers include some tandem battles and a nice compilation of insane entries from Conrad Grunewald, Michael Essa, and Chelsea DeNofa to top off the new wallpapers. Head over to the Wallpapers section and update your desktop today.

Download Wallpapers Here:

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Guest Blogs About the Fredric Aasbo Battle

Photo Credit: Larry Chen

Here is what happened from my perspective. It obviously was an Insane situation for both Fredric and myself. From inside the car here is what I saw and feel happened.

I initiated along with Fredric, then all of a sudden the rear of his car was coming back towards me rather than maintaining the angle we both initially tossed out. I tried to adjust to not hit him and that adjustment pulled me out of drift because my wheels were counter steered when the car gripped up we made contact. Once contact was made and I jumped his hood the car landed with some momentum. I then kicked the clutch and stayed in it completing the course.

From the video it is clear Fredric “double initiated” and in that split second you can see of the video of his car straightening back up before he really flicks it out.When I say the “rear of his car was coming back at me” that is when that happened.

Its not that I was not expecting him to initiate early at all. You can clearly see I followed his lead when he initiated. Aasbo is not hard to sync with because how he clearly does a big weight transfer prior to initiation.

After the run Frederic and I laughed and talked about it on grid. He admitted his misjudged the course and went in too slow and entered a bit early and apologized to me.

I completely understand the challenge that was ahead of him leading first as the grip was very inconsistent given the on and off rain. 3 options would have happened given the scenario and no way to test the track due to FD rules. It could have been to slick and he could have landed in the kitty litter or he could have guessed perfect OR what happened could have happened (coming up short). He chose the safest smartest route and the significant grip the track still had caught him out and then me because I was doing my job which is to follow the lead car. Bottom line is that he misjudged the grip levels out there and led us in too slow and initiated to early, which is why he had to toss it twice to get it in drift. I did everything I could to avoid contact initially which actually backfired a bit as everyone has seen. When the contact passed and the car was still moving I stayed in it and completed the course.

I did not break his car like everyone assumes and in fact nothing happened that I am aware of (besides some panel damage) and his toe alignment which he fixed. Mine was out about 1 inch but we chose to not fix it and save our 5 minute ruling. He blew his 3rd gear on his chase run and that is why he got a 0 on the second half of it putting us into a one more time battle which I clearly won.

I have huge respect for Fredric and his team. They could have taken the easy way out and just said they couldn’t fix the car, but instead they wanted to battle it out.

I am pretty surprised that we both were able to hold it together and complete the course. I am also impressed that Fredric and I didn’t even seem to miss a beat and continued the battle! Just goes to show the commitment we both have out there!

Formula D Atlanta – Vaughn Gittin Jr vs Fredric Aasbo run [VIDEO]

For the second consecutive event, Fredric Aasbo was at the center of the most talked about run of the weekend, this time for a different reason. After a brief sprinkle, Aasbo initiated earlier and perhaps using a different method than Vaughn Gittin Jr expected, and JR ended up driving over the top of the hood of Aasbo’s Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC. During Aasbo’s follow run, Aasbo spun out, which led to a 1-more time, in which JR was able to secure the win and move on, eventually ending up on the podium.

This video was randomly found on Youtube, and there seems to be quite a bit of discussion on the outcome.

2013 Formula Drift Road Atlanta Main Event [GALLERY]

The rain, the tandem battles, and the controversy all consumed Road Atlanta on a Saturday evening in May. With over 600 photographs from today we led from a dry sunny practice, to a cloudy Top 32, into a rainy and dark Top 16. Some drivers such as Michael Essa just powered on through the weekend landing in 4th place and Darren McNamara saw another return to the podium after a cold spell in 2012. Follow the link below to check out all the images and remember you can buy prints or posters of any image you see!


2013 Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta – Tire Manufacturers Championship

Falken Tire extended their lead from Long Beach in the tire championship on the backs of a podium finish from Darren McNamara and a top-8 finish from Justin Pawlak. Nitto remains in second place with the podium finish from JR and top-8 finish from Matt Powers, while Hankook remains in third place. Achilles moves into fourth place, jumping over Yokohama and Nexen.

Here are the standings after two rounds:

1. Falken – 331
2. Nitto – 311
3. Hankook – 271
4. Achilles – 243
5. Nexen – 228.5
6. Yokohama – 220
7. Maxxis – 207

2013 Formula D Round 2 – Road Atlanta [RESULTS]

1st place – Daigo Saito – Achilles Tire Lexus SC430

2nd – Darren McNamara – Falken Tire Nissan S14

3rd – Vaughn Gittin Jr – Monster Energy Nitto Ford Mustang

Justin Pawlak previews the Formula D Atlanta course [VIDEO]

Justin Pawlak did this sweet video walking you through the Road Atlanta course. Last year, he won the event in Atlanta, and he’s qualified third overall for today’s tandem competition. The aerial footage in this video is very cool! We are at the track today, bringing you our own footage including yesterday’s gallery covering practice and qualifying. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Patrick Mordaunt’s Luck Finally Turns Around at Road Atlanta at the Expense of Brandon Wicknick

Brandon Wicknick didn’t do anything this weekend but load up his car, drive across America, and lay down some pretty decent runs in his JZ powered 240sx. He took the 32nd qualifying spot home at during the drivers announcement probably had a feeling that was unrivaled by most in the world as he landed his first Top 32 spot. Sadly for Brandon and his team the qualifying score for Patrick Mordaunt was missed or not counted at first making him miss the Top 32 completely.

Way back in 2009 Patrick Mordaunt was on the tear of his life in his S14 Nissan 240sx running down the likes of Dai Yoshihara and other drifting stars. Then it all came crashing down after Patrick Mordaunt was then omptly DQ’d and stripped of his victory when failing a tire durometer test after his one pass. The tire durometer quickly and quietly disappeared shortly after this debacle and stripped Patrick of what I think was a potential podium.

Patrick doesn’t seem to hold a grudge or be down on this track after I spoke with him quickly yesterday. He didn’t even really seem to think about this 2009 mess after mentioning his history at this track. Luckily history didn’t repeat itself and eliminate him from competition this weekend. Someone got the error quickly and I am unsure who it was but qualifying results were quickly referenced to me as unofficial and then hours later the actual list came out removing Brandon Wicknick from his main event debut. So Patrick’s luck has turned a nice 180 coming into the main event and rookie Brandon Wicknick might have the new Road Atlanta curse.