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Formula Drift Set to Slow Texas Motor Speedway Way Down


Various reports coming from Texas Motor Speedway today has informed us that track speeds will be greatly reduced this year for Round 6. How is Formula Drift planning to do this? Well, they are going to move the front start line way closer to that strange turn 1 entry. I for one hate this idea and would love to see as much speed as possible coming into that first turn. Regardless of where Formula Drift finalizes the turn one entry point I can only imagine that Round 6 in Texas won’t be as much of a disaster as the 2013 event. In case you forgot, 2013 wound up with the first ever overturned judged ruling in the sports history, an insane amount of dead time due to protested calls, and a record number of protested submitted during one event weekend.

2014 Formula Drift Road Atlanta – Through the Rain – Qualifying [RESULTS]


During a southern downpour qualifying continued and ran 4 hours in time. Drivers were given a tester/feel lap then had to go and make a judged run right after. The track started to dry up about halfway through the second passes which is the result of the big points gap in the scores.

1. Forrest Wang
2. Tyler McQuarrie
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Chris Forsberg
6. Chelsea DeNofa
7. Ken Gushi
8. Fredric Aasbo
9. Conrad Grunewald
10. Jhonnattan Castro
11. Kenneth Moen
12. Kuniaki Takahashi*
13. Odi Bakchis
14. Justin Pawlak
15. Kyle Mohan
16. Daigo Saito
17. Danny George
18. Darren McNamara
19. Pat Goodin
20. Michael Essa
21. Charles Ng
22. Dai Yoshihara
23. Dean Kearney
24. Marc Landerville
25. Matt Field
26. Ryan Kado
27. Alec Hohnadell*
28. Rapper Dan Savage*
29. Patrick Mordaunt
30. Geoff Stoneback*
31. Robbie Nishida
32. Jeff Jones


Top 32 Tandem Battles
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Pat Mordaunt Makes Retaks S13.5 Official for Formula Drift Atlanta

Ryan Tureck 2012 Retaks

Pat Mordaunt took to Facebook today making our rumormill of him with the Retaks S13.5 official for Formula Drift Road Atlanta. I reached out to see if he will be running this car for the full east coast but no official word back from him yet. Interested to see how many sponsors transfer over to this car. We highlighted the issue he might have with his ARK Performance Genesis after it blew two engines at Long Beach.


From Pat Mordaunt “Had a great time testing yesterday for @formuladrift ATL! It’s going to be a crazy round!!”

Pat Mordaunt with the Retaks S13.5?


Pat Mordaunt dropped on social media a few days ago this photo of him sitting in the Retaks S13.5 that has seen many years in Formula Drift. In fact, Toshiki Yoshioka just borrowed it for the Super Drift Challenge last month. Pat would confirm with me that he did not buy the car outright but that is about all he would say. Some people have suggested that Pat Mordaunt will campaign this car instead of the Genesis coupe for the east coast legs of Formula Drift after blowing two engines at Long Beach but that is just speculation. What do you think he is up to with the Retaks 240sx?

Formula Drift Round 1 Bracket Breakdown with Tandem Battles


Here are the Top 32 brackets and we grouped together the potential Top 16 pairings as well. Sit back and get ready for an insane Round 1 of Formula Drift with the new season officially underway. Here is how they are set:


1 Michael Essa vs. 32 Jeremy Richter
16 Patrick Mordaunt vs. 17 Mats Baribeau

8 Chelsea DeNofa vs. 25 Dennis Mertzanis
9 Forrest Wang vs. 24 Carl Rydquist

4 Kenneth Moen vs. 29 Geoff Stoneback
13 Kyle Mohan vs. 20 Robbie Nishida

5 Fredric Aasbo vs. 28 Marc Landerville
12 Conrad Grunewald vs. 21 Jhonnathan Castro


2 Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. 30 Dave Briggs
15 Darren McNamara vs. 18 Dean Kearney

7 Chris Forsberg vs. 25 Daijiro Yoshihara
10 Pat Goodin vs. 23 Daigo Saito

3 Tyler McQuarrie vs. 30 Tony Angelo
14 Odi Bakchis vs. 19 Ken Gushi

6 Justin Pawlak vs. 27 Jeff Jones
12 Ryan Tuerck vs. 22 Alec Hohnadell

ARK Performance Unveils Both Hyundai Genesis Before Tech Day



ARK Performance threw a party to show off the cars of Patrick Mordaunt and Dennis Mertzanis for 2014 Formula Drift. Patrick Mordaunt was first to unveil his Hyundai Genesis. The two cars look similar on the exterior but are built differently on the inside.HyundaiGenesis.V6turbo.Engine HyundaiGenesis.V6turbo

