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Kevin Lawrence is your 2017 Pro 2 Champion [FINAL STANDINGS]


Kevin Lawrence is the 2017 Formula Drift Pro 2 champion, taking the championship by just 2 points. Lawrence won the final event in Texas, bookending the season in which he started out on the highest high by winning his hometown event in Orlando but also hitting a season low in Atlanta by not qualifying for the main show. Travis Reeder finished in second after leading the points following rounds 2 and 3 in Atlanta and Seattle respectively. Reeder qualified 9th, but lost his first round tandem battle with Austin Meeks at the Texas season finale.

Following the final standings, the top 8 drivers have earned their Formula Drift Pro 1 licenses for the 2018 season:




Formula Drift capped off their third Pro 2 season with a standalone event in Phoenix, Arizona at Wildhorse Pass Raceway. The event featured a layout somewhat similar to Irwindale, just on a flat road course instead of a banked track. Canadian Marc Landreville capped off a perfect weekend, qualifying first and taking the top position on the podium for the second time this season, having previously pulled off the feat in Orlando.

Here are the results from Formula D Pro 2 Round 4 in Phoenix:

1st – Marc Landreville
2nd – Nate Hamilton
3rd – Dirk Stratton
4th – Dan Burkett

Landreville strung together three event wins and a second place finish en route to the Pro 2 championship and nearly strung together a perfect season. Landreville was unable to compete in the final round in Atlanta due to a collision in the Final 4 that pushed him out of competition, the lone podium finish on the season away from the top step.

The top 8 finishers in the Pro 2 class have earned an invite to compete in the Pro class. Here are the final Pro 2 standings:

1 – Marc Landreville
2 – Jeff Jones
3 – Andrew Lewis
4 – Dirk Stratton
5 – Dan Burkett
6 – Ryan Litteral
7 – Nate Hamilton
8 – Matt Madrigali

2015 Formula D Promotion and Relegation: Irwindale Pro Class Preview


Expanding on yesterday’s Promotion and Relegation preview for the Pro 2 class, today we take a look at Formula D’s top Pro class and who’s at risk of being dropped to the lower class for the 2016 season. We will get into the chase for the 2015 Formula Drift championship with our well-known “What it takes to win” series later this week.

As the top class in the Formula Drift series, there’s no opportunity for ‘promotion’ available. Instead, the top 32 drivers in the series will maintain their Pro class license, while drivers falling below 32nd in the final standings will be relegated to the Pro 2 class. Currently, drivers like Kristaps Bluss, Michael Essa, Jeff Jones, Kyle Mohan, and Nate Hamilton are sitting above the relegation point, while drivers like Marc Landreville, James Evans, Brandon Wicknick, and Mats Baribeau will face possible relegation. For Wicknick and Evans, they are sitting in position to be promoted via the Pro 2 class, so they would be permitted to stay in the Pro class due to the smart decision they made to drive in both series.

Most interestingly, Tanner Foust currently sits in 37th position in the standings due mostly to only participating on a limited schedule. Should Foust make it to the Final Four at Irwindale, he would earn no fewer than 66 points (64 points for tandem plus at least 2 points for qualifying), which would jump him up above the red line as it sits now. However, that still may not be enough as some of the drivers below the current red line may qualify and move up as well. In reality, anything less than a final round appearance for Foust (earning 80 points for second or 100 points for first, plus qualifying points) may put him in a position to be relegated to the Pro 2 class.

Of course, Formula Drift does have a petition process (which is how Foust was permitted to re-enter the series directly into the Pro class), but it is unclear at this time if he would be permitted to remain in the top Pro class given that he petitioned last season.

In 2014, two drivers who stayed above the relegation line chose not to compete in 2015 (Darren McNamara and Ryan Kado). Formula D did NOT permit the 33rd or 34th ranked drivers to move up in the standings and remain in the Pro Class, and were only permitted to compete in Pro 2. We expect this precedent to continue, as the bar has remained the same all season. If you want to stay in the top Pro class, you must finish the season in the top 32 final standings.

In case you want to tally points live at the event, here’s how the Formula Drift championship points are allocated:

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2015 Formula Drift Pro2 Orlando Speedway [RESULTS]


Alex Heilbrunn finished off a perfect event, qualifying first and winning all his tandem battles, to kick off the 2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 season in Orlando. Any Gray looked like the only driver capable of stopping him, but Gray took a shortcut through the infield of the second turn, earning himself a 0 on his chase run.

Here’s a look at the podium:

1st – Alex Heilbrunn – Inca Madness Racing E46 BMW

2nd – Andy Gray – PowerVehicles Toyota JZx100

3rd – Jeff Jones – Hankook Tire DNA Motoring S14

Toshiki Yoshioka to drive Apex’i Lexus SC430, not Kuniaki Takahashi


We stumbled on this photo of Toshiki Yoshioka sitting in the Apex’i Lexus SC430 on social media (complete with his name on the door card and all), and have confirmed with the team that Yoshioka will be driving the car this weekend instead of Takahashi. Yoshioka has missed most of this season in his Subaru BR-Z after placing 24th overall last season, only driving in Texas but failing to qualify. Takahashi came into the season with a lot of hype, but did not live up to it as we noted after Long Beach. Takahashi currently sits in 41st place and will not qualify to compete in Pro 1 next season, being relegated to Pro 2.