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Falken Tires Snowboard Giveaway!!!

In celebration of our newest site sponsor Falken Tires and the Formula Drift Ditch Day at MT High we are giving away this Falken snowboard. Find out how to win below:

Step 1: You have to write us a quick note on the most fun/best experiance you ever had at a Formula D event. If somehow you have never been to an event you can write it about a snowboarding experience and if you haven’t done either make up something good and submit.

Step 2:You have until 11:35pm on Monday March 9th, 2009 to submit your entry.

Step 3: You can submit your answer to or sent us a message on one of our social networking sites.

Step 4: Just remember, a single 21 year old college girl is picking the winner so ummm, hopefully that helps you win.

Live in Los Angeles and want to snowboard, check this out: