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Daigo Saito Wins D1 Grand Prix Round 1


Daigo Saito walked away from Formula Drift in 2016 to focus on the D1 Grand Prix series and it looks like that extra focus has worked. Daigo Saito defeated Kawabata in a great final battle to win the first round of the 2016 D1GP series. I guess his new tire sponsor Wanli has built a solid product and is helping him back on the road to a championship. The D1 and Formula Drift series have some schedule conflicts this season so running both seasons in full was going to be impossible for Daigo Saito.


One of our awesome readers Sanlis, put together an interesting chart on Daigo Saito’s D1GP finishes over the past five seasons and show he has been just a step off the championship.

2011- 2nd Place
2012 – 2nd Place
2013 – 4th Place
2014 – 15th Place
2015 – 2nd Place

Cleary he has been right there as far as a D1 championship in the last 5 years, but retiring from Formula Drift for the season might give him a chance to break that second place streak. Daigo Saito will be able to return to Formula Drift at anytime due to the former champions clause preventing him from being relegated to Pro 2 for next season. Here is how D1GP finished Round 1-

1st – Daigo Saito
2nd – Masato Kawabata
3rd – ideyuki Fujino
4th – Yusuke Kusaba

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Takes on D1GP and Beats Ken Nomura in Top 32

VaughnGittinJrinJapan VaughnGittinJr.D1GP
Years ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. made his name in drifting by winning the D1GP vs. The World event at the famous Irwindale Speedway. This event made several careers including the big thrust of Mad Mike Whiddett into the public spotlight. Vaughn packed his 2015 Mustang RTR into a shipping container and sent it to Tokyo so he could compete at D1GP Odaiba!
It has caused me to do a double take looking at him drifting around Japan and with the D1 Grand Prix series. Part of watching this happen makes me wish drifting had more of a Formula 1 structure that took the series around the world. Our super small budget at Wrecked Magazine wouldn’t like the worldwide travel I am afraid. We will hear more about Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s adventures from Japan soon but we wanted to push out a quick update. After qualifying he drew Ken Nomura in the Top 32 tandem battle.

VaughnGittin.JapanD1 KenNomura.VaughnGittnJr

Vaughn Gittin Jr. managed to beat the Japanese drifting legend Ken Nomura in his R34 Skyline to stay alive in the event. In other news from D1GP Odaiba, Daigo Saito took out his Lamborghini drift car for some demos and did tandem with Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his Mustang. He also lost in Top 32 with the Lamborghini for its big event debut. It sure looks like the fans in Tokyo are getting quite a treat this event.

2015 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 at Odaiba [GALLERY]

D1GrandPrix DaigoSaitoTandem LexusLFA.DriftingMike Boldt has been on the worlds longest vacation in Japan and opted to shoot Round 1 and 2 of D1 Grand Prix for us! The Streets of Tokyo event in Odaiba had some world class tandem along with some unique cars drifting around the course including the debut of the famous TRD V8 powered Lexus LFA and a Tesla Model S.

Check out the Gallery:

2014 D1 Grand Pix Season [SCHEDULE]

The D1 Grand Prix series is looking at 6 round schedule for 2014 at five venues. The series finishes up in Tokyo along with a “D1 Champions” event happening on the same weekend. The series faces more competition around Asia and Japan but is still running a strong series. Here is how the schedule is setup for 2014:

January 10-12 Kick Off Drift (Chiba / Makuhari Messe Special Course)
March 29-30 Round 1 (Fuji Speedway)
May 24-25 Round 2 (Suzuka Circuit)
July 26-27 Round 3 (Autopolis)
August 22-24 Round 4/5 (Ebisu Circuit)
October 17-18 Round 6 (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)
October 19 D1 Champions (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)

Another Crash from D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

This R34 Skyline went for a ride while in tandem with Takahiro Ueno and his BMW. We have been digging around for results from this D1GP weekend and haven’t had any luck landing who was an actual winner and loser just yet. This was the second in several pretty crazy wreck videos we have found over the weekend.

Max Orido Crashes at D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

Max Orido’s Toyota FT-86 is one of the few V8 power plants in D1GP and this run was pretty solid looking until he made contact with the wall and completely just annihilated his car. The driver side suspension was taken clean off on contact with the walls for this parking lot course in the city of Tokyo. Max almost made the full run which would of been quite a high score in the D1 series. Dino Dalle Carbonare, a journalist from Speedhunters, posted this aftermath photo on his Instagram.

Max Orido Takes on D1GP with his V8 powered Toyota 86 [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Max Orido making some passes in his Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) during practice at the D1 Grand Prix event. His V8 engine swap marks the first V8 swapped Toyota 86 found on the market today. Check below at some photographs of the car in the pits and his Lexus V8 engine sitting inside the engine bay.

Max is running the new M7 drink as his door sponsor known as Drive. The guys at M7 are now a partner of Wrecked Magazine for 2012 and also have moved stateside with a driver sponsorship of Odi Bakchis in his S14. Here is a look at the back of Max Orido’s Toyota 86 from the rear with a huge wing and open trunk. Closing out the post highlighting his Toyota 86 first look is a snapshot of the car drifting on the D1 Odaiba course before qualifying took place at the 2012 D1GP Round 1 event.




2012 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 at Odaiba [RESULTS]

Daigo Saito is on fire in the month of April as he took home the win at the first round of D1 Grand Prix in downtown Tokyo tonight. He finished 3rd at Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach last week and leads the Rookie of the Year race because you know he is such a “rookie.” This photo is from an older Tokyo Drift event but Daigo Saito is still running a similar machine. In interviews Daigo has mentioned he won’t be running the full D1GP season and will be dedicated 100% to Formula Drift. This should be good news for the guys who finished behind him in the points today. Here is how the podium stacked up.

1. Daigo Saito
2. Yoshinori Koguchi
3. Masao Suenaga
4. Kazuya Matsukawa

Another Look at the Hibino Crash from D1GO Odaiba [VIDEO]

The guys at Car@Nifty caught the Hibino crash on film which was spotted by one of our commenters in the photo thread (thanks Steffan) which shows the big run into the turn one wall by Hibino in his Toyota 86. The contact and crash from this video angle doesn’t really look all that bad but his entire rear suspension came off the car in the process so it must of been a bigger impact than it appeared to be.

Re-Extreme Blogs About D1GP Favoritism and Bias Still Around in 2011

The postponed D1GP Odaiba event took place over the weekend as drifting was happening all over the world. The guys at the Re-Extreme blog have decided to speak out about the things they don’t like about D1GP this year and how the sponsor favoritism is staying the course in the series. Back in 2009 we reported on a story someone wrote: “The Death of D1 – The Rise and Fall,” and it seems like nothing has really changed in light of the series. Here are a few notes of what Re-Extreme has to say and follow the link to read his whole report.

“It seems the D1 world hasn’t changed since the departure of Dai and Keiichi. Still pleasing the teams with connections and money to offer.

I was looking forward to this year as a fresh start but it seems worse than before.”

It is possible that this is an upset team not making it for the race weekend but this seems to be a common theme flowing from Japan since 2009. That year we witnessed some serious turmoil here in the United States with the series as well before it closed the doors and moved on back to Japan. His blog post has some more details and thoughts on the series bias and unfair judging.

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