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Club Loose expands to Ireland [GRASSROOTS]


Over the weekend, we noticed a new fan page had been setup for Club Loose Ireland. After some digging around, it looks like this is a confirmed situation. 2009 Formula D Rookie-of-the-year Eric O’Sullivan has recently returned back to his native country (rumored with a Solstice in tow), and will be extending the grassroots organization to a new continent. Club Loose is one of the most famed grassroots organizations in the drifting community, and boasts alumni like Steve Angerman, Mats Baribeau, and Geoff Stoneback, all of which have clearly left their impact on competitive drifting events. O’Sullivan cited a lack of events in Ireland where drivers can get seat time and drive with their friends without the pressures of a competition, and hopes to offer the same sort of fun environment that Club Loose is known for.

The first event has tentatively been scheduled for May, with more details coming as they get confirmed.

For those unfamiliar with Club Loose, here’s a video profile of the group that was done by the people over at AutoBlog:

The Thrash Brothers Take Over Englishtown [VIDEO]

Another fun video piece coming from Clubloose titled The Thrash Brothers featuring upcoming 2014 drift rookie Geoff Stoneback along with other familiar faces such as Nick D’Alessio and John Wagner. Tractors, off-road drifting, and a flying Miata all in the video for your entertainment.

Watch the video:


2013 USDrift Formula Drift Pro Am Season with 5 Judges [SCHEDULE]

One of the original founders of the Pro Am series with Drift Association back in 2005 are returning to hold an Am series in the north east. The 2013 schedule is four events and kicks off this month at Englishtown with the guys over at Clubloose. The USDrift crew helped run XDC for a while but officially split ways with the sanctioning body at the beginning of 2013.

The USDrift Pro Am series will feature five judges who include Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg, Matt Petty, Mike Schneider, Dan Summers, and Formula Drift judge Brian Eggert. Two sets of judges will watch the same criteria during qualifying and their scores will be averaged. For example, Judge 1 and 2 are line, Judge 3 and 4 are angle, and Judge 5 is style.  The idea is to eventually have 9 judges, with 3 judges for each criteria and then dropping the outlier scores (highest and lowest).  Tandem format will remain the same and still be majority rules. What do drivers think of this new judging format USDrift is bringing to the table? Below is the schedule for the 2013 season:

May 18th Round 1- Englishtown, New Jersey (Clubloose)
June 14/15th Round 2- Summit Point, West Virginia (Hyperfest)
July 26/27th Round 3- New Jersey Motorsports Park (ARCA)
August 18th Round 4- Summit Point, West Virginia (Drift Nirvana)

Most of XDC staff walks for 2013 season

While 2012 was a great season for XDC including crowning Forrest Wang as champion, the staff for 2013 will be very different. Mike Collins, who stepped in as competition director when Brian Eggert made the jump to judging in Formula D, as well as Chief Steward Tim Johnsrud, Tech Inspector Dan Summers, and judges Matt Petty, Mike Schneider, and John Wagner have announced that they will not be working with XDC for 2013. This decision was made due to the lack of communication coming from XDC on the 2013 as well as personal schedules. Last year, information about the 2012 season wasn’t released until May, so this announcement is coming much earlier.


Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo donate $3,500 to animal shelter

Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo are both huge animal lovers, and both have been traveling the FD circuit with their canine companions in tow this season. During the East Coast Bash, Angelo and Forsberg offered ride-alongs in their cars for a charitable donation. Today, they delivered a check for $3,500 to the local New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJ SPCA) organization on behalf of Club Loose. It’s great to see professional drivers doing good things for their community.

2012 East Coast Bash [GALLERY]

A huge East Coast Bash just went down at Englshtown this weekend which we think is the biggest grassroots event in American drifting history. 160 drivers and over 2,500 spectators who stayed well into the night just to watch local northeast drivers throw down along with a few Formula Drift stars. The mastermind Matt Petty behind East Coast Bash can be stoked on the results on this huge event. Our photographer Dan Jenkins captured all of the action packed into this weekend.


Check out the Gallery:


2012 Clubloose Opening Moves by Dan Jenkins [GALLERY]

Dan Jenkins bundled up for the rain in New Jersey and went out to attack the 2012 Clubloose Opening Moves event in full force. Even though rain was pouring down we spotted drivers such as Matt Waldin out attacking the course which resulted in Dan producing almost 400 photos from the event. Drifting at Englishtown now marks 10 years in the making and is the first venue to host a decade of consistent drifting in North America.

Check out the Complete Gallery:

Keep Drifting Fun – The Trailer [VIDEO]

The Keep Drifting Fun crew of Will Roegge and Joshua Herron has come back to life with a video trailer that we can only imagine means a video will be coming soon! The one minute and 45 second trailer features tons of grassroots action from around the country on their great exploration of drifting around the United States. Head to the link below to see the new trailer.

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2011 Freedom Moves by Clubloose [GALLERY]

Check out all the action from Clubloose as they presented Freedom Moves at Englishtown over the past weekend. Dan Jenkins took to the track shot 600 photos for your enjoyment on the weekend. Formula Drift stars such as Eric O’Sullivan were in attendance (yellow Pontiac Solstice above) and the entire Drift Alliance came out for the weekend of fun.

Check Out the Gallery:

Freedom Moves by Clubloose [GALLERY]

The guys in New Jersey threw an event called “Freedom Moves” and their is no question where this event took place. The good old USA was represented strong by the competitors in an event that had them driving into the night. Some fantastic photography shot by Dan Jenkins.

Check out the Gallery: