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Austin Meeks – Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver [INTERVIEW]

Wrecked Magazine: Who are you and how did you get your Pro 2 license?
Austin Meeks: My Name is Austin Meeks, I have been involved in drifting since 2007 and I earned my Pro 2 license by placing second overall in the best Pro-am series around, US Drift

WM. Can you give us a break down of your car and what sponsors you have on board?

AM: I have a 1995 nissan s14.5 with a magnuson supercharged Chevrolet ls. This year I am partnered up with Committed Service Brand, Achilles tire, Fortune Auto, Cinema Animal Talent, Revolution Brakes, Root’d design, Lucas Oil, and Wisefab.

WM. What track are you most excited about and most nervous to tackle this season?
AM: This year I am most excited about Road Atlanta, It will be the first round of my Formula Drift journey and it’s really close to home so hopefully I’ll have a lot of friends and support there. As far as nerves go, I feel like Texas Motor Speedway would have to take the cake, We were out there last year, and it just appeared to be the most difficult tracks for even some of the more experienced drivers to grasp. So I’d have to say I’m a little nervous, but at the same time stoked to see how I can tackle it.

WM: Can you name one drifter you really want to see in a battle in Pro 2 this year?
AM: This is a tough one for me, Honestly I’m just excited to be out there. Its a completely new field of drivers for me so anyone should be interesting in battle! But just because of where we finished in US Drift last year, I’d love to go head to head with Jonathan Nerren.


WM: Who is your favorite drifter in the world and who to you derive driving inspiration from?
AM: Chris Forsberg was the first professional drifter I ever saw, he was at a demo in NC in his convertible 350z many years ago. When I saw him drive it literally blew my mind and I knew thats what I wanted to do. The drifting community is a great bunch, but i would have to say he’s my favorite solely because he started my addiction. When it comes to inspiration I would have to say Rapper Dan Savage. WE met in 2011 and have become great friends, achieved awesome goals and are still working together now. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude to back it up. He has pushed me to points where I didn’t even imagine. So I would have to thank him for inspiring me and helping me achieve what i have in the past couple of years.

WM: Who do you think will win the Formula Drift Pro Championship this season?
AM: Chelsea Denofa, he is a mad man on track! If his car holds up this year, I definitely think he will be the one everyone is going to have to watch out for, especially coming off of his win at Long Beach. He has tasted victory, and I’m sure he only wants more.


WM: What is one hurdle or headache you ran into during the off-season gearing up for Pro 2? I can only choose one?
AM: Luckily we didn’t have to make any major changes to the car or start from scratch like many other teams have been doing during the off season. So thanks to Committed Service Brand there haven’t really been any issues that I would consider hurdles.

WM: What advice can you give to the upcoming Pro 2 drivers who are currently in Pro Am?
AM: Seat time, enter as many events as you possibly can, and compete with as many drivers as you possibly can. There are so many driving styles right now, and when you get thrown into a new group of drivers it will be super beneficial if you have already taken the time to adapt to a broad range of techniques that can help you overcome anything placed in front of you.

Pat Mordaunt – His New 350z and Konig Wheels for 2015 [VIDEO]

An awesome video reel highlighting Pat Mordaunt’s new Nissan 350z program for the 2015 Formula Drift season. He has looked better than ever this season in the Falken/Drift Paddock 350z.

A Tribute to the Past Women of Formula Drift


Yoshie Shuyama is our first women to highlight on International Woman’s Day because she drove in Formula Drift the longest of all the woman in the series. Yoshie drove this S14 and spent some time in an AE86 Toyota Corolla during her Formula Drift career. She has a few qualifications under her belt in the old Top 32 format and is still seen in the sport today, mostly as the spotter for Taka Aono.


Our second woman to highlight is Amanda Lam. Her purple/pink S13 was anything but subtle as they competed in the 2005 Formula Drift season. She remained pretty quiet in her performance compared to this bright car she built and drove. This was before the Top 32 format so she did fail to qualify for the main event but did come rather close on that weekend.


