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Street Driven Tour Invades St. Louis [VIDEO]

Street Driven Tour rolled into the midwest on America’s birthday to throw a fun drift bash with mini- games and a Rival House Hard Parkathon with plenty of American flags to boot. Chris Forsberg, Forrest Wang, and Brandon Wicknick rounded out the Formula Drift pros in attendance with a ton of other solid drivers from the midwest including Brian Peter, Mike Feiock, Steve Topping, Rolando Alfaro and many more. Check out the video recap made by Subject Media!

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 5 in St. Louis [RESULTS]


The 2014 Midwest Drift Union season wrapped up this weekend in St. Louis with Mike Feiock taking home a win in his clean RX-8. Gateway International Raceway is one of the best Pro Am circuits you can find in America to run an event on. Here is how Round 5 and the 2014 season wrapped up:

Round 5
1st Mike Feiock
2nd Brian Peter
3rd Mike O’Mara

2014 Season
1st Brian Peter
2nd Rolando Alfaro
2nd Dan Sommer
4th Mike Feiock
5th Steve Topping

2014 Street Life Tour – US Drift Round 3 [GALLERY]

BurnoutsJason Carroll took on Street Life Tour and produced some great content from an awesome weekend in Xenia, Ohio. We have a complete gallery of the door banging action from US Drift Round 3 which took place as the main event on Saturday. Tandem was fun, drifting was insane, and the crowd was probably the biggest you can find in drifting Pro Am history. Check out the gallery from the link below.

Check out the Gallery:

A Look at Midwest Drift Union Round 1 [RECAP]


The following is a guest blog post written by the Midwest Drift Union owner Nick Swann:

Midwest Drift Union’s Round 1 of their 5 event competition series was held on Saturday, April 12th. MDU hosted their season opener at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL just outside of St. Louis, MO.
With many cars not quite ready yet and others suffering from pesky troubles of insufficient time to test, the field was whittled down to a Top 8 instead of the usual 16 that MDU has done for years prior.
Gateway is a fast course and requires precision and commitment, so that’s exactly what the judges were looking for. Even though the competition wasn’t as full as it usually is, the level of excitement was at an all-time high. Seasoned MDU drivers such as Mike Feiock, Brian Peter, and Nick Thomas were out in full force and clearly focused on the first place trophy.

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Quick Minute with Midwest Drifter Mike Feiock and a Look at his World Challenge Mazda Rx-8 [INTERVIEW]

Edgar Sarmiento: Hey Mike, whats up dude? Wrecked Magazine is awesome as you know and they’re giving us the opportunity to get some Indy/Midwest coverage up on their website. How long have been doing this drifting thing for?

Mike Feiock: Well drifting as in drifting on a course, I have been drifting since 2006 on and off. But I pretty much started sliding around as soon as I got my license in ‘04.

ES: Can you tell me a bit about Drift Indy, and how you came into the picture as a whole? How did you get involved with those guys?

MF: Well Drift Indy is really just a bunch of car nerds. DI hosted the first local events, basically gave all of the local drivers a chance to get involved with a cool new motorsport. I got involved right away, and went to the first event for pointers. We’ve (DI & myself) been wanting to get together and make a run at FD for a while. Hopefully everything comes together so that we can make a couple events this year.

ES: I know you raced in Formula D back in 2011, and took the year off in 2012. What is all of that about? Can you tell us a bit about what you did and during your time off?

MF: Yeah, the 2011 season in FD was really fun, I learned a ton. I got to meet some cool people. As most people know “pro racing” is very expensive. I had help from some good friends. My first FD event was Longbeach. My good friend, Eric Meyer (owner of Xowii racing), agreed to take me in his bad ass race rig, which was cool, I got to show up looking like a real race team. The reality is that I probably had the lowest budget team, at least I really hope so for the other teams. So the reason for my break in 2012 was that I was trying to pay off all of the debt I got myself into while driving in 2011. In 2012 I judged all of the MDU events. It was good for me to stay a part of the sport in that way. You can learn a lot while watching people closely. As far as events, I had three events. I went and dual drove with a friend at east coast bash. I went to Street Life Tour in Ohio, and then at the end of the year I drove at Gateway International Speedway for a fun event with the STL dudes.

ES: What is the best advice you can give a rookie in Formula D?

MF: I think the best thing for any rookie would be to pay attention. You can learn a lot by looking around. The other big thing that I felt I did a good job of, was to relax. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is a lot going on at the events, lots of people that I looked up too, great drivers, many of which built the sport in the US. I tried to take the events for what they should be, FUN. Have fun, come to the track with a car that works, just drive and have a good time.

ES: Now on the lighter side of things lets get to know Mike Feiock. Whats your daily grind?

MF: Well, I am a Master Certified Ford technician. I work at Bill Estes Ford in Brownsburg, IN. I’m also a bit of a family man. I’m married and I have four and a half year old girl with a boy on the way. The new baby should be here anytime now.

ES: What is your favorite food?

MF: Big fat steak!

ES: Turbo or V8?

MF: How about a turbo v8 haha. Most people who know me know that I’m a turbo guy. All of my car buddies call me T2mike. I owned several Turbo II RX7’s.If you weren’t drifting, what would you be doing instead? Well if I didn’t get into drifting/cars in general, I would have most likely stayed in BMX racing. I was a pretty successful BMX racer before I got into cars.

ES: Plans for 2013?

MF: The plan for 2013 is to get my RX8 done in time for some testing before FD Atlanta. I bought an ex-World Challenge RX8 (Eric Meyer again). It is a really nicely built car. I was a major part of the original build, from the ground up, when Eric built it. I know the car really well and hopefully can make it drift. I have a couple of different engine setups I’m kicking around, all of them rotary, that should have anywhere between 550-600 hp, and I’m really hoping to get at least 450 ft lbs. With the help of the Drift Indy dudes we are going to attend as many events as possible.