Patrick’s Genesis coupe retained the factory V6 LAMBDA and is actually using the same chassis that Dennis Mertzanis drove in 2013 for Formula Drift but it has a complete refresh. The motor package is a 3.8L V6 bored to a  4.0L Hyundai Lambda V6 turbocharged that makes 700hp/700ft. lbs of torque. This is adding an insane amount of torque from the build last year. Parts by Max has taken care of all the suspension on this car.



Dennis Mertzanis built a new ground up Hyundai Genesis for the 2014 season. The ground up build comes with a Winters Quick Change, dog box, and a Vortech Supercharged LS7 engine that is making 1000hp. His build also features Powered by Max suspension and with a build he told me is very close to his perfect vision of a drift car. This seems to add  pressure for him to preform  at an all time high this season.



A glance at the interior features a SPARCO wheel and Takata Seat/Harness inside the chassis of Dennis Mertzanis. Pat has some slightly different products featuring inside his interior. The cars look good and will be attending Tech Day later today to start the approval process for the season. Neither car is 100% just yet and they will be testing shortly. I interviewed Patrick Mordaunt and Dennis Mertzanis on these builds and the new season over at Wrecked Weekly which you can give a list by clicking here.


Patrick Mordaunt and Dennis Mertzanis – ARK Performance Team – Wrecked Weekly Episode #15 [VIDEO]

Our Wrecked Weekly Episode #15 is coming out a day late due to travel but has a good double punch of drivers for the week. We grab Patrick Mordaunt and Dennis Mertzanis to talk about how they are going to face now being partners in the 2014 Formula Drift season. They have never faced each other in competition but do feel they have a similar driving style. Patrick talks about his move Norcal and how he feels about protests in Formula Drift. These guys seem ready for a big season with the Hyundai Genesis coupe it seems like. Now its time to see if they can perform with the new engine packages and debut at Tech Day in two weeks.



ARK Brings Two Vastly Different Builds to 2014 Formula Drift Team


The guys at ARK are pumping out the PR machine with even more news for the 2014 Formula Drift season. The two car team of Dennis Mertzanis and Patrick Mordaunt will be in matching Hyundai Genesis Legato builds with different engine platforms. Why on earth ARK thinks it is a good idea to field a two car team with vastly different engine platforms is beyond me.

The one common factor is that both engines will be inside a Hyundai Genesis coupe. The first build is a 7.2L GM LS7 engine with a Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharger set to make 1,000hp and 900 ft-lbs. of torque. The second build is a 4.0L Hyundai Lambda V6 turbocharged that makes 700hp/700ft. lbs of torque. From what we understand Dennis will be driving the LS7 car but we will work to confirm that shortly.


Source: Vortech Superchargers

D1GP Japan Driver files for Petition to run Formula Drift in 2014 [RUMORMILL]


While we don’t have many details at this time here is what we do know about a D1GP driver heading into Formula Drift for 2014. A source has told us that a new D1GP driver who has never been in Formula Drift in previous seasons is applying to run in Formula Drift via a petition. D1GP licenses are not recognized by Formula Drift or the FIA so the driver is forced to petition in to Formula Drift based on his merits and experience or face the Pro Am circuits. I can only assume if the rumors are true that Formula Drift will approve the petition.

To take the rumors one more step forward I think it is a good chance he will fill the shoes of the APEX’i Lexus SC430 that Patrick Mordaunt is leaving in 2014. Its an interesting connection someone made and APEX’i has had a history in supporting Japanese drivers. What do you think of the news? Who do you think the D1GP driver could be?


Danny George and Chris Jeanneret – Wrecked Weekly Episode #13

We tried out a new and fun format to Wrecked Weekly where we invited two drivers to come and round table with our writers Jacob Leveton and Joey Redmond.  The round table on topics such as Formula Drift qualifying,  custom kunckles, 2014 engine packages, Honda s2000 chassis, Formula 1 cars, and what tire is Matt Field running in 2014? We looked back on Chris Jeanneret’s crash at Irwindale Speedway and dished about some ways to fix the qualifying format in Formula Drift and more.