Nadine Toyoda ran during the 2005 Formula Drift season as well but didn’t quite perform at the same level of Amanda Lam.  During the 2005 Formula Drift season she managed a 20th qualifying spot at Solider Field. After that great finish she had a tough accident at Formula Drift Sonoma in 2005 and never really got back into the swing of things with her bright red Nissan 240sx.


Verena Mei is another lady who danced in Formula Drift. In fact, she even loaned her Nissan 350z to Ryan Tuerck once so he could attempt to qualify after she failed to do so. Verena has kept up her racing career but moved into rally racing in more recent years.


Hiromi Kajikuma is the most recent girl to grace Formula Drift with some competition in 2006. She actually made Top 16 twice that year at Road Atlanta and Soldier Field (Chicago). Hiromi has continued her drift career in Asia over recent seasons even competing in Formula Drift Asia.

Now let’s take a look at the future ladies of drifting in America.

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Patrick Mordaunt in old Falken 350z for 2015 Formula Drift


Patrick Mordaunt is stepping into the ring for 2015 with the old Falken Nissan 350z that has taken home the win at Irwindale Speedway in the past. Pat is now part of a two car team that includes Tyler McQuarrie, who will run and manage the program, and continue to drive his GoPro Chevrolet Camaro for the 2015 season. As you can also see, Patrick has moved to Falken Tire for the 2015 season. I think that makes our rumor of Tyler McQuarrie moving to Falken Tire a safe bet  since they are 2015 teammates. After some social media digging it seems the 350z will get a similar LS7 engine package to the Camaro as well. Patrick will bring sponsors such as Konig Wheels, Sparco, Brian Crower, and a title sponsor to the 350z.

This is  likely the most reliable and solid drift car Pat Mordaunt will step into over his long drift career. The question now will be can he rise up to the challenge and perform well? He sure needs it after last season that ended with a bunch of broken Hyundai parts.

Tyler McQuarrie Returns to Falken Tire for 2015


The big announcement of the week appears to be the return of Tyler McQuarrie to the Falken Tire tea/blue. He took to Instagram this morning to let everyone know he has made a great return to the brand for the 2015 season. No official word on the future of the current Falken Tire drivers such as Justin Pawlak and Dai Yoshihara’s tire plans for the future. Tyler McQuarrie never saw great success on the Hankook Tire through his career on it with the Chevrolet Camaro in the past so it will be interesting to see what his return to the Falken 615k will do for him in 2015. What do you think of the move?

Reviewing the 13.5 inch Suede Driven Steering Wheel

Words: Rathyna Gomer
Over the last year, I have been taking my car building much more seriously. I made one promise to myself – no more half-assing anything on my competition car (my LS3 powered 350z). After getting the bulk of the swap completed, I began making a checklist of all the other parts I needed to make this car perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t have much flexibility with my seat (I have to push my seat all the way forward since I’m so short), it all comes down to the size, depth, and position of my steering wheel. Crazy, I know – but the struggle is seriously that real. So when I hit the market for a steering wheel, it was no small task. After much research and many side-by-side comparisons, I was extremely comfortable in choosing a Driven Steering wheel.

While Drifting – Obviously, steering and maneuverability are critical in any motorsport. However, with drifting, steering wheels are spinning like crazy. Being able to catch the wheel during a transition or during a fast manji, is extremely critical. I’ve had experiences with an OEM steering wheel where I wasn’t able to catch the wheel, which could really end up disastrous. Pro Tip > > Watch this video:

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Guinness World Records Broken in Dubai for Longest Tandem Drift


James Deane and Ahmad Daham just broke a Guiness World Record for the longest tandem drift ever recorded. James was in the chase car for 45 straight minutes spanning over 17.3 miles (28km) with constant tandem door-to-door action. The tandem team completed over 100 laps around the track with hundreds of transitions to make the record a reality. Nissan and the Pro Drift Academy came together to bring this record to the Middle East!


We did it! Ahmad Daham and I just broke a new record for Guinness World Records. Longest tandem drift ever recorded! I was in the chase position for 45minutes, 28km none stop door to door action, 100 laps of the track with over 200 transitions. Massive thanks to Nissan and the Prodrift Academy UAE for putting together this very cool unique project and using one of our favorite international drivers, James Deane.

Stop Supporting 240sx Drift Tax – Buy These Starter Drift Cars Instead


I love the Nissan 240sx as much as the next guy in the drifting industry. We just fired up our second S13 project car for the magazine with Vapure and love how easy it is you can get a 240sx drift worthy. However, 240sx inflation or drift tax has grown rapidly out of control over recent time. I won’t even post some of the insane prices I have seen for the S13/S14 chassis models here in Southern California over recent months. At the Wrecked Magazine office all we really want to see is more people drifting and coming into the sport, so we have found that drift tax on the Nissan 240sx is not helping newcomers enter the scene. With that we found some cars that you should consider buying before taking out a loan just to own a S13 coupe.



This car has already become super popular in Europe and other nations as a great turn key drift car. They are so cheap in price and have great aftermarket support. Added bonus with the E36 chassis is they look pretty good for a car so old. These are readily available in any major market for cheap. A quick eBay search found several set for a Buy It Now of under $1,500 for running cars. If you are lucky you can get some tips and tricks from a Formula Drift driver like Chelsea DeNofa who has these BMW chassis all figured out.


Ford Mustang

Another great option is the Ford Mustang for a beginner drift build/car. You have multiple body style options and years that are priced well below a few thousand dollars. Vaughn Gittin Jr. has been seen in his Foxbody missile showing even that chassis can drift with ease. The Mustang market has seen a huge growth in drift specific parts and the forum even has an active Mustang owners section. Just wait until you find out how cheap you can swap differentials and gear ratios compared to the 240sx chassis as well.


Lexus SC300

Have you been to a junkyard in the last 2 years? If so, you have probably laid your eyes on about 1,0000 Lexus SC300 bodies. These things seem to be everywhere and they just get cheaper and cheaper. Parts are plentiful and even Tony Angelo has assembled one as a missile car these days (seen above). This car isn’t the easiest to setup for drifting of the group but it looks good and will easily take a 2JZ swap.

Nissan 350z

This option is a little more expensive but if you can find a cheaper Nissan 350z beater you should pick one up. You will get taxed a little extra on parts but the Nissan 350z is a Formula Drift championship winning chassis via Chris Forsberg 2009. Companies are developing more and more suspension products in recent time and many people will tell you the VQ35 platform is a solid engine base for a drift car.

Toyota Cressida

This is a chassis you can purchase for cheap that many people in the drift community tend to overlook or forget about. The car has some loyal fans, a core community, and some solid aftermarket support. Out of our group they probably aren’t the best looking vehicle you can choose but they seem to be fun drift projects.


Mazda RX-8

Okay, this is the most expensive option I am going to throw in your face but hear me out. The Mazda RX-8 is an awesome car that nobody wants in the world it seems due to it’s terrible engine. So, buy one that is blown up, purchase an awesome LS crate engine, and then call Sikky to make the new swap kit from this car super simple. Mazda RX-8 cars can be found without engines or blown up motors for about the same price as a S14. If you were going to do a V8 swap into a S13/S14 then I suggest considering going this route instead.

2013 Midwest Drift Union Round 2 at Mid America [RESULTS]


Round 2 of the Midwest Drift Union series took the drivers to Iowa. The battle at Mid America Motorplex went off with very similar faces rising to the top from Round 1. The full recap of Round 1 in St. Louis can be found here. In fact, the final battle was a rematch from Round 1’s final bout with a different winner taking home first place! Here is how they finished:


1. Rolando Alfaro
2. Brian Peter
3. Steve Topping

Sikky Racing Shows off Cars and Sponsors before Formula Drift Road Atlanta

Sikky.MazdaRX8 Sikky.Nissan350z

The Sikky Racing team is heading to Formula Drift Road Atlanta for Round 2 of the series after missing Round 1 due to a lack of testing. The photos above show off two of the three Sikky Racing builds. The Mazda RX-8 on top will be driven by Rapper Dan Savage and the Nissan 350z will be driven by James Evans. A third Nissan 350z will be driven by Brad Heyl which is not photographed and will debut at Round 3.
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