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Pikes Peak Guide to Spotting the Drifters

While the automotive world has descended on Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend we are trying to not pass out back home at the office from this insane heat wave consuming California. Pikes Peak this year has quite the thumbprint of drifting DNA all around the mountain this weekend. While we aren’t attending we figured we could make a quick guide to spot everyone in the drift world flying up the mountain.

1. Rhys Millen – Insane Tube Chassis Hyundai
Here is Rhys Millen trying once again to set the fastest record up the hill. This car looks crazier than ever and he is running in the unlimited class to set an all time record to the top.

2. Paul Dallenbach – RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe
While Paul is not a Formula Drift driver he is piloting the old Formula Drift chassis of Rhys Millen’s up to the summit of Pikes Peak tomorrow which has now been modified for some climb attack. A quick Google search will show you Paul is mostly famous for that insane start line crash into the trees at Pikes Peak more than anything else we could note. According to his website he was a stunt driver in Fast and the Furious 4 along with over 250 car commercials. He held the hill climb record in 1993 and is a six time winner of the mountain.

3. Ken Gushi – 14k Lexus CCS-R
Ken Gushi is piloting this Lexus ISF-CCSR up the mountain tomorrow. Lexus added 14,000 names of fans to the car in a special promotion to help Ken get up the hill. Ken unveiled this car last year and we did a mini feature on the Lexus CCS-R here on the blog.

4. Toshiki Yoshioka – Formula Drift Subaru BRZ
A tough Formula Drift season so far for Yoshioka who is privateering a program with a nice new Subaru BRZ. With the help of Tomei and some other sponsors he is running a Formula Drift / Pikes Peak program for 2013 with a very small crew.

5. Rod Millen – Electric Toyota
Rod Millen is taking to an electric race Toyota to run the mountain this weekend. His 1994 record stood for sometime as the record of fastest up the hill. Rod also holds the oldest Formula Drift driver to enter an event well into his late 50’s campaigning a Mazda Rx-8 (which was sold to Tony Angelo after his retirement).

6. Andrew Comrie-Picard – Scion Racing Scion XA
ACP didn’t have the best performance in Formula Drift history with his Dodge Viper. The 2010 season wasn’t super kind to him where he only managed to rack up 24.25 points across the whole year. ACP moved on to Rally America with this Scion Racing XA above and is now competing at Pikes Peak.

7. James Robinson – HDP Acura NSX
James Robinson competed for a while in drifting with a HDP Honda Element that was just awesome to watch drift around. The car was mostly seen in the NOPI Drift series and was colored bright orange. Now he is taking this Acura NSX with the help of Honda Performance Development.

Rhys Millen Unveils New Hyundai Genesis Chassis for 2012 [SNAPSHOT]

Rhys Millen has a brand new chassis which just came back for powder-coating for the 2012 Formula Drift season. The car is heading into paint and then getting a nice build up for the 2012 season we are sure. Last year around SEMA we speculated the team might be a two car program for the new year but as far as we can tell that really didn’t get anywhere. We cannot wait to see what he is changing up for the new season!


Rhys Millen Racing Time Attacking a Hyundai Genesis

Time Attack with a RMR Hyundai Genesis

Apparently not everyone thinks time attack is the snooze fest that we do and Formula D driver Rhys Millen has taken to the track for modifying his Hyundai Genesis. Adding his own RMR parts round by round with some magazine editors they find out how much time they can shave off lap times. A pretty cool piece with Formula D Champion Rhys Millen.

Watch the video:

Rhys Millen in his Hyundai Genesis: Formula D First Look

Rhys Millen with his Hyundai Genesis: First Look

Rhys Millen brought his Hyundai Genesis out to the Formula D Media Day which was the first time it was seen sliding in public. His first turn of his first run he put the rear end in the wall with a little tap but it was just some comestic damage. He came back out and put down several solid runs. On his last run of the day he mae some more contact with the tire barrier and had to push the car back into the pits. No matter what I think the RMR team will be ready to throw down some solid qualifying runs and do well for Formula D Round1 this weeekend.

Watch the video:

Rhys Millen Racing 2009 Formula D Trailer Wrap

Daijiro Yoshihara just uploaded the new look to Rhys Millen’s Formula D rig. The new Hyundai Genesis takes a primary location on the rig along with Toyo Tires. Rhys lost Bridgestone at the end of 2008 due to them leaving the sport completely. We have already seen his Hyundai Genesis testing at Willow Springs and an official release at the Chicago Auto Show. The rig has a consistent wrap with the new Hyundai and we are ready to see this thing in action.

Rhys Millen’s Formula D Prepped Hyundai Drifting at Willow Springs

First Video of Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis Drifting

Rhys Millen’s Chicago Auto Show release of his Formula D spec Hyundai Genesis was about the only useful thing to come out of that whole auto show. We received this video from Hyundai of Rhys Millen shaking down the car. Rhys not only looks in control of this machine already he looks super fast around the course. This doesn’t seem to be good news for his competition in 2009.

Watch the video:

Rhys Millen’s Formula D Hyundai Genesis Officially Official

Rhys Millen Hyundai
Well it looks like that render that went up on January 23rd of his Formula D car wasn’t so inaccurate after all. It casued quite a stir in the comments but now with the Chicago Auto Show the cat is out of the bag! We are very pleased to let everyone know that Rhys Millen’s 2009 Formula D Hyundai Genesis project continues to work with Exedy Clutches and is now with AEM Engineering, two of Wrecked Magazine’s sponsors.
Rhys Millen Racing

Rhys Millen is said to also be doing Pike’s Peak for the Hyundai OE team along with his dedication to time attack that we are already aware of from his SEMA 2008 release. Rhys Millen will join a long list of drivers dealing with a new car and setup in 2009 including Tanner Foust (Scion tC), Sam Hubinette (Dodge Challenger), and Daijiro Yoshihara (Lexus IS350). This should help mix the championship points battle up this year in a good way.
Rhys Millen Racing

Formula D now on Verizion Wireless V-Cast!

Recently in a blog post we pointed out that Daijiro Yoshihara and his Pontiac GTO were sporting some Verizon Wireless stickers here. To one better this sponsorship announcement it seems like the mobile phone giant wants to back it’s sponsorship with some activation by hosting Drifting content on it’s V-Cast sports channel. Sadly we have a 3G iPhone like everyone else and might have to sign up for a new Verizon phone at Irwindale just to check out this great content. Anyone on the Verizon network who checks this out we would love feedback and to possibly publish what is going on at this Drifting V-Cast. Just search spots under V-cast.

Check it out Verizon Wireless Customers: