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Kevin Lawrence is your 2017 Pro 2 Champion [FINAL STANDINGS]


Kevin Lawrence is the 2017 Formula Drift Pro 2 champion, taking the championship by just 2 points. Lawrence won the final event in Texas, bookending the season in which he started out on the highest high by winning his hometown event in Orlando but also hitting a season low in Atlanta by not qualifying for the main show. Travis Reeder finished in second after leading the points following rounds 2 and 3 in Atlanta and Seattle respectively. Reeder qualified 9th, but lost his first round tandem battle with Austin Meeks at the Texas season finale.

Following the final standings, the top 8 drivers have earned their Formula Drift Pro 1 licenses for the 2018 season:


Evergreen Drift Sends Announcements about Round 1 Mistakes [RESULTS]

The guys at Evergreen Drift announced that some errors were made at Round 1/Nissan Fest weekend which we reported on and removed a third place finisher after some heavy debate in the comments and no exact answer yet from Evergreen. Well they have released quite a book of information on what happened and how they are fixing the situation in Evergreen. Read up if you are interested below:

1. Communication.

a. it had come to our attention only after the event that Pro-Am drivers were unaware that the first two runs during qualifying were practice runs.

b. some drivers and pit crew were given wrong times to suit up and bring their cars to staging.

c. some drivers and pit crew were not notified of second drivers meeting.

d. drivers and pit crew were not notified specifics on judging criteria, specifically the ruling on one or two tires off.

A lot of simple fixes to take place with communication.   A Less congested day with only Pro-Am cars will help with the juggling as well.

2.  Brackets.

a.  Both grassroots and Pro-Am fell victim to right side brackets being setup backwards, making the lower qualifying go first.

****  3. Judging and Event Procession.****

During the Top 8 Battle:  Michael Klingele VS Matt Vankirk, judges ended up basing their decision on the drivers leading runs.  On Michaels Chase run he spun out and on Matts chase run he shut down and stopped drifting (both 0 runs);  So based on just the lead runs the Judges did award MATT VANKIRK the win, however; since his car was broken, WE made the mistake of defaulting to the only running car (Michael) on to top 4.

This was a HUGE MISTAKE on our part.  Matt Vankirk should have been progressed into top 4, with him out to technicalities; it would have meant a By-Run for Erich Hagen into 2nd place.  Since this was completely our fault we have decided to leave no driver at penalty.

  • Erich Hagen will now also be awarded 2nd place in a “tie” with Michael Klingele, and both will receive 88 points.
  • Matt Vankirk is moved up to 4th place and will receive 69 points.
  • Michael Klingele will keep his 2nd place position and points.

Evergreen Drift recognizes our errors and that none of the drivers or pit crew are at fault in any way. These mistakes are purely on Evergreen Drift and we apologize to the drivers, pit crews, and fans for any issues this may have caused.