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A POV Look Into Drift All-Stars [VIDEO]

Round 3 of the Drift All-Stars Swedish GP gets a POV look from the drivers perspective. His nighttime activities might be a little NSFW for at least strike some caution where you watch. All and all it looks like great times were had up in Scandinavia for the third round of Drift All-Stars this season!

Ryan Kado POV of the Top Qualifying Run in 2013 of 96 [VIDEO]

During the second runs at Wall Speedway I sat on the edge of my seat as Ryan Kado had to drive his way in to secure a Top 32 place giving and he is on my Fantasy team. The run he laid down was insane! So insane, the judges gave him a 96 score. It happens to be the highest score of the 2013 season in qualifying and only 4 points away from perfect. Unlike other series who inflate qualifying scores Formula Drift is normally pretty stingy on allowing people to lock down high scores. Only one 100 score has been given in Formula Drift history to Tanner Foust at Infineon Raceway. This 96 score run is worth a look.

Watch the video:

Vaughn Gittin Jr. On Car Camera Against Daigo Saito [VIDEO]

Here is the contact from a Vaughn Gittin Jr. POV between Daigo Saito and him during Formula Drift Palm Beach. It is really insane to just see the smoke that Lexus SC430 puts out when you are trying to follow behind him. Formula Drift has moved into the contact sport category in 2013 with all of these insane tandem battles during into maximum destruction. What do you think of this battle after viewing this POV view?


Chris Forsberg POV from Club Loose Missile Train [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg had fun over the past weekend at Englishtown running in group tandem battles with other missiles and New Jersey locals at the most recent Clubloose drift weekend. His helmet camera shows Chris changing tires, hitting the track in his S13, and running tandem with drivers such as Eric O’Sullivan (yellow Pontiac Solstice) on the Englishtown Raceway course.


Odi Bakchis Vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Top 32 [VIDEO]

The run before this saw Vaughn Gittin Jr. make a huge mistake going into the first turn of the Long Beach track but this didn’t stop him from putting down one amazing follow run against Odi Bakchis. Big props should go out to the 2011 Rookie of the Year for being unphased on his lead lap as Vaughn Gittin Jr. came knocking on his door with a Ford Mustang making more horsepower than his LS1 powered 240sx. Vaughn has now struggled at Long Beach for the last two years in a row which really will hold him up against another title run.

Dave Briggs Nissan 350z Testing

Check out Dave Briggs showing off his complete ASD built 350z that virtually will replace the retired 350z chassis of Tyler McQuarrie in drifting. It looks like this NASCAR powered chassis is ready to run where ever Dave brings the car. We cannot wait to see him in action for 2